Lisa Blows Zuriel While Jay Takes Susi


This one is tied together with another story (preceding this post),  'Jaidyn Takes Susi for His Own.' We kinda got crazy one night and brought on four characters, starting their RPs somewhat together, then branching them off while maintaining the two separately at the same time. So while Jaidyn drags Susi from the house to rape her (again), Lisa blows Zuriel as they listen in to their screams and shouts in the distance.

I tried to think of a clever way to bring them together without making the reading of the stories too complicated, but I guess with the holidays my brain just doesn't feel like cooperating, so I'm posting them as two individual stories. When you read them, you'll notice that the beginnings are identical until Jay drags Susi out the front door...

See the complete set of pics at Lisa Blows Zuriel

Lisa Blows Zuriel while Jay takes Susi

Lisa quickly settled in at her master's feet while he was apparently distracted talking to Susi.

Jaidyn came in sniffing, following a bubble gum trail.

Susi was grinning but scowled as a wall of meat slammed into her back. "What the fuck?" Susi turned and glared at the brute behind her. "Whats your problem, mister?"

Zuriel stroked his love's hair, smirking at hearing Susi.

Jaidyn grunted, shoving his face under the girl's hair with his nostrils flaring, huffing her scent with a lick to his lips. "After all that tracking I did, you come back here."

Susi lifted a hand to her hair to knock him away, her face pinched in disgust. "What the..? Get! What the hell do you think you're doing, sniffing me?" She turned to face him fully, taking a step back not in fear, but just to be able to look up at him in the face. "And what are you talking about, tracking? Me? Why? I don't even know you!" She looked at Lisa. "Who the fuck is this dude? Your neighbor or something? He needs some manners." She righted the headphones on her ears, but reached to her hip to at least turn the sound down so she could hear the conversation better.

Zuriel covered his girl's ears, waiting for what he knew was coming.

Lisa tilted her head up at the warmth of hands covering her ears, her brows furrowing a bit, but she never questioned her master, so she just rested her head on his leg.

Jaidyn scoffed at the punk, lifting a big hand to the back of her head and grabbing a thick handful of pink hair. Not even saying a word as he turned, he dragged the little punky bitch out the door caveman-style, dragging her across the yard well out of earshot of anyone in the cabin so he wouldn't disturb his alpha sitting with his girl. "You will know me..."

Zuriel waited until Jay was outside before removing his hands from Lisa's ears, running his hand lazily through her red hair as the sounds of the struggle dimmed outside. "Of course, you could just suck my dick while we listen...hehe"

Lisa chewed her lip anxiously, torn between helping her friend and knowing not to interfere, especially when you consented to Jay's needs being satisfied. Still, she couldn't help but smirk at your suggestion, tilting her head backwards in your lap to look at you up-side-down, "Would you enjoy that? Listening in while I sucked your cock?"

Zuriel smirked and slipped from his shorts, sitting back in his throne. "Wouldn't you?"

Lisa blushed and nodded, her eyes following your cock as soon as it was freed from your shorts. "Of course I would. I just... Will she be OK? There's a lot of screaming and crying going on out there. He won't hurt her too badly, will he?" Suddenly her eyes widened as though she just thought of something terrible. "He won't kill her, will he??"

Zuriel shook his head, lifting his hips a little as he pulled your hand to his cock and made you start stroking. "Nnn... No, he won't."

Lisa wasn't sure if she should be happy or terrified with that idea. Poor Susi. She had no idea what she stumbled into when she followed Lisa home that day. It's exactly the reason why she didn't give her friends her address or invite them over. You were ok--you could control yourself--but Jaidyn was a loose cannon, and Stacey was.. Well, she was hot, but she was a bit of a freak, herself. Lisa trusted that you knew what was best, though. so she didn't argue. She just slipped her hand up and down the length of your beautiful cock when you guided her to it, feeling it grow in her fingers until it was fully hard, then she planted kisses over the head, turning her eyes up to watch your face.

Zuriel bit his lower lip, nodding almost like he knew what was on your mind, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he let his babygirl kiss and nibble at his dick, huffing hotly as he swelled in your fingers. "Mmm that's it baby. Stroke and kiss that cock. Susi will be fine. I think she's just about to join the family."

Lisa licked her lips, coating them with spit to brush them over the head of your cock and leave a glistening sheen on the skin. Then she pursed her lips and let a glop of spit drip from between them to fall onto the tip. Her hand slid up and crested the top, smearing her spit over it and dragged it down along the shaft, making both her hand and and your cock slick with her spit. It glided easily up and down the length as she stroked you, not wanting to dive right into sucking it, but just pleasing you with her hand at first.

Zuriel was content to let his baby girl play with Daddy's cock however she liked, considering she was hearing Susi outside being violated. He wasn't in a rush, but the feel of him in your hand grew hotter. The thoughts from Jay, the sounds from outside, the sight of his babygirl playing with his dick all brought him thick and hard in those dainty fingers. Grinning, he watched you dribble spit onto his tip, using your hand to stroke it in.

Lisa knew you could read Jay's thoughts and experience what he was experiencing, and part of her envied that, but most of her was glad she wasn't in Susi's mind right now. The girl must be terrified. Though she wasn't screaming anymore, Lisa wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but you'd reassured her she was fine. In fact, you'd said she was going to be a part of the family now--what ever that meant--so she assumed everything was alright. If not, she was certain you'd go out and put a stop to the nonsense. So she relaxed and smiled up at you, drawing her hand to the base of your shaft, letting it rest there so she could draw the head of your cock in and suck you down inch by tasty inch until her lips pressed against her hand and the head of your cock was lodged in her throat. She was never able to get used to the size of you, so she gagged and spit trickled from the corners of her mouth down your shaft, but she sucked in a breath through her nose and forced herself to hold you there while the walls of her throat fluttered around the head of your cock, even as small tears formed in the corners of the eyes that looked up at you for approval.

Zuriel no longer concerned himself with what was going on outside. Right now, with his baby girl fitting him in her mouth, he had no more worries at all. He sucked in a hard breath and forced himself to keep his eyes down, watching you take that cock all the way in your throat. He groaned with his dick lodged down your throat as his hand lifted to your head and held gently. The way you looked up at him with your mouth full of his cock, it was like the fantasy of all time was right in front of him. He let out a sharp breath, nodding down at you, "Oh gods, soooo good! Fuck yes, suck it, babydoll!"

At hearing your approval, her lips spread in a smile around your cock and she drew back, letting the length slip out over the press of her tongue along the vein. She slurped up spit as the tip popped from her head, but she let no time pass before she sucked it in again, swirling her tongue around the ridge, pulling suction through her cheeks to press up against the top of your cock. Moaning her pleasure, little vibrations shivered through your shaft to your balls and she slipped her lips down the length, drawing up and down, pumping slowly then moving faster, never staying at one pace while she fucked you with her hot little mouth.

Zuriel felt like a king today with his babydoll sucking him so sweetly like a wanton little cheerleader that was instead decked out in cuffs and collar. He lifted both hands and threaded his fingers in your hair while he savored the feel of your lips pulling on his cock like a straw. Biting his lower lip as he watched, he lightly rocked his hips up to push it in your mouth a little deeper, then he sat back to give that tongue time to swirl and lick over his cock head, rumbling deeply as he watched and stroked your cheek. "Such a good girl for Daddy. Uhhh!"

Lisa used her hand around the shaft to guide you, pumping her lips up and down the length, then pausing with just the head in her mouth to stroke your shaft in rapid pumps, flitting her tongue over the head then slowing it to take long, deliberate laps over the slit. She couldn't help but grin up at you as she did this, knowing it drove you crazy, then she sucked you back down in a long swallow into her throat, jerking her head up and down in quick, short pumps keeping you in her throat, fucking it with her nose kept mashed into your pelvis.

Zuriel gasped and tried his best not to shiver when your tongue teased his cock slit. Fuck, that was his favorite thing, and you just knew what would make him quake like he was having a seizure even with your mouth on him, slurping him deep until his bare feet slid out, gliding over your calves to almost pin you to the floor in front of his throne. But it was not a good hold, nor was he trying to keep you captive, because he knew with your mouth buried down his shaft and your nose pressing against his pelvis that you were not going anywhere. "Oh, damn, Lisa baby! Uhhhn!"

Lisa was driving herself as crazy as she was driving you and she pulled off for a moment, rising on her knees to press kisses over your chest, her breasts brushing up over your spit-slicked shaft trapping it between them. Her lips danced over your skin, kissing you everywhere, her body rising and falling, stroking your cock between her small, pert breasts as she writhed about. Then she sank back to her knees, resting her hands on your thighs this time, and slurped your cock back into her hot mouth, bobbing and pumping up and down the length, using her mouth like another cunt, fucking you for all she was worth.

Zuriel chewed his lower lip, smiling when you rose to kiss his chest in an intimate caress. He grabbed your red hair and lifted your lips, stealing a deep kiss. Sucking on your tongue a moment until he let you go to feel you dropping back down to suck his cock back inside those lips. The pulse in his shaft was growing faster, the feel of it throbbing on your tongue each time you dropped your head down. A small pearl of precum dribbled from his cock slit, giving you a small taste of him melting on your tongue as his breathing started growing ragged and shallow. Huffing as he turned his eyes down, he looked right at your gorgeous mouth sucking his dick. "Lisa... Oh, gods..."

Lisa slurped and sucked at that cock like it was going to give her the nourishment she needed to survive. She made little moaning and whimpering sounds around it, pausing here and there to part her lips and pant, drawing what air she needed to keep sucking at you at a faster pace, feeling you swelling even larger between her lips. One hand slipped form your hips to clasp you and she stroked, pulling off only long enough to speak, "Mmm... So good. Fuck, I love your cock. You taste like heaven." She lapped her tongue over the slit again, drawing a pearl of precum onto her tongue to swallow it down, relishing your taste. "More... I want more..." As if hoping to force it from you, she sucked you back in, pulling with hard sucks, her cheeks caving to draw the cum from you. Lisa shook her head with your cock in her mouth, letting that swelled mushroom bang against her cheeks and tongue, then she drew back and plunged down, over and over, giving you her mouth and taking from you as much of your cock as she could take.

Zuriel bit his lower lip just watching his baby doll take what she needed, and he had to admit you had him so worked up that he nearly forgot about Jaidyn and Susi until he heard screams calling out Jay's name. But there were no images in his head this time as your tongue lapped at his cock slit, the sensation making another spurt lift from the head of his dick from feeling your tongue lick his cum up. He was about to say something in reply when you said you needed more, but your mouth stole his breath, feeling your cheeks cave in when you sucked him like a straw and he could no longer hold it back. Nothing could stop him when he watched your mouth take him in with your head bobbing eagerly over his dick, swollen and fat in your lips. "Baby... I'm... Oh fuck! Ssss-slow down...I...I...Ahhhhh! Fuckfuckfuck!" His tip erupted, spurting thick globs of his seed onto your tongue, flooding your mouth with your creamy reward for being such a good little cocksucker. Panting as he unloaded his balls inside your lips, his hips shoved up to your face without ever leaving his seat. "Gods...."

Lisa didn't even pause when she heard Susi screaming this time. The words 'Jaidyn Jameson is my master' were clear ringing through the woods, and Lisa smiled devilishly at them as she continued to bob up and down your shaft. Droplets of cum rained on her tongue and she worked even more feverishly to draw it all out, to suck the orgasm right from you. Ignoring your heed for her to slow down, she instead sped up, working faster, knowing you were right there, and with Susi screaming out her own climax, Lisa wanted you to cum right along with her. He free hand dropped from your thigh t your balls, cupping them, rolling them in her dainty fingers as her tongue worked its magic on your shaft and her lips worked to draw the cum right from the sac she held in her hand. Suddenly she felt them lift in her grasp and your cock swelled to stretch her lips, the flood of cum filling her mouth so that she had to swallow and swallow to keep from drowning in it. Lisa slowed her pace, but she kept sucking gently, drawing every last drop from you until your hands in her head pushed her back, forcing her from your sensitive cock. Turning a grinning smile up to you, she licked her lips and swallowed the last drops, purring like a cat, "Mmmm so fucking good.."

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