Jay Takes Darina on the Docks


Shortly after Jaidyn rapes Darina (can you really rape the willing, even if they pretend to hate you?) in the barn, she follows him some time later to find him napping on the pier at the pond...

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Jay Takes Darina on the Docks

Jaidyn Jameson yawned, waking from a late nap on the pond's edge, slowly opening his eyes to look around until he realized he was not alone.

Darina idly turned her hand in front of her face, inspecting the paint job on her nails when she heard you yawning and sensed you stretching next to her. Mentally kicking herself now that you'd wakened, she wondered what the hell she thought she was doing here--what she hoped to achieve by following you to the pier after the brutal treatment you'd dished out to her earlier. But there was just something about you she was drawn to and she had to find out what it was.

Jaidyn stretched and slid his hands behind his head, closing his eyes again almost like he was trying to forget he had company on the docks. His breathing even and slow, he was just enjoying the pond side spot even if he was being interrupted.

Darina turned her head slightly, glancing at you from the corner of her eye, somewhat miffed you ignored her presence. She pursed her lips and cleared her throat; not because she had a cough, but in an obvious attempt to draw attention to herself. Still when you just laid there, she scowled turned to look directly at you this time, the fingers of her hand flat on the blanket tapping out an annoying little beat.

Jaidyn obviously ignored the throat clearing as long as you were silent, but the following beat of those fingers had him lifting a brow with a turn of his head to speak. "It's not my fault you can't swallow a load good enough to keep it down..." He looked you over and rolled back with his head on his hands. "Besides if you're not in stockings to get your pussy fucked, why are you bothering me?"

God, your arrogance and aloof nature aggravated the shit out of her, so why the hell did she find herself so drawn to you? It was like a train wreck... it was horrible, yet she couldn't stop herself from being attracted to the danger and excitement. Besides, she was beginning to think she secretly liked the abuse. As angry as you made her (and that was part of the fun, too), she couldn't deny that you turned her on like a furnace every time you were around. So she bit back her retort to your smart ass comments, took a deep breath that failed to remove the scowl from her face, and grumbled out, "I had no idea that lying next to someone quietly and peacefully was a 'bother.' Besides, who said I wanted to get fucked? I just thought you might like some company, but when I saw you dozing I decided to just let you sleep." She turned away and daydreamed out towards the house, idly wondering where Zuriel was then pushing the thought from her mind.

Jaidyn exhaled and opened his eyes again mostly to look at the sky, but also to show he was awake and paying attention at least. "Look, I understand you think there is something about me. I can see it in your eyes." He lifted his head enough to look out over the water before going on, "But if you want to wax poetic on why your ass hurts and it makes you wet, go fucking talk to Stacey. She would love to know that flavor on my dick is you the next time I'm fucking her bitchy mouth." He was about to close his eyes again when the thought dawned on him, "Besides, you both have too much in common not to talk about it. She acts just like you, except she knows when to keep her whore mouth shut. You both are too much alike...but yours tits are nicer than hers. Plus your throat is tighter."

Darina had been trying to reign her temper in but it finally got the best of her and she lashed out to punch you in the arm. "You jerk! First of all, I didn't say anything about my ass. Second, I don't give a rat's ass what you do with Stacy, nor do I particularly want to hear about it. Third..." She was about to address the comment about what you'd thought you'd seen in her eyes, but since it was accurate she had nothing to say to argue it, so she switched tactics, "If you don't want me here, then I'll just leave. I have boxes to unpack, a new house to set up, and...all kinds of better things to do than be berated by you, Jaidyn Jameson. God forbid I thought you might actually enjoy my company."

Jaidyn laughed at all those words spilling from lips too pretty to really speak her mind. He rose up on one hand and tilted to regard the woman beside him. "Then you have me pegged totally wrong. To me you're just a pretty toy that's fun to use." Maybe to make his point, but more so just because he could, he reached out and jerked your jeans down in a huff, getting up on his knees to drag your pants off completely. "Z is the guy who cares. I'm the motherfucker who doesn't give a fuck except for the fucks I give, got me bitch?" With no real warning he grabbed your hair and lifted, pulling you up on your knees bare-assed in front of him just to let you feel the constant arousal he felt around women like you. "I'm not the motherfucker you take home to meet momma. I'm the guy you meet in a dark alley for a blowjob and your fucking allowance."

Darina flipped and flailed, her legs tangled in her jeans as you manhandled them off of her again, barking out her surprise, "Sweet Jesus, Jay! What's wrong with you?!" The heel of her shoe caught in the denim when you yanked them past her feet, tearing a hole in the seat of her pants. Stupidly, as you tossed them to the side, she grumbled under her breath, "Those were my best jeans..." Her words we cut off with more of a grunt than a cry this time when you yanked her onto her knees by her hair, her head angled back until you loosened your grip when she was in position in front of you. Regardless of your intent to scare her, to piss her off, or to simply just abuse her, she didn't fight this time. In fact, when she felt the hot hard press of your cock against her backside, she instantly came alive again, though she was still sore and aching from earlier. Through closed eyes and gritted teeth she spat back, "Who said I wanted you to meet anyone? I hate my mother, so I don't give a damn what she thinks of the men I chose to be with. As for a dark ally...that might just be fun, so don't tempt me, Jaidyn."

Jaidyn let you prattle on about what would be fun and all that. The words at this point were not even an issue, especially by the time he freed his dick and simply stuffed it right back inside your sore asshole. He didn't move, thankfully, but the slightly bruised ring of flesh ached as he fit inside and gritted his teeth with the corner of his lip turning into a snarl showing the glint of one fang dangerously to your sight when you managed to look back. "No one did, pretty pussy, but since you can't follow one fucking direction I give you I'll, just use this ass again and hope you get the message through that thick bitchy skull. Do what I say and you might like it. Don't and I'll fuck you, anyway, regardless." He hefted you down to the docks, using his body weight to push you flat against the planks as he held that shaft tight between your cheeks, but for some reason he still hadn't started humping you just yet.

Darina's hands slid forward until her chest mashed to the ground under your weight. She grunted with an 'umph!' and turned her head to glare at you wondering just what the hell she had to do, had to say, to get through your arrogance. All she could think was that you were like a damn nut with this hardened shell she couldn't break through to get to the sweet meat inside. Though for all she knew that meat was rotten to the core, but somehow she didn't think so. Still, were you even worth the trouble? She didn't know, but right now she didn't care. Already she was getting aroused again and she wanted nothing more than to feel that thick cock splitting her in half. Her eyes finally caught sight of you hovering over her, your head perched just at her ear. She felt your cock slide back into her ass and, oh fuck, did it hurt. But she just sucked in a breath and kept watching you, and though you didn't move once inside of her, she did feel that vibration through your chest, saw the glint of fang in your snarl, and her blood ran cold, her limbs went weak. Turning away, still uncertain if she was more frightened than aroused by the thought of your beast breaking free, she pressed her face into her arms and shook, unable to work up the will to speak.

Jaidyn smiled more at his perceived dominance over your body, holding you down with his weight over your ass and his hands at your sides giving him support to corral you in under him before the first lift and stroke of that dick seared through sore nerves once again like he owned your ass and everything else. The only mercy through the dry ass fuck he was giving you was that his pace was even and slow, almost like he was being lazy stretching you open again like his personal fuck doll on the docks just getting what she needed. In his mind that was how he saw it. Lisa was pert and cute and always looked good enough to fuck. Stacey was his willing jizz-jar when ever he threw her down and took her. And now this one acting so high and fucking mighty when all she did to fight back was slightly spread her legs and take that cock right back inside her sore little asshole. Maybe he was worth it and maybe not but like he gave a fuck as his cock started pumping between those cheeks nice and even to make sure you took every inch with his nuts pressing between your thighs as the only feeling your pussy even got to feel with his dick crammed tight in your ass once more. "Oh now the pretty pussy slut has nothing to say... What's wrong? Wolf got your tongue slut?"

The play on words was not lost on her--no, not at all--and it made her fucking head spin. Her fingers curled into the towel on the dock and her groan came out broken and jagged, her tremor evident in the sound. Trying to summon her strength (damned if she'd let you cow her!), she ground her teeth together and drew in a breath, "I have plenty to say to you, Jaidyn, but it always seems to fall on deaf ears, so why bother? Why don't you just do use both a favor and fuck me raw and give us what we both want?" Even through her false bravado, she could feel that thick dick spreading her ass open again, your heavy balls knocking rhythmically against her clit so that her head started to sag to the ground and her breathing picked up to a heavy pant. Oh, how she wanted that cock in her pussy, but she knew you would deny her just to be a fuckhead, so she didn't ask, didn't even beg. She would not give you that satisfaction, at least. She did have some pride...or so she told herself.

Jaidyn lifted both brows in a look of slight surprise. She was finally starting to understand--at least she got the part of what he meant about using her--and for once her waggling tongue spoke something true. "About fucking time you understood what you're good for. Damn I never thought you'd figure it out bitch." He leaned up and actually took his shirt off between strokes inside that ass, getting half naked on the dock with his latest slut being opened up by his cock stuffing that ass a little harder from the words she finally spat out. That declaration of giving what we both wanted was something that took Stacey forever to admit, as well, and finally this whore at least got a brain spark through the fog of cock-addled ass-fucking she was now getting. His hands pressed back down at your sides, his bare chest showing the lines of ink as his muscles flexed and pulled taut with every thrust dropping between your ass cheeks. "About fucking time for real..."

Darina thought in the back of her mind, 'That's fine. Let him think what he wants, that this is all I want, all I'm good for for now.' Somehow, some way, she was going to figure you out--figure out what makes you tick. Patience was never one of her virtues, but neither was losing, especially when it came to something she wanted. And oh, how she wanted you. There was a small part of her that felt shame--guilt even--for betraying Zuriel like this, but he'd been gone so much lately, as though he was preoccupied. Yes, he'd been working on the house, but that would keep him here, and yet he hadn't been around. She would cross that bridge later. For now, her only thought was getting more of you, of how deliciously wicked she felt when you took her. She felt like your personal whore and, yes, she loved it. Already she was dripping wet again and the thrusts barreling into her ass kept forcing her pelvis to bang down onto the docks, grinding that little clit into a swollen, sensitive bud and she started whimpering from how fucking good it felt with your cock filling her ass so tight.

Jaidyn answered the burning question for you through the pumping shoves of that dick spreading you open, denying your pussy anything but the rub and grind of his balls. One hand pressed down against the back of your head, driving your cheek down to the towel beneath before he spoke. "I don't give a damn what arrangement you and Z had. This ass is mine now and if I catch you giving it up to him again, I'll tie you up and fuck every slut I can find in a thousand mile radius and make you lick their cum off my cock." Not that he was a mind reader; he was simply staking a claim as surely as that cock bottomed out inside your asshole. The bucking motions of his hips sent that length in faster just because it was fun to hear you whimper from the burning yet delightful pain of having your ass taken in the span of hours since the last time, not even getting your pussy fucked one bit, not since he pretty much raped you behind the old house in those stockings he'd told you to wear today. And like any petulant child you ignored his wishes, so instead of making you cum like a good hooker, he was fucking that ass to prove a point, and because it felt so damn good when you tightened up at him shifting, thrusting back and forth over your body like a proud wolf devouring a fresh deer on a hill top.

Darina's heart dropped in her chest when you spoke about Zuriel as though you had read her mind, and hell, she wasn't fully aware of just what you were capable of doing--not really--and that thought frightened her more. And yet it was the fear of you that excited her, and that fear only strengthened her attraction. Still...to claim her over Zuriel--her spouse, her mate--was a dangerous thing. Zuriel was no one to be trifled with. She doubted he would harm her, but Jay...she wasn't so sure. Her thoughts wandering, she replayed what you'd said and zeroed in on you making her suck the cum of other women off your cock, and it hit her in the gut like a punch, both disgusting her and arousing her at the same time. She groaned out, her head lifting off the dock, arms reaching out to brace her torso upright. A tremor passed through her body as a small shockwave of pleasure coursed through her veins, the idea actually making her climax so that her cunt and ass clenched, the tiny ring around your cock tightening suddenly. She felt you stutter in your movements, having to grunt to push through that narrow opening once again. That, too, made her groan and she hefted her ass under you, pushing back to meet each deep, slamming throw of your hips.

Jaidyn was not a mind reader even though he spoke of your 'mate.' The word in his mind made his words drip with scorn, but he barely got out a few syllables before he felt your body react. Pushing up on your arms, almost bracing but not and the second the tight ring of flesh around his cock clenched, he hefted you from the docks to your knees as he pressed up tight against your ass through the shakes and trembles of that orgasm hitting you deep. He had not been expecting you to cum from just getting your ass fucked, but considering a few hours ago, he shouldn't have been very shocked. Instead the shock played out along his face, brows knotting down in concentration at keeping his cock driving through the clenching hold of your ass hugging his dick each time it rutted through your tight hole quivering from the cum dripping release your pussy had from getting your ass fucked. His hands went up, snapping your top open before it came apart in his hands like tissue paper, freeing your breasts to feel them bounce from the force of his cock still driving up as he pulled you up on your knees. His mind was reeling from the sudden and intense heat melting down your thighs, feeling your ass flutter and clamp around his dick and from the context of it all he thought the single idea of fucking someone else and making you lick him clean was what did it, so his mind locked in that thought through the deep pushes of his cock spreading you apart. "Ooohhh...look at that. Bitchy sluts must love that shit, huh?"

Darina grunted but didn't complain as you hefted her to her knees, drawing her back to keep her ass skewered on your cock. That tremor of an orgasm had barely subsided before you started pumping her again like you were trying to shove her right over the side of the docks, but your hands were clasped possessively around her waist and she reached her arms back to cling to your hips, locking you both in a bizarre lover's embrace laced with hate and loathing. Lying face down, her orgasmic juices had trickled onto the towel beneath her, but on her knees nearly in your lap, they flowed freely down her thighs to spatter onto the front of your pants. The wet sound was not lost on you, amplifying the slapping cadence of your leather-clad pelvis smacking her ass and thighs repeatedly. In your embrace, she let her head fall back, her hair falling against your shoulder, her chest thrust into the air. The invitation couldn't be resisted and she felt your hand snake over the huge orbs, snatching her blouse in your grip (damn it, she'd only just changed from the last one you'd ruined...) and with a painful yank and a rip of fabric, those golden orbs were exposed to the sky, bouncing and jumping with every jolt of her body. You'd spoken again, but since you'd been talking shit the whole time and she'd said hardly a word through it all, she feigned ignorance in her reply, "I don't know what you're talking about, Jaidyn." She bit her lip to clamp back a groan. "Love what shit? Getting fucked? Yeah, most women do, you ass."

Jaidyn lifted a brow as his hands raised, his fingers finding your swollen nipples before a bright painful jolt surged through your buds as he pinched and pulled them out to show you what he was doing with your head back against his shoulder. Invitation or not, he was not done with you by a long shot as his voice hissed deep and sibilant in your ear. "No, I meant the part about having you suck some whore's cum off my dick, you smart assed cunt." He had been mostly nice considering the words he was using, not tearing it up this moment, but rather just fucking your ass with a deep desire rocking through his shoves stuffing your hole deep. But when he heard you speak like that, he threw you face down on the towel again and jumped to his feet. Cramming your face to the dock as his hips started pumping harder with the intent of every swinging jab of that girth trying to hurt your tender hole again. His hips sped up, keeping you down like a fuck doll on the towel beneath us as he rammed that ass with the brazen need of a beast stretching you open. You'd had your orgasm, and now the throbbing length of cock strumming your depths was being used for his own delight with the pace of those thrusts picking up. The feel of him taking you even deeper from the way he held you down at his mercy, fangs showing in the light with the grimace on his lips tightening until his jaw clenched from the feel of your ass tightening around him from this new angle of sexual assault. "But don't worry. I'll be sure to make someone suck my cum out of you too, bitch."

Darina cried out at that shove, her head hitting the dock hard enough she saw stars in her vision despite the cushion of the towel there. She groaned in a daze, feeling you rising behind her, and the slide of that thick cock back into her already abused ass hole shook her from her fog. She started to rise, hoping to crawl away from you--she'd had about enough today--but your heavy hand at the back of her neck forced her back down, pinning her in place. She screeched and growled out, "Let me up! Let me up you fucker! You're hurting me! That's enough!" She bucked and thrashed, arms flailing until you caught one, then the other, in your titan grip, yanking them behind her back like she was being hogtied at a rodeo. She screeched again, her face pushed into the pillow with a rough shove of your arm, the sound muffled but her anger clear, "Arrrr-RAH! RGGHHH!" Fresh tears sprung in her eyes, a mix of rage and pain, wetting the pillow under her face. She sucked in a breath and nearly freaked from her mouth being blocked by the fabric. She bucked and jerked, turning her head under your clenching fingers, sucking in a gasp of air as soon as her lips were free of the material. Losing the fight, she finally started to beg for mercy. "Jay... Jay, please... stop..." She sobbed again. "Please... It hurts... No more..." She trailed off sobbing softly, though instead of relenting, it only seemed to spur you on harder.

Jaidyn grew more intense hearing you begging him to stop. God, you had no idea how much that turned him on, but maybe you felt it in the way his dick started pulsing at the instant you started struggling with him on top of you. If only you could understand or even fathom why he could not stop, it might make you melt into pure orgasm again just knowing that claiming your ass for his own perverse needs was the only thing keeping him rock hard and fucking your tight ass without pause. He wrestled your arms back, cutting off the fight completely before his hand gripped both wrists and the other shoved at the back of your neck to keep you right there with your ass bobbing from the strong hits of that cock stuffing your tight hole deeper. "Fuck...and here I thought your dumb ass finally got it. Now look at you...begging to stop after you already came like a cat in heat." He sucked in air through heated lungs, holding that body of yours captive at the end of his cock every time he pushed it in harder and faster. Through the burn in your ass another heat singed your already frazzled nerves. The tip of that dick was oozing precum between your cheeks and the way it swelled in your ass was enough to send new sparks of sensation from his cock growing thicker as his balls lifted. "Uhhhnnn..."

Darina tried to thrash, tried to wriggle out of your grasp, twisting her tiny wrists but you held fast. She was barely able to move, but she struggled still, drawing and shoving her legs until she felt pressure against the bottom of one foot. Realizing it was your leg, she drew her knee inward and shoved with all her might, jamming the sharp point of that stiletto heel straight into your ankle. Even that didn't stop you, though. Her body was wracked with sobs, shoulders jerking, chest heaving. Fuck, her ass burned and ached so bad she wasn't going to be able to sit for a damn week! She'd broken down and begged, pleaded, and instead of stopping, not even slowing down, you pushed harder, forcing the entirety of your cock into her backdoor, slamming so hard she felt you bottoming out inside of her nearly toppling her over. And through it all, God help her, her cunt dripped--drooled--out her juices so that they drip-drip-dripped onto the blanket between her legs. The pain was almost unbearable now and still she felt another orgasm building--this one harder than the last, as though your cruelty was making it that much more intense. Through her sobs she gasped, cursing her body, cursing her perverse desires, not wanting it to happen and praying to everything holy that it would.

Jaidyn snarled at that jab of your heel to his ankle, so to take them out of the fight he shoved you face down on the towel and stuffed his dick back inside with a rush. He grabbed your forearms and braced his body over yours preventing you from rising, but the worst came from the press of his thighs locking your legs down to the planks under the towel he was fucking you on top of, so even lifting your feet to try and hit him again with your heels was out of the question. Hell, you could barely scrape his ass with this position and he held fast to keep you from getting away with his cock drooling inside your naked ass. After fighting you down to keep you from stopping him, he had to build back up to that edge he had been hanging on, cursing so fast you couldn't even keep up with the string of obscenities spilling from his flying lips speaking pissed off as fuck from getting right there and having to shove your whore self back down to stop you from fucking fighting him. "Damn you fucking piece of ass. Quit whining like a college slut. Noo...don't put that there." His voice inflected like he was mocking a girls tone, "Please pull it out and jack off on my tits..." The tone lowering to his own once more. "Shut the fuck up and take it. You know you want my cum, you mouthy slut!" Maybe it was him berating you, or perhaps just taking charge of your ass again that got him riled. Whatever the case, his dick stuffed in tight and with barely a tremor from him his cock erupted, spurting thick lines of hot cum inside your ruined ass so deep you felt it melt down in your belly from taking so much, and gods he had just cum hours before this! Panting as his dick emptied in your ass, stroking it through his cum inside your tight hole to get it nice and slick, he pulled out with a pop. Laying over on his back before worming out of his pants and kicking his boots off with a sigh. His cock stayed erect, shining like it had a fresh coat of wax, but you knew it was just his cum coating his flesh that made it glisten. He exhaled slowly to gain his composure back, resting his hands behind his head again but now naked and leaving you beside him like a used toy leaking his cum from your asshole.

Darina flopped to the boards with a thud, her legs angled awkwardly behind her, pinned and trapped with no way to strike back this time. She heard you mocking her and it only made her see red before her tear-filled eyes, but she said nothing, enduring the battering of her ass from your cock renewing its assault. No sooner had you stopped your little speech when she felt your cock grow impossibly hard, swelling inside her and with an unceremonious grunt and push, she felt the hot stream of your cum jetting inside her again, filling her. The sudden lift of your body, the absence of your weight pinning her down, was almost dizzying and she gasped in a full breath, letting it out in a soft sob. She didn't move, just laid there on the towel with her face buried in her arms. She could hear the rustle of your clothes, the thumping of your boots on the dock, but she didn't move until you lay back next to her again. Turning her face on her arms, opening her eyes, the lashes dark and soaked with tears, she watched you soundlessly., your cum still trickling from her ass, her own dribbling from her untouched pussy.

Jaidyn sighed and relaxed, not even looking over at you one moment. He was still hard as fuck but that was just him--always around women like you, he would probably be hard until he freaking died. Before he said anything, his eyes did drift your way. "Well it ain't gonna clean itself, so suck it slut..." Smirking slyly, not really caring if you did what he ordered or not. It was more a jab back at you still smoldering on your side of the towel.

Darina felt herself torn in a personal tug of war: her pride bristled at the comment and her sexuality reared its ugly head again, nearly chomping at the bit. She didn't move, but her eyes drifted from your face to your cock, standing just as proud as can be over your belly. She wrinkled her nose at the idea, suddenly recalling where your cock had been. Having no desire to taste her own ass, she flicked her sights back to your face and smirked, the bitch sneaking back into her tone, "No thanks. Why don't you go jump in the pond and wash it off yourself?" With that, she turned away and laid her head back down on her arms, too tired to move just yet though her heart beat just a bit harder not knowing just how you'd react to her defiance, hoping you were satiated enough to just let it go this time.

Jaidyn had to ponder his next course. That smart-assed mouth needed some reminding, but for the moment he was actually a little tired from all the fucking, so he shrugged and smiled, grinning to himself as he laid back and let his eyes drift closed.

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