Zuriel Gives Vixxen Her Necklace


So if you hadn't noticed, Zuriel always wears a necklace with a wolf's head pendant on it. It's something he has as a symbol of his "heritage." In this story, he gives an identical one to Vixxen. This meant a lot to both Vixxen and myself, because--as he explained to me--it's something he's never bought for anyone else in his past. That, to me, made it immensely special, and I am honored to wear it on my character, never taking it off for anything or anyone.

Vixxen mentions in this story that she'd punched Jay in the mouth once. I'm pretty sure that was never an actual role play between us, just us messing around with various alts on at the same time. It was the first time we'd gotten Jay and Vixx together and, being his usual self, Jay was acting like an ass to Stacey, so Vixx socked him one. But I digress...

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Zuriel Gives Vixxen Her Necklace

Vixxen Rainbow strolled up behind you, coughing to get your attention. "I knocked, but there was no answer, so I just let myself in. Who was that girl I saw leaving as I arrived? Friend of yours?"

Zuriel Bedlam didn't jump, but his nostrils flared as he inhaled and smiled once he smelled the lovely scent of his mate. "Nope, that was Lisa's friend, Susi. She stopped off to help her with some...homework."

Vixxen smiled, relaxing some that she didn't have to kick someone's ass (she didn't like competition), and put her hands on your chest as she leaned in to kiss you softly on your lips. "I'm glad she has a study mate. I would like to meet your daughter some day, you know. We've been together for about a month now. I think maybe it's time, don't you?" She lifted one hand to your face, tracing a fingertip over your soft lips just because she loved them so, and added, "Not tonight, necessarily, but soon. If that's alright with you, of course."

Zuriel did one better by the time your hands slipped to his chest: he pulled you in and turned against the wall to press you into it for a deeper kiss, intentionally stealing your breath away before he fell back into a warm hug of his hands at the small of your back. "Really, I don't mind but...are you prepared to be a part of this family? You still kept your apartment and haven't once asked me about making room for you here."

Vixxen simply melted into that kiss. Your lips were like fire searing through to her core every time you kissed her, and she molded to your body like a glove in your embrace. Her lip curled into a smile at your mention of being a art of your family, but still she said, "I...wasn't asking to move in, Z. I was just asking to meet your daughter. I didn't realize it was a package deal. Not that I don't like the idea of living with you, I just thought that might be a bit soon, yet."

Zuriel nodded as he held you close, turning to look at the bed before he pulled you onto it with him for a cuddle. "I know, my love. I was just wondering. I'm glad we haven't scared you away. I just don't want you to think less of me for some of the psycho shit that happens around here."

Vixxen slipped next to you, crawling into your lap to be as close as she could, placing kisses over your brow and temple. She looked at you quizzically, though still smiling, "Psycho shit? You mean aside from your being, well... inhuman?" It still made her feel awkward to say out loud, though she'd come to terms with it--even thrilled at the idea--so she found herself having to force the words out. What else he could be talking about, she had no idea, so she waited hoping for further explanation.

Zuriel sighed at the kisses. Despite the ritual he and Jaidyn had recently performed, he actually had wanted you to be right here when it was done, but how could he explain that one without getting his head knocked off? He opted for a more trivial one and it hurt to just not tell the truth. "Well, there's Jay, for one. He's such a loose cannon with being inhuman. If he could, he would be eating and drinking every female around the land dry and even going into town to pick up 'takeout' women for his hungers. I'm a bit more...controlled..." Zuriel bit his lower lip. "Not to mention I prefer the taste...of a woman I love."

Vixxen smiled at your words, never able to hear that you loved her coming from your lips enough. Touching your face, she stated, "I'm glad, because I love you, too, Zuriel, and I wouldn't want you going around sinking into any other woman." She intentionally made the statement so that it could be taken two ways, half joking with you and half warning you of her jealousies. She did bristled, though, at the mention of Jay--she tended to put him out of her mind because the thought of him pissed her off. The guy was such a pompous ass. The though of him draining every woman in sight was a bit unnerving, though, knowing he was living on the grounds for the time being. She turned in your arms to look at you, searching your eyes as she asked, "He's not..? Do I have to be concerned about him, personally? Would he ever try to do something to me when you're not around?" And he wanted her to move in? He must be nuts if he thought she'd move right into that nut case's lair like some innocent doe moving into a wolf's den.

Zuriel shrugged at the question until he figured out a way to say it without making it sound like a death sentence. "I am Jay's alpha. He listens to me, but like any beta, he constantly--and I mean constantly--tests my boundaries: always undermining my word; taking me literal when the mood suits him; or trying to disregard everything I say until I'm in his face." He recalled how Jay spoke of his Vixxen and it made him bristle slightly, but your touch soothed away any edge he had. "If I told him expressly that you are to be left alone, the most you might get would be cornering you in the barn sometime." He turned your chin to make you look him in the eyes. "Never go out there...to the barn. Not without me. It looks so small and innocent, but it's not. Trust me."

The whole 'testing your limits' thing didn't sound to reassuring, but she trusted you and if you said she would be safe with the exception of the barn--though why it was more dangerous than any other place, she didn't know--then she wasn't going to worry. Her smile returned to its full glory and she used her hand to guide your face down, kissing you again. "Alright then. I'll not worry about him. Besides, I punched him in the mouth once. I can do it again. I can take care of myself, you know. I took boxing and tae kwon do at the Y for a few years. I'm not afraid of him."

Zuriel Bedlam smiled into the kiss and returned it in full, tasting you on his lips before taking your hands and giving you a small little razor blade from a drywall knife. He out his hand in yours palm up before he whispered in your ear to make a point. "Cut me. I'm going to show you why your punch did nothing but turn him on..." He sat there, waiting for you to do what he asked.

Vixxen looked down at the object shining in her hand and frowned, not liking where this was going. "What..? I can't cut you, Zuriel. Are you nuts?" Despite what she knew about you, it was still such a foreign concept to her that she didn't really fully accept it as 'the norm' yet. She stared at you in disbelief, but when you said nothing, just held her gaze and waited patiently for her to do as you asked, she pursed her lips in resigned frustration and sighed, but placed the edge of the blade to your palm. Closing her eyes to strengthen her resolve, she pressed down and drew back. When she opened her eyes again, there was a red line welling blood into your cupped hand, keeping it from spilling into her lap. She sucked in a breath at the realization of what she'd done, whispering, "Oh god..!"

Zuriel hissed from the pain, and yes, his blood did flow, but that was as far as it went. The line of red closed almost as quickly as it happened leaving nothing but a crimson line glistening wetly on top of his skin as he breathed relief of the pain and explained. "We are Garou. Normal pain and weapons do nothing to us. You can break our jaw and seconds later we are biting your throat." He licked his lips before continuing, "I am going to tell you something I have never told anyone else since I was first told the night after I changed." He looked up almost like he was praying, but he was really hoping you were the person he could trust as his gaze lowered and he started speaking. "Only silver, fire and the teeth of wolves or vampires hurt us long enough for us to be killed. We are not immortal. We do not need to feed on humans, but some of us start to like it. We are the protectors of this world and the spirit beyond, and nothing but these things hurt our kind."

Almost before her pained cry at seeing the blood was off her lips did she gasp in shock, seeing the wound close and nearly completely heal right before her eyes. "What..? That's incredible!" She laughed in disbelief and turned to look back at you, her eyes filled with wonder like a child's. She was about to ask if you were unable to ever be hurt when you looked at her, quite seriously, and spoke again about your kind. Listening, trying to comprehend yet feeling again like she was down in that rabbit hole, she took it in stride and nodded, ticking off a list to keep it straight in her head. "I see. So we need to keep you away from silver...and fire...and wolves...and..." She paused there, and though nothing more should surprise her, she still looked at you skeptically, "Vampires? Really?? C'mon, Z... Now you're just messin' with me."

Zuriel Bedlam nodded, "They are out there. Why do you think I live so far from the city? The city is their domain, while the forest is ours." He turned to look right in your eyes. "Just another reason I think you belong out here with me...with us. Out here, there are no fangs in the dark other than mine and Jaidyn's, and with me in control of both sets of teeth...you have a much better chance out here."

Vixxen laughed and shook her head, not wanting to believe this craziness, but she did. Still... "I've lived in the city all my life and I've never seen a...a...vampire. What makes you think something will happen to me now?" She wasn't trying to do it on purpose, but every time you mentioned her moving in, she seemed to find a reason not to. It was her independence speaking for her...and her fears. Yes, she loved you, and yes, she wanted to be with you, but to move in with someone was serious commitment and that still frightened her more than she was willing to admit out loud. She'd just been burned so many times in the past that the walls she erected, though crumbling to your touch, still stood in places and she wasn't about to knock them down on her own.

Zuriel chuckled before slipping in to whisper in your ear, "And before now you'd never seen a werewolf, either, so tell me something else you've 'not seen.'" Smiling he pulled you in close to his chest, plucking through his pocket for something until his arms lifted and he draped it around your neck, tying it lightly around your throat but making the knot double and firm. "I say something might, because the further you fall down the rabbit hole, the more Wonderland opens up to you. Ever see the movie Constantine? The thing he says about seeing these things is that they see you, too, and most like to live in secrecy. What else might they do to protect their secret selves, do you think?"

Vixxen smiled and rolled her eyes in a yeah-yeah fashion as you teased her about never having seen werewolves before now, bemused at having her own argument nullified. Watching comfortably against your chest, her eyes followed the wolf's head charm as it settled on her chest when you slipped the necklace around her neck. While you tied it securely, she turned her head and smiled at you, recognizing it as being the same as the one you wore. Lifting it in her fingers, turning back to admire it, she twisted it back and fourth watching the eyes glitter in the light, her voice somewhat choked around the tears threatening to spill, "It's beautiful... Thank you, Zuriel. You shouldn't have." Letting it settle back on her chest, she turned and wrapped her hand around your head and pulled you down to kiss you, her lips brushing, then pressing harder, her tongue slipping in to part your lips with a deeper kiss filled with love.

Zuriel watched with gleaming eyes as you looked at both pendants. Seeing your eyes light up was all the thanks he needed until you kissed him like the first time you let your guard down. This had all started in a bar and was now becoming something so real that he hated being away even for a minute, a day, an hour. But all that worry and anxiety melted away when your lips pressed to his and he passionately kissed you in return to make you feel that love in his heart through the very soft skin kissing your mouth, tasting you like he never needed anything else on his lips with his arm wrapped firmly around your belly.

Vixxen let that kiss linger, feeling your breath fill her lungs even as you stole it away, the velvet touch of your lips caressing hers, the heat of your body wrapped around her like a protective cocoon. The tenderness and the passion in that kiss actually made a tiny little whimper spill from her lips, and she pulled back with a sheepish smile. Catching her breath and letting her heart settle, she asked, "So you really think I'd be safer here or are you just trying to convince me to move in with you, Mr. Bedlam?" She smirked at her teasing, looking like a little imp lying there in your arms. He hand at your knee squeezed gently, slipping up and down your thigh in an absent minded stroke, just the comfort of your being there with her reassuring.

Zuriel grinned as he played his fingers across that bare belly, even teasing his finger tips just under the exposed swell of your breasts before that hand drifted down over your belly button. Lightly he chewed his lower lip with a grin, cocking his head to the side a bit before giving you an answer while he stared back in your eyes. "Maybe a little bit of both, but if you're asking me for an answer I say keep your apartment for now, because there are too many folks living here for us to lie around naked...together," he said, smirking as he kissed you again with just a peck. "And we need a little naked lying around time all on our own."

Vixxen tilted her head to the side, questioning your reply, "Too many people? Who else lives here besides your daughter...and Jay?" She didn't know about Darina yet, and she'd met Stacey but didn't know if she lived on the grounds, too, so considering Jay lived out there somewhere near the barn, she figured it was just you and Lisa. She already realized that though she wanted to keep her little apartment in the city, she found herself disappointed that you agreed she should keep it. Seemed she was willing to become a part of your family, after all, but she kept that part to herself for the moment. "I like the idea of us just lying around naked together all day. Maybe we can send Lisa off on some weekend adventure in the city to get the place to ourselves some time."

Zuriel lifted a brow at the idea of sending Lisa off, because it was a good one. He grinned at the thought, but even so he leaned in and nuzzled right beside your ear. "Hmm...seems we got the cabin to ourselves right now, anyway." Nipping your earlobe lightly, he suckled as his hand lifted and those fingers teased between your tits from underneath that yummy cropped top you wore. It was only a little tease though, before his hand lifted and caught hold of the zipper at the front, slowly pulling it down until it hung on by just a few tines holding it together from his tug.

In the past, she had always been the one in control, the one leading sexual play, the one calling the shots of every facet of her life. But with you...with you it was different. At first, she fought you with a power struggle, especially those first few times at the bar, but every day that she spent with you changed her. She was not so much submitting, but she didn't feel the need to establish her control with you, to show you just how strong, just how tough she was. You accepted her for who she was inside, and that allowed her to drop her guard externally, and she found in doing so, she was finally able to truly enjoy life, to enjoy the touch of man who loved her, to just...be. The heated caress of your breath on her ear made her smile at the shiver running down her neck, the gentle suckle of your lips at her earlobe drawing a seductive smile on her lips. Closing her eyes, she placed her hand over yours as it slipped over her belly, her hand dropping only when yours slipped under her shirt to gently caress between her breasts. A soft sigh lifted her chest, and she exhaled in a breathy moan, her belly doing a tiny little flip of excitement. The tug of her shirt, followed by the sound of a zipped had her eyes open to follow your movements, and she laughed almost imperceptibly when you stopped just shy of opening her top completely. Her hand settled back onto yours and, looking up at you, guided it the rest of the way down, letting her shirt fall open to expose her bare breasts to your sight.

Zuriel could not help but chuckle at you making him take that zipper the rest of the way down, shaking his head, but mostly just relishing the utter sweetness of you relaxed and free of needing that control with him. This was free and clear of any doubt,. He knew how he felt about you and it was enough to drive him mad, to make him sane, and all the while keeping him guessing when he was so sure he loved you so much that it scared him sometimes. He teased his tongue hanging from his lips when his hands rose along your sides and cupped under the generous swell of your tits being gripped by your man. That thought always thrilled him when he could call himself yours, and tonight was no exception, as his fingers lifted and slipped over your bare nipples to send the buds teetering across the expanse of those digits before clamping them firmly in a Vulcan pinch of his fingers catching your nipples. He looked right at your face just to see your eyes sparkling back at him, wiggling his hands up and down before those fingers drifted up and curled to peel your top off fully and out of his way The rough scritch and press of his facial hair on your cheek came when his hands slipped back down and forefingers and thumbs pinched the swelling buds firmly between their grip as he looked down your body responding to his caress and teasing. "I could fall in love with you every day for the rest of my life. And then I could make your nights steam before you drift off to dream about the night we just had."

Vixxen pressed back into the crook of your arm, her chest lifting into your touch. Each teasing pinch of fingers drew a gasp from her, like you were playing some strange instrument, making her moan when you stroked her and whimper when you touched there. The fingers on your thigh clenched, grasping you tightly, and she drew her hand back upwards to your hip, massaging the muscles in your leg until you tugged at her shirt, slipping it free of her arms and letting it drift to the floor. Uninhibited, she settled back against your chest, watching your fingers stroke her skin, dabbling over her nipples, plucking them to make her squirm in your lap. At your words, her eyes welled and she swallowed down the lump that rose in her throat. Her voice wavered, and she barely breathed out, "I haven't loved anyone-not truly--since I was in high school. And now that I've met you, looking back, that was only a shadow of what I feel for you. I have never loved someone as much as I love you, Zuriel, and though it still scares me at times, I wouldn't take it back for anything in the world. Now that I know you, I don't think I could live my life without you in it." Taking your hand in hers, she lifted it to her face, pressing he back of it to drift her lips over the skin, pressing a kiss to the center.

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