After the Ritual


This is another one of those rare RPs we do that didn't involve sex, but it ties in nicely to the story line we had going. It's a loose story line, but it's there.

After the Ritual

Zuriel Bedlam grinned. "Well I see you raided Lisa's closet..."

Susi looked down as if she'd forgotten about the borrowed clothes and shrugged. "Couldn't walk around here naked... And who the hell are you, anyhow?"

Zuriel smiled to himself, thinking that at least the ritual worked. "Sorry, I am Lisa's father, and you are?"

Susi's face lit up with her smile. "Damn. Lisa's daddy is a stone cold fox... I'm Susi. I'm in Lisa's chemistry class. I'd come to help her with our assignment, but she, uh...was a bit tired and laid down for a nap. So I figured I'd just hang out and wait for her. I've been..." She trailed off, looking at the ground with a frown, "Huh...funny. I can't seem to recall what I've been doing since I got here. Strange, isn't it?"

Zuriel smirked but tried to let it melt away. For some reason he just couldn't help but recall the scent of her arousal from before, though he had to stamp it down to keep up appearances. "Hmm, perhaps you went for a walk or just was more tired, like my daughter. I think you should take care when you are out in the forest around the house." He looked her up and down before stepping closer. "And, yeah... You're sexy, yourself...heh."

Susi nodded absently as though she was trying to recall a dream that had wisped away from her upon waking. "Yeah... probably...." Her blue-brown eyes slowly drifted from the floor to look back into your gray ones and seeing them, she felt like...like there was something she should know, but it eluded her. Still, her lips curved into a smirk at your compliment and she raised an eyebrow, "Well thank you...Lisa's dad. Now I see where she gets her good looks, anyhow, if not her brains for science. She's pretty shitty at it, you know... Good thing she has me to help her. Then again, I kinda need her help with English, so it works out."

Zuriel laughed at the comments, but he did not avoid her eyes when she bothered to stare back into his. "Yep, that's my Lisa. She can talk you to death with the whole of the English language, but when it comes to figuring out the freezing point of mercury, she has got no clue." He licked his lips and lifted a hand before nodding. "May I?" He asked, moving his hand to indicate he was about to grab the chain on her cheek running form her nose to her ear, and in the end not really waiting for permission when his fingertips graced the links. He spoke again once he lightly had a hold of them, "You know... Piercing is one thing--I have them myself--but they are meant to enhance your beauty, not mar it with metal."

Susi laughed in agreement with your statement about Lisa, still smiling as you reached to touch the chain link hooked from her nose to her ear. She almost pulled away in offense but something about your demeanor calmed her, so she remained still, though she did speak her mind as she always did. "Yes, well. I like it. You don't see many people with something like that, so it makes me unique. Unless you have a better suggestion..?" As she spoke, she turned her head slowly, gently, both to draw your fingers from the chain, but also to brush her lips over the palm of your hand resting so close to her face. When you drew it back, she just smiled at you and licked her tongue over her teeth.

Zuriel suddenly understood why Jay had not allowed her to leave unmolested. She must have played the same games with him and found out that he was the crazy one of the family. No wonder she nearly died last night. She was just too tasty to live for long in the presence of predators. Slowly he pulled his hand away from her lips, closing his fist as it dropped to his side out of view. "I know your fashion sense has nothing to do with me, but the first time that chain gets caught on something you'll figure out why it was a bad idea...heh." He slipped both hands to his hips, looking her over at the request of a suggestion. "Hmm... I say find another decoration. That one is gonna make you regret it later. Not the piercings, just the chain...trust me."

Susi sighed and rolled her eyes. Adults...what do they know? "Yeah, OK. I'll think about it. Anyhow, despite how absolutely delicious you look, my head is killing me. I feel like I went to an all night rave and can't even remember having any fun at it. If you see Lisa, tell her.." She smirks, not having lost her memory of the cunt-fucking she gave Lisa the day before, "Tell her thank you, and I'll have to help her with her chem another time. I need to go lay down and get some rest. My whole body hurts..." With that, she heads for the door waving over her shoulder to you. "Nice to meet you!"

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