Chained to the Post

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Zuriel pinned your hands to the post, his other fingers slipping up between your thighs.

Lisa smirked, though it faltered some when she felt your fingers inching closer and closer to her exposed heat.

Zuriel bit his lower lip as his fingers slipped in, stroking over the exposed lips gently just to stir that heat up a bit, two fingers gliding over your lips back and forth, barely, if at all, brushing your clit. "Perfect time to torture you."

Lisa stiffened, her eyes widening at the feather-light caress of your fingertips passing over her lips. Drawing her bottom lip in between her teeth, biting down hard, she sucked in a sharp breath and let out a whispered whimper. Her eyes closed and her head hung as she grumbled, "So not fair."

Zuriel slid his hand away from your pussy, gripping your thigh in one hand and spreading your legs open so his treasure was nice and exposed to the open air. With a sudden slide of his hand cupping your lips again, he deftly drew his fingers in a tighter press just against your lips without even touching your clit for one second. "Oh it's totally fair."

Lisa's head hung, thunking against the post at the digging-tugging-pulling of your fingers at her folds. Her ass lifted and writhed in a vain attempt to force your fingertips downwards over her clit, but your grip was so snug, so firm, that your hand simply moved with her ass and thigh, never once slipping into the depths that she so desperately wanted to feel them in. Grinding her teeth, she growled under her breath, "Fair for who..? Certainly not me..."

Zuriel chuckled and cinched the ropes tighter around your wrists, making sure your hands were not going anywhere before his own drifted down and perked a pinch right over your hardening nipple. He held fast as his hand between your thighs followed every move, every rise and fall like he knew it was coming before you did it, leaving your little clit untouched but still stroking your lips to feel the warmth between your legs grow while he tugged and pinched at your nipple. "Nah... It's fair for me and we both know it. You want your choices removed anyway. To be my little chain slut just like this, right now."

Lisa panted out a breath, then another, her head starting to spin at the wicked way you spoke. The give-and-take of power made her deliciously drunk, and her limbs turned to jelly. She sagged from the post by her wrists, using her head to keep her up, her legs quaking, heart thudding. Each pinch, each pull of her nipple drew a little grunt or whimper from her, but those were the only sounds she made anymore--her arguments had been effectively silenced. Still, even drawn snug against the post, she tried to push back against your fingers, the intentional aversion of her clit driving her mad with need.

Zuriel smirked as he finally slid one finger from the top of your clit all the way down between your lips, gathering your juices on his digit before his hand pinching your swollen nipple fell away and he rose leaving you utterly flushed and writhing with no more touches at all. He stood up, letting you watch him lick the essence of you from his finger and nodded in approval. "Gods, I love your flavor..." With that, he left you there chained to the post as he strolled away towards the cabin. The sounds of the animals and the wind through the trees were the only thing you could hear after he left you alone to ponder what he was doing. After a few minutes he came back. Dropping to one knee beside you still tied to the post, he bent to unbuckle your heel straps. "If I recall, since our Friday meeting did not go so well, I think we need a make up for that time lost." He slipped your pretty heels off, setting them aside before fishing your ankle cuffs out of his pocket. Locking them on one at a time, getting you barefoot and in cuffs like he wanted you just then, before his hand flowed up the back of your calf, leading up along the back of your thigh. "Mmm... Much better."

Lisa was left gasping, writhing with need. She felt you rising and turned her head almost in panic, her cheek pressed hard against the wooden post. Her wide eyes followed you walking away for as long as she could, until you disappeared from sight. Knowing she couldn't get free, she still tugged and pulled at the rope holding her there, yanking, jerking, grunting with effort. What she would do had she gotten free, she didn't know. She hadn't though that far ahead. But as you had your beast within you, she had her own primal needs and instincts, and they fought to break away in your absence. Then she heard the leaves rustling, footsteps crunching, and she stopped...her eyes wide and wild like a trapped animal, heart bang-bang-banging in her chest. The clink of metal rang in her ears as she felt your hands working the straps of her shoes undone and her stomach flipped, tightening in anticipation. She hated this as much as she loved it. It was the razor-sharp edge of desire and it sliced her deeply. The chill air swept over her bare feet and the sudden cold kiss of steel caressed her ankles and she closed her eyes, mewling, pondering what would come next.

Zuriel scooted in tightly to press you against the post, almost giving you a smile that told he knew you had tried to get free but couldn't. He pulled something else from his pocket--something out of sight--and though you felt it brush your bare lips, it was still a mystery. Rubbery and firm, he glazed the plug with your own juices to get it nice and slick, just gleaming in the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees and he lifted it up between your ass cheeks blushing naked in the forest beside the house. "Just a little training. I think my whore needs to be prepared for later." Grinning to himself, he lifted that toy higher and suddenly pressed it between your tight cheeks, pushing in the butt plug to stretch that little rosebud as wide as his cock at the very least and he didn't stop pushing until the base of the plug prevented it from going deeper. "Nnnn... There we go..." Once he had it fitted in deep, his hand slid back down, rubbing your blushing pussy in long firm strokes still avoiding your clit.

With her eyes still closed, Lisa could feel her heartbeat in her temples, in her veins. She breathed in deeply as you pressed in close to her, the smell of you as intoxicating as the torment you put her through. The sudden touch of something cold and hard yet smooth between her legs startled her. She lifted her head and turned just slightly, pondering... A toy? Oh yes... 'He is finally going to provide some relief,' she thought. She smiled and rose on her knees, lifting her ass some to let you get the toy in her pussy... But it only teased, just as wickedly as your fingers had, not entering her but simply gliding between her slick folds. Then it was drawn back and up and she felt a slight pressure... Oh! She gasped and tried to pull away, her hips rushing forward towards the post, but you grabbed her and held her firm, pushing even harder against her pucker until the toy popped in. Her hands flexed open and she let out a pained cry, her entire body going rigid again as you pushed it in, ever widening her hole until the base rested snugly against her cheeks. She grunted out her discomfort and let her head sag against the post yet again, groaning as you started tormenting her pussy once more.

Zuriel licked his lips watching your every reaction, loving the way you tried to escape. But as bound as you were, and with his own insistent hands keeping you from fighting, the push and pop of that plug drove inside your ass to stay as he teased your lips once more. It seemed tonight was a night of pleasures unbound as he tugged your leash firmly down your body, the chain splitting between your breasts and following the curves of your contours until the leash was pulled taut between your thighs and the cold metal links pressed firmly against your clit. The remainder was wrapped around the base of the plug between your cheeks and he held the last bit of chain wrapped in his hand. Leaving you with nothing but your own motions to stimulate your senses, each lift and pull of his hand seated that plug firmly between your cheeks and every pull or move you made brushed and tinkled those metal links between your thighs. Breathing a little more huskily beside you as he held you in utter submission against the torment of your body with the toys he chose to use on you, he teases, "Nnn... Hows that, girl?"

The plug pressing firmly into her ass had been enough to cow her, to silence her into submission, but the tug on the chain linked to her collar made her head swim even harder, her bones liquefying, her body floating, drifting. There was no other way to describe it. She went completely and utterly subdued, giving herself up to you in totality. Relinquishing all control, all thought, all will, she gave herself up to you completely and that simple act in itself was complete bliss. Everything else was ecstasy in abundance. The cold kiss of steel links pressing between her breasts, caressing her belly, biting up between the folds of her pussy made every muscle in her body twitch, every nerve started to hum. The hard metal grazed over her already swollen clit and she groaned at the bullet of pleasure that shot through her body. It rubbed and rolled and she started to pant until it was pulled taut, wrapped around the thick plug of rubber wedged firmly in her ass. Each subtle shift or movement made that chain pull tighter while tugging on the plug that wouldn't come out, putting wicked pressure on her backside. Her fingers curled against the post, scratching nail marks into the wood and she gasped in breath after breath every time her body caused those chains to tighten and shift again. Nodding, not trusting herself to speak, she grunted in response, "Uh huh..."

Zuriel only had to change the variance on the angle of his grip. Tugging the chain up between your cheeks pushed the plug more firmly in place while pulling back brought a different sensation entirely. The plug would pull back like a hint of coming out, but it was moored securely to the chain, and there was little other movement aside from your body holding it firmly in place each time you dared even flinch. His hand holding the chain simply twisted and the increased tension sparked those cold metal links between your lips, the very oval of the link's center firmly planted over your clit so tightly that the flesh poked from the center of the link itself, hugging tight to you like a seductive lifeline. His hand holding the remaining length of chain bounced, jostled, and lifted so the expanse of the metal tingled through you with all the subtlety of molten steel hitting ice, drawing hisses from your lips. Your head bowed and you submitted to the very aspect of his power locked around you in titanium cuffs no matter how pretty the package, your body's obedience commanded through them as surely if your Master grabbed you by the throat himself and started taking away your ability to breathe. "Mmm... Look at you just begging for it like a kitten in heat. Maybe next time I'll get a tail plug for this tight little ass."

Lisa was flying, crashing, shattering into a million pieces. The stimulation was everywhere at once. The plug filled her, stretched her so completely, she though she just might die from the pleasure of it alone. But then the chain grasped and pulled, kissed and suckled at her clit, trapping it, holding it, pulling and rubbing and she couldn't help but jump each time it struck over that swollen bud just right. The jerking of her body only increased the pace of its rubbing, creating a vicious yet delicious circle of pleasurable torment. Her cunt was absolutely drooling... leaking down her legs uncontrollably. She hadn't been this aroused in some time and she already felt her orgasm twisting into a ball of uncontrollable power in her belly. Chewing her lip, her body pressed so snugly against the post that her nipples were brushing against the coarse wood making them stiffen as well, she gasped at your words, her head hanging as her eyes clenched shut at both the humiliation of the idea and the thrill it gave her. All she could manage was a whisper, "Yes Master..."

Zuriel licked his lips at the declaration spoken by that soft hoarse whisper, the ragged edge of his girl on the brink so much from the pure tension of that metal there was no stopping the flood. The thought thrilled him so much that he pulled the chain taut in a snap of metal tacking loudly. The plug flumped deep between those tight little cheeks and a feral snarl showed on his lips paired with a wicked gleam in his eyes. The tension stopped, the chain hung slack enough that the warm metal just quivered in time with the shivers of his girl coming back to her senses after the chains caress ceased to grind against her curves. "Looks like some is a little on edge. Maybe we should hold off, hmm?" His hand lifted, still clutching the chain but keeping it slack, gripping the end of the plug in your ass before he pumped it one time, watching you with those eyes glittering in the shadowed light from the trees blocking the sun. He slowly but firmly fucked your little ass, pumping it in short quick jabs for a long burst of heat strumming your tiny hole. Then the pace went lax and changed to a slow drift of pulling it all the way out and twisting it before pushing it snugly back inside with a tender pop of flesh giving way. While one hand toyed with the plug, the other slipped down, gripping your breast hard and tight enough that the flesh dimpled and perked from the grasp of his forefinger and thumb, his middle fingertip pressing down and pushing your swollen bud in hard against your tit. "Whom do you serve? Name him..."

Lisa rolled her hips, grinding herself against the taut chain snug between her folds. She was stirring herself, probably foolishly knowing you'd never let her cum so soon, but she couldn't stop herself. And then you stopped it for her, leaving enough slack in the chain that even as she moved it dipped just out of reach, barely brushing against her clit. She whimpered in frustration even as she sighed in relief, her head hanging so that strands fell and tickled her cheeks and nose. A sudden pressure on her ass made her jerk her head back up and she tried to turn, the shackles on her wrists jangling and clanging, keeping her from being able to maneuver around enough to see what you were doing, but the force of the pull told her enough. Her green eyes clenched shut tight and she let out a groan that droned on for as long as it took for you to pull the plug nearly free, the sound ending in a squeak of a whimper. She waited, panting, wondering what you were doing, and then the thickness of that plug stretched her back open, filled her ass so full once more that she jerked and cried out. Over and over she felt you pulling it, pushing it, pumping that thick toy into her ass until she was gasping so hard her vision started to gray. Trickles of liquid heat dripped down the insides of her thighs and when you forced the plug into her ass, your fingers brushed along her nether lips, feeling just how soaked she was, wet slushing sounds drifting up from her folds slipping and sliding together. Drawing in a deep breath to clear her head, she forced herself to speak in a trembling voice, "You! I serve you, Master! I serve Zuriel."

Zuriel pressed in hard before his hand twisted the plug one quarter turn left, back two quarter turns right, just holding it in deep and making it sing through those frazzled nerves like a conductor making a symphony of the noises you made. The plug the chord on which he pulled added a deep wailing vibrato to the stuttered chirps yelping from the slaps under your breasts, the sound a sharp contrast to the artwork of using your body like a musical instrument. He continued to tug your nipple hard between his fingers, bouncing the grip of them over that teat plump from the hunger and need shaking through your very muscles. "That's Daddy's girl right there..." he sneered. The chain snaked taut with a pull of his grip, the clank of steel hitching tight once more as it snapped into place with the addition of your tender buds being flicked, plucked and pulled as the chain ground back in.

Lisa bit down hard on the inside of her lip, mewling out a long note of contained pain. Her eyebrows furled together and her attention was drawn from the pleasurable tease in her ass and along her clit to the grasp you took of her breast. She sucked in panting breaths of air through her nose, until her lips parted and she sucked in a deep breath through her mouth. Her head fell back, hair caressing almost to her ass, and she let out a cry to the heavens. Her back arched, body rolled, and she finally could stand it no more. "Please, Master... Fuck me, please." She mewled again then continued, "I want your cock so bad. I can't stand it any longer. Please fuck me and make me cum, I beg you."

Zuriel turned his attention from your nipples begging for some love, his steely fingers reaching until they wrapped around your throat, pushing the titanium collar high under your jaw when he gripped. Lifting a corner of his lip in a guttural snarl showing off a fang. He didn't even breathe a word before the sudden stab of two thick fingers stuffed between your velvet slick lips. The bit of chain still there thudded the hit of those fingers, keeping them from going as deep as they could, but the lurching shove hitched the links up and down over your clit, not to mention every clink of his fingers tapped the chain length and jerked at the plug still stuffed in your ass. The palm of his hand would then bump the base of it fitting it properly back inside, pushing the toy down to seat it all the way in, only for it to be pulled out once again with the whole shift-and-push action being repeated. Never slowing for more than an instant, finding the right rhythm to torment your ass, he left your clit and lips trapped in the tight clinking tug-of-war as though they were fighting for ownership of that bit of flesh, swollen and poking high from the rub and pull of unyielding steel, mastered by the angle your Daddy used to pull and tug at the leash's end. "You already know, Kitten, Daddy doesn't give out milk until you mewl for him." He gave another yank of that chain, pulling the plug back just long enough that it dawdled on pulling free, but the sudden shift of force from his tugging hand pushed it back in tight while sending the expanse of shifting metal between your lips. "It's okay baby girl, you have Daddy's permission to mewl for him to fuck you." His hand tightened at your neck, gripping possessively.

Lisa froze when your hand wrapped around her throat, though she couldn't stop the trembling of her body. She swallowed so hard, you could feel it against the palm of your hand. But she dared not move, even though every nerve in her body screamed out to pump her hips, to find some way to get your fingers inside her. Keeping her head facing the post, she slowly inched her green eyes in your direction, feeling your face right there at her ear. As you came into view, she saw your upper lip curl, exposing one white, glistening fang and she damn near wet herself. Shaking harder, her eyes rolled up as the lids slipped down and she sighed a whimper, resting her upper body hard against the post as her limbs went weak yet again. She wanted desperately to wrap her arms around that post, to hold it for support, and without thinking, she jerked them outwards to do so. The shackles bit into her wrists with a clank and, feeling foolish, she wrapped her fingers over the lip of the ridge above her, clawing in earnest as though holding on for support. And thank the stars that she did, because the sudden invasion of your fingers, pushing not slowly, not gently, but with a quick, harsh thrust into her dripping cunt would have toppled her over had she not been both chained and clinging to the post for support. Lisa cried out in shock, but that didn't stop the walls of her pussy from instantly clamping down around those digits inside her. She let loose a drawn-out 'ahh' of pleasure, her body instantly responding, lifting, rocking, craving more. She teetered on the brink, the chain biting and rubbing hard over her clit even as your fingers pushed and rolled inside her. The movement kept drawing that plug nearly out and she both pouted and gave thanks to the near relief, when the backslide of your hand pressed your palm against it, forcing the invading object back into her cavity. That knot in her belly clenched and tightened until she thought for sure she would lose all control, and she heard your words and--needing release before it came without consent--did just as you instructed: she mewled like a kitten lost from its mother; she mewled like a kitten hungry for milk; she mewled like a cat in the throes of heat, needing the relief only a male could bring her.

Zuriel rumbled like a beast before he jerked his fingers free, not even lapping the sweetness of that cunt for himself. He pushed in brusquely, grabbing your hips in a pull of flexing arms, commanding your frame to shift for him with the cuffs on your wrists becoming your only support. He snapped his jeans open, letting his thick shaft fall from the confines of his clothing, but there was no teasing slide--not this time. He picked his baby girl up and spread you on your knees just right and slammed his whole cock inside your pussy in a single slurch of wet folds welcoming Daddy home. The chain went slack as he filled his kitten, and by giving her just what she needed because she'd begged so sweetly, he got the mewl of desire he'd asked for purring from those lips. With a hard slam he stuffed you pussy deep, making you take him all the way to his heavy nuts clapping your naked clit. Without the firmness of the chains held against you, the weight of them smacked down, jarring your entire body from the force of that blow. Hard nipples bounced with the fiery claps of skin colliding, his jeans spilling away with the animal rut of the moment, claiming his cunt all over again for just the sheer joy of reminding his baby girl who owned this body. The plug remained even as your Master slammed inside, the barreling shoves barking up to pop, nudge, and jolt right against the base so that those deep strokes became dual for an instant. Those two rods flooded your nerves with every push and release--the draw and home run of his cock, and the plug driving in at the end of every shuddering drill of thick meat, claimed both holes by sheer virtue of velocity and weight. His hands dug in to your hips, leaving marks in your flesh as his lips parted in a feral growl, his teeth glittering in the dappled light as he looked down at you, taking you as his, giving his kitten what she needed to feel relief.

Lisa's knees dragged through the grass as you pulled her ass back, her knees wet and stained green, toes digging in the dirt. Issuing out a muffled grunt as the shackles bit into her wrists, she hung limply, her fingers flailing in the air trying to cling to the post but dancing just out of reach. The sudden hard thrust of your cock rocked her body so hard, she was inched forward on the ground and she braced her hands against the post, providing some support and enabling her to push back against your pumping hips. Lisa's cunt was so wet, every plunge of your cock shucked, every slide out slushed, and soon her thighs and ass were coated in her own lube, the wetness splashing your balls and thighs, as well. The slap-slap-slap of wet skin on skin echoed, accentuated by her gasping whimpers and cries, making your quiet little forest home sound like a porno. The chain between her legs remained, and though not as tight, it still thrashed against her clit and slapped at her hanging, swaying breasts, tormenting her nipples almost as effectively as your thick fingers. Her cunt twitched and throbbed, grasping at your thick shaft inside her, and every time she felt your pelvis connect with her ass, she felt the toy stuffed deeper into her cavity again. It was not nearly as pleasurable as being double penetrated by you and Jaidyn, but it was enough that she teetered on the edge and she knew she wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. Weakly lifting her head, she gasped out her need, "Please, Master... please let me cum! Ohhhh fuck, I can't... I can't hold back much longer. Please!"

Zuriel hitched his hips higher. Those wet noises and the single minded way his pussy sucked and slurked tight around him made it seem like those muscles were trying to keep your Master all the way inside. His body weight aided in pushing you down to the grass, those drooling lips trickling to the green loam below making a little splattered mud trail just between your thighs. Grunting, he switched the tension in the chain of your leash as he held you down, the length now drawn tight against your clit and the breadth of his thigh so that your hot little nub felt the metal moving every time your Master did. This time, though, he slowed to a crawl, the tight stick of his length just working a scant few inches back and forth, staying in so tight that every movement coursed along the plug between those yummy cheeks starting to sweat from him denying you permission just yet. He was doing it on purpose, making the wild rise to release suddenly break down into being given bare inches at a time, molding your core to him like a rubber glove full of baby oil. He didn't seem to care that every rock of his hips made your pussy splutter new juices down your thighs, soaking his balls and drenching his tapping nuts with the honey leaking from your clit. He slowed down to that grinding lilt of his hips stuffing you both ways while that chain teetered off your clit, every undulation of his thighs sending ripples of motion cascading down the metal links and at the same time stroking both of those wet holes just as deep as he could go. "Nnn... Maybe I like forcing my Kitten to cum for Daddy...instead of giving permission. But no... A little longer... And hold it or I will torment you for a week."

Lisa sank to the cool earth beneath the weight of your body, her arms still barely resting against the post despite the slack in the chain you'd given her. The length of the chain was trapped between the ground and her clit, pushing it harshly against her swollen, aching nub and the hard steel rubbed and ground maddeningly, sending electric jolts through her body to her limbs. She panted harder, every third breath punctuated by a whimper or a moan, and she gyrated her hips with downward thrusts, grinding herself against the ground to rub against the link that was trapped against her clit. Dirt and grass caked her pelvis and sopping pussy lips, but she didn't care. All she could think about was getting off, of being able to cum, simply waiting on your grace to allow it. But you didn't... Instead, you pushed and pumped hard, drawing her right to the edge, only to slow down, nearly stopping, leaving her hanging in a free fall of misery and ecstasy intertwined. "Oh god, please...." she groaned. Holding it off was getting harder and harder, but she dared not--not after you explicitly forbade it. But, fuck! How much more could she take? Trying to distract herself, she bit down on her lip, so hard this time that she actually drew blood. She cried out at the pain, the crimson droplets trickling over her ruby lips to her leave a slim line down her chin, but it was enough that her orgasm subsided even just a minute amount, regaining what little bit of control she had left.

Zuriel spotted the blood running down your chin, homing in on it with a tilt of his hips balancing on his knuckles still holding the end of the leash. His lips sucked, licking the stain from your skin before kissing you deep to silence any protests and sharing the flavor of his baby girl's passions with his tongue leading the coil down her pink muscle surrendering to his desire. But he didn't let you bite any more. He held that kiss between the stiff bucking strokes, pushing his shaft back and forth just barely four inches, long enough to keep you filled to the brim while your hips ground and sought out the metal tinkling over your swollen clit. His own hips persisted, never stopping that tight little burst of motion through your quivering folds hugging your Master's cock. He purring almost imperceptibly against your lips, "You may cum... MmmmnnmMMmm..." Going right back to kissing you through those jolting lifts and presses, he claimed your ass and cunt at the same time. Almost hoping you didn't hear him amid the moans and gasps of us both, he stole your breath in a kiss and muddled your resolve to hold back. With his hand lifting and plucking at your nipple, he tilted back to the side to support himself, exhaling a gruff breath as he returned to his original position, his lips--stained pink from kissing your bite--breaking free of your mouth to smile down at you.

Lisa hadn't intended to tempt you when she'd bit herself--hell, the thought never crossed her mind--but when you homed in on her, she couldn't help but swoon at the eroticism of your mouth taking hers while you were still buried deep inside her pussy, licking the trickle from her lip to swirl it back into her mouth. For once, she tasted what you tasted, and it was both frightening and intoxicating. She groaned into that wicked kiss, the walls of her pussy trembling and fluttering around your cock. Every shift, every slide pushed her to new heights, and though she'd staved it off for a few precious moments, her climax banged inside her, demanding to be set free. She felt your lips move, heard the deep timber of your voice caressing her ears, and though the words were nearly inaudible, she'd heard enough. She gasped immediately, her mind, as much as her entire body, responding to the permission you granted her. Every muscle in her body flared to life, every nerve ending sparked, and she thrashed under you, her pussy spasming, gripping, clenching you inside of her. She came so hard that her cum squirted free, jetting over your cock to pool in the dirt beneath her pelvis. Nails dragged down, leaving deep gouges in the wood and she cried out her joy, "Ahhhhh god! Thank you, Master! Thank you!" She gasped again as another pump of your hips sent her climax into another frenzy of sparks, "Fu-u-uck! Master! Oh...oh...shit!" Her little body jerked, held down only by your weight atop her, and her chest heaved to catch her breath as you continued to fuck her right through her orgasm.

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