Stacey and Lisa's First Time


So last time Lisa and Stacey got together was just a "sneak preview." This time, Stacey really takes care of Lisa's needs...and her own. And yes, Zuriel has come to be known as "Daddy" in quite a bit of our role play. We just find it kinky as hell.

Stacey and Lisa's First Time

Stacey Carnell raises a slender brow and smiles, stepping closer to the smaller girl as she ran a hand over your hip. "Hmm, Daddy left me a message. I wondered what he meant by little treat, but now that I see you... I think I know what he meant."

Lisa Languish smiles shyly, still nervous around you, her eyes looking at the ground as her cheeks turn pink. "Erm, yeah. I, uh..." coughs "He asked me to dress for you, and this is what he left on the bed. Although, I think it might look better with some shoes or something."

Stacey giggles and shakes her head, taking your dainty little hand in hers as she stepped through the doors and headed back to the bedroom. "Well lets just see what else might be left behind for us to use."

Lisa gasps in surprise, "Oh..."

Stacey grins when you find the box she left for just this occasion. "I think Daddy has good taste, but he wasn't thinking clearly. Now this little number is more my speed."

Lisa opens the package, drawing out each silky piece in awe at its beauty. Stripping her other socks, she slowly draws the new items on one at a time, occasionally casting her eyes to Stacey, noticing how she watches every movement. She slides her hand down along her backside, admiring the view. "These are lovely."

Stacey grins seeing you get on the outfit she picked for you instead, running a hand down your thigh just a little as she reached up with the other hand and plucked her glasses from her face to let you see her without anything blocking the view. "You know what they say about paintings, nothing is as beautiful as the bare canvas before the start. It holds limitless possibilities."

Lisa looks up into your eyes, her teeth automatically nipping at her bottom lip with a grin. Your hand on her thigh draws a small intake of air, a show of surprise and excitement. Even though she'd been with you once, albeit in a rush, she still felt so awkward and shy around you and her fidgeting indicated how nervous she was. "Do they say that? I hadn't heard..."

Stacey shakes her head with a smile as she took your hand and pulled you down on the rug someone had the foresight to buy for us both. She caught the bite of that lower lip and just smiled, her green eyes glittering as she stared back at you and snuggled down to the furs. "Oh it's just an old artists expression, nothing too serious."

You can feel her slight trembling as you take her hand and draw her to the floor. Her heart stammers in her chest, the pulsing vibrating against your own chest. As you take her in your arms, she slips her legs in to tangle with yours. In a barely audible whisper she stammers, "I'm not sure why I'm so nervous with you. You're just so... beautiful, I feel like a shlep next to you. And, well.. its been a while since I've really been with a woman, so its like its new to me all over again."

Stacey cocks her slender brow listening to you stammer through those small insecurities, smiling lightly as she lowered her hands and started curling her dress in her grip and with a slow, undulating pull of her hands and rolling hips her dress lifted. The fabric rolled softly over your barely covered frame, adding a caress to you without even touching your body just yet as her dress was pulled up and over her head. She tossed it aside and tried calming your nerves by being the first one to be naked, her soft skin pressed against the outfit she got just for you and her smile deepened. "It's not anything we haven't done already, but now it's more like it should be...no rush."

Lisa watches you intently, the silk of your dress shimmering in the light as it passes over your curves, accentuating the feminine lines of your voluptuous body. Breathing softly, trying to steady her nerves, her eyes start at your face and slowly, methodically take in each line, each curve, every little nuance of your body. Reaching out with one hand, she lightly traces her fingers over the lines of your tattoos on your arms, drawing them slowly to your chest to spiral over one breast, lingering at the nipple. After only the slightest pause, she continues her journey, shifting her weight slightly off of you to reveal more of your body beneath her as her fingers work their way over the lines of your stomach to your hip. Her finger makes a slight grip at the swell of your hip, wanting to feel the fullness of it in her hand, before she flattens her palm against your skin and smooths it down along the length of your thigh to your knee. Twisting, lifting your leg with her hand under your knee, she sits slightly to complete the journey, caressing your calf all the way to your ankle, finally running her fingers along the bottom of your foot to your delicate little toes. Breathlessly, all she could say was, "Beautiful."

Stacey could not help but smile once she realized your fingers were starting to explore, she half expected to be the one doing most of the touching and it was a pleasant surprise to find your hand caressing her skin. She felt the draw of those fingers following the lines of ink in her flesh, the dragons under your finger tips seemed to writhe almost like she did as your fingers circled her breast and slowly, ever so slowly wound their way to her nipple already perking nice and thickly from the attention. The ring in her bud tilted as her flesh hardened, a small inhale followed the roll of your hand drawing down her side all the way to her hip where you flattened that palm just to touch her. The warm feel of her skin grew even warmer from the touch, her lip ring shifted when she bit her lower lip as your hand slipped down her thigh and lifted her leg, caressing all the way down to her cuffed ankle like you were trying to memorize every curve of her. She stifled a small giggle, her feet a little ticklish to your touch but nothing that made her bust out laughing, she was far removed from humor at your touch just memorizing every detail. "Mmm well this was unexpected Lisa...You been thinking about me a long time it seems." Even with the touch of that hand going down her body she gripped your cheek and pulled you back up so our breasts mashed together firmly, with a slow rise of her hips she lifted your body just a few inches with the intended grind of your weight between her thighs making her inhale slightly when she kissed your lips. The soft clink of our lip steel met in a slow kiss, licking over your lips before delving her tongue between yours to ease you back into her. The only thing her stolen words could say right against your mouth was whispered, "Delicious..."

Lisa couldn't stop the groan that came from her, feeling your body shifting beneath her. That silken skin, those soft curve melding right into her own as though they were pieces to a puzzle finally fitting together. The mesh of breasts made her head spin so that when you kissed her, her vision swam and she had to close her eyes to keep the room from spinning. Slowly, hesitantly, she mouthed her lips against yours, as though testing the waters, but when she felt your tongue dancing over her red lips, they parted in a sigh inviting you to taste her more fully. Her hand slipped back to your side, slowly, lightly drawing upwards from your hip the the outer swell of your breast and back down again, reveling in the sensual feel of your warm skin under her hand. Unable to restrain herself any longer, capturing that single word as it left your lips, she pressed her mouth to yours and slipped her tongue into your mouth, needing to taste you completely.

Stacey gave in and relented, the feel of your hand toying along her side drawing ever upward until she felt the gentle caress of your fingers gracing the swell of her big breast from the side brought a little moan of her own vibrating gently into your mouth. She relented, not pressing back but letting you explore her lips with that tongue of yours curling inside her lips only to taste her sweet kiss purring back up at you. Even though she gave in and let you steer her down that delightful path of bliss her hands lifted just to the outside of your delicate thighs framed in those beautiful sheer white she bought for you, adding the look of you covered in frosting she had to just adore while her hands started to move upward. Her slender fingers curled, drawing her nails over your soft body as her hands flowed to the backs of your thighs and the slow firming grip of both hands squeezing that pert little bottom came to your senses in the middle of your urgent kiss making her writhe on the furs. Even being larger than the girl who caressed and kissed her she found herself stilled and held down by that smaller frame pinning her to the furs beneath our bodies, her hands lifting higher as her nails grazed through the sheer fabric of your hot little outfit she got you and they followed the line that rested right over your spine until she curled the bow holding your clothes on around her finger in a slow pull that didn't untie it just yet.

Her kisses, becoming increasingly more urgent, were accentuated by soft little moans with each press of lips, with every pull of a your lip into her mouth, releasing it with a soft snap. Her head turned and tilted, coming at you from every angle, even as her hands slid up from your body to cup your face. Fingers spreading outwards, she thread them through your hair to clasp behind your head, drawing your face up to her to keep your lips pressed to hers. The motion gave forced her lower body down, pressing into you, your thigh between her legs fitting snugly against the heat of her core. The insistence of that pressure drew a surprised gasp from her, as though she'd forgotten you were there between her legs, and she squeezed her ass tightly, drawing her pelvis down to grind against your leg. Drawing back so that her face was scant inches from yours, she purrs out, "Oh Stacey, I had no idea just how wonderful you would be. You taste like cinnamon and summer sun and fire rolled into one."

Stacey was lost and had trouble keeping up with the urgent playful attack on her lips and face, she had to regain a little more focus and the lift of her thigh pressing between yours brought her just the gasping moment she needed with a slightly catty grin on her lips once they were free from the pull of yours tasting her. "Lisa we are just getting started. You have no idea what I'm going to do with your hot little body and those candy apple lips of yours." Her hands drifted back down to roll her fingers over that pert little butt again, this time she pressed her hands down though and made the grind of her thigh between your legs even tighter as she bit down on her lower lip and looked up at that slightly hesitant face. Her hands moved apart, one stayed at your tight little backside as the other drifted upward and tugged that bow free finally. Making your tight little outfit loosen at the loss of the bow keeping it together, once she had it undone she lifted and rolled, pressing her lips to yours in a more hungry need to taste those red lips she had come to adore from afar but right now she had them all to herself while you were alone in the house today. Her naked body against yours in a tight caress, nipping your lower lip herself to draw another slightly startled breath from you.

Lisa's hair spread out in a cascade of crimson fire against the stark white furs beneath her as you rolled her beneath you. Her chest heaved with every breath she took, the little pink nipples peeking through the sheer silk top brushing deliciously against your naked ones hanging down over her body. That slight caress sent one jolt after another, each successively following every anxious breath she took, evoking little moans and whimpers from her parted lips. Looking up into your eyes, feeling less unsure of herself yet still trembling just the tiniest bit at your words, she runs her fingers through your hair, watching it shimmer in the light and fall from her fingers back to your shoulder like spilling oil. Stomach tightening in her building desire, she wraps her leg against yours, drawing her nylon-clad heel along the back of your thigh over that beautiful tattoo, feeling your muscles tighten beneath her foot, and she is compelled to draw it snug and pull you closer until she feels your lips once again press against her. The heat of your breath, the smell of your sweet skin filling her senses, makes her nearly salivate and she greedily complies as you steal another kiss.

Stacey already knew you were so used to your man being rough and tumble with you, she tried to counter that with delicate need as much as she could but even the feel of your nylon clad toes spreading over the back of her thigh as she rose over your body was a little much to take. Her heavy breasts swayed slightly and those piercings in her nipples dangled right over the pink buds of yours still hugged by that sheer outfit she had gotten just for you. She followed the pull of your foot and lowered herself over that body, smiling before her lips blazed against yours in a deep swirl of her tongue pressing between your lips for another taste of that candy apple she was claiming you to be. Her tongue rolled, danced and wrestled softly between your lips, tangling yours in a torrid embrace until she pulled back and whispered into your mouth. "Well, your man had the foresight to tell me one thing you wanted." She gave a slight giggle as she crawled forward just enough and when her face lifted away your eyes beheld her pierced nipple hovering right over your lips and she caressed your cheek softly as she held it there. No more words and even if you tried to speak her full breast pushed against your lips, the metal of our piercings clinked again but this time it was followed by a swollen nipple urging your lips to part. The instant she felt your mouth open and warm wet flesh greeted her nipple her hand smacked hard onto the pillows over your head, trying to keep herself still to let you have a little of what you confessed to wanting before. Her eyes peering down, watching your face with her breast held tightly by those lips grabbing hold of her sensitive bud in your mouth and her panting voice reached your ears. "Suck on it..."

Lisa's mind raced, reaching back into her memory at just what she had alluded to wanting, and the moment your body shifted over her and that beautiful breast dangled before her mouth, her lips curled into a wicked grin of recognition. Needing no further encouragement that those three words, her lips parted and she drew that little red bud into her mouth. Drawing in a breath and letting it out in a moan, she suckled on it like a babe at her mother's teat. Her hot little tongue flickered at it simultaneously, the hard steel of the ring through the flesh contrasting with the soft skin surrounding it. Turning to gaze up at you as you looked down at her mouth, she pulls back with a hard sucking motion, drawing your nipple from her lips with a pop. Her hand slips along the side of your full breast, grasping it possessively, urgently returning the rigid peak to her hungry mouth. The sounds of her moans interweave with her slurping, sucking, wet sounds of her mouth devouring you, overriding your own sweet sighs echoing over her head.

Stacey arched even more like a sheba in heat, moaning as your lips clasped firmly at the swollen pink bud of her nipple and feeling you toy with her piercing at the same time sent tingles straight down to her lower belly stirring a fire inside from the simple grasp of your lips suckling at her breast like that. Someone had told her the favorite part you often spoke of and now she was giving it to you, holding her body upright to let your mouth get as much as you thought you could handle as she shimmied a little closer to not be so stretched over top of your gorgeous body beneath hers. Her knee lifted and the sudden closeness of her flesh pressed firmly between your thighs, if you could see her from behind her lips would be blushing and starting to glisten while her nipple between your lips grew taut and plumper from the teasing suction you gave her. "Ohhh...Nnn...t-that's it. Nnhaaaa!" Her head tossed back and when she found the focus to slowly lean back down her hand lifted along your side and caught hold of your outfit at the shoulder. While your mouth clenched her nipple tightly her fingers started working your tight little outfit off. Taking the frosting off her little piece of candy apple cake getting a mouthful of her breast. "Mmmn...damn girl..."

Lisa's fingers clasped even tighter around the fullness of your breast, squeezing it slightly. Her lips slid from their tight suction around the nipple to encompass even more of the fleshy mound, drawing as much of your breast as she could into her mouth. Though her attention diverted for a moment to watch the golden orb slide into her mouth, she quickly returned her gaze back to your face, wanting to watch the expression of your features as she consumed you. Gasping through her nose, her grunt muffled around your breast, she writhed beneath you, her legs falling wide at the press of your knee against her crotch. You could feel the heat emanating from her burning core, the lips engorged with blood starting to peek from around the small strap of cloth covering her pussy. The firm rubbing pressure against her core flamed her desires and she rocked beneath you even as she drew your breast from her lips and maneuvered her head to the other one. Without missing a beat, she flicked her tongue straight over the previously neglected nipple then wrapped her lips tightly around it to draw it into the warmth of her mouth.

Stacey lifted her head as your lips slipped softly from her first nipple and suddenly caught the ring of her unattended one and you sucked it right in. Her own heat rising so much that her lips dribbled slippery juices just a little down her inner thighs and she couldn't help but whimper as a quiver trembled from her lower lip pouting just from the close hold of that mouth sucking. She let out a slow shaky exhale and lifted her hand from the pillows overhead, both hands now slipping through your hair until they caressed along your shoulders. The fabric of your little sheer white outfit was gently peeled down, pausing at the very tops of your nipples to draw out the torture just like your mouth was giving her and still that knee pressed in firmly between your delicious thighs. The heat of this was growing too much to bear any longer so she suddenly plucked your top down in a fast slip of sheer cloth stroking over both of your nipples before she skinned your upper half clear of any clothing. Even with her nipple caught between your lips her hands reversed and drifted nails first up your belly, fingertips slowly grasping your own stiff buds between them and she returned the tease in kind with a little pinch and roll of just the tips of her thumbs against the very edge of your little nipples perking from her touch. Her fingers spread outward, caressing your skin slowly as nails drew over your flesh and flowed down your sides to those hips. She pushed her breasts right against your face, blocking out your beauty with her boobs as she giggled lightly and her hands gripped your outfit still hugging your hips until she pulled it off. Taking it down your legs your outfit added to the pile of clothing beside the furs and her fingers teased around your navel just a little while longer as she made sure you got all the sucking you wanted...

Lisa refused to release the hold she had on your breast, her tongue working at the bud even as her mouth sucked an pulled at the heavy peak of the orb hanging over her. With an impatient shrug, she released her grasp of your breast only long enough for her arm to slip free of the lingerie, relinquishing her claim on her prize as you stripped the white silk from her body. her hips lifted as it passed over her bottom, her legs rising, falling, dipping to work their way out of the garment so that you could casually toss it aside. Freed from the clothes, she felt wickedly naked and exposed, and those the garment was so sheer it left nothing to the imagination, the absence of the material on her skin broke the illusion and her clit twitched in excitement. Writhing at the touch of your fingers over her skin, her head falls back and she sucks in a breath, her own chest heaving. The sound is cut short by the masses of flesh pressing into her face, and she lets out a muffled "Mrfph!" followed by a giggle as she turns her head this way and that to gnaw and lick at the soft skin surrounding her view. Nipping, biting playfully, her hands reaching to take their fill as her mouth sucked and lapped greedily, she murmurs against them, "Stacey, please... You've gotten me so worked up. Please touch me..."

Stacey bit her lower lip as she heard you begging to be touched, the feel of those lips still had her nipple captive until she pulled away with a wet pop. Her hard buds stood out and the rings in her flesh dangled provocatively. "Nnnm I can't deny such a pretty request can I?" She reached out and pulled you to the side before her own body lowered back to the furs and she stretched out length ways beside your body on the rug, angling her hips just a bit she leaned in towards you laid out like a gorgeous dessert and she half crawled over your thigh to lie against it with the weight of her breasts landing firmly on your leg. Now that she had you half captive her hands slipped in, one drawing over your belly until you felt her fingertip graze lightly over your clit, the other dipping down between your thighs so she could stroke and slowly grind her fingers against those blushing pink lips. "Now I get to make you cum..." Her hand perched at your lower belly spread those lips apart, letting your clit peek out from the hood as she danced her fingertip right over that juicy looking button and rubbed it nice and smoothly up and down. But she wasn't going to let you focus at all, the instant her finger started stroking your clit her other hand twisted, two slender fingers parting your lips in a slow slide and you even felt her ring finger teasing right over your tight little asshole with her hand starting to stroke your walls with every slow push of her fingers stirring your senses. She smirked almost wickedly as she tried to overload your senses, playing with your clit and fingering that tight little pussy as she teased your ass all at the same time. Leaning onto your thigh tighter to pin you in place with her breasts moving in time with the motions of her arms making those hands play and torment your body more. "Nnnn such a lovely sight from here..."

Lisa stretched out on the rug, her lips red and swollen from sucking so forcefully on your breasts, her saliva glistening on them from the coating she'd given those beautiful orbs. Panting, her breathing growing shallower as her heart rate increased, she watched in anticipation as you laid beside her, her eyes watching your every move. Even as your hands slip between her legs, knowing what is to come, the feel of your finger grazing over her clit was like a live wire being touched to her body and she jerks with a cry, her arm clasping around your leg, gripping it almost painfully tight. Her entire body undulates and though you pin one leg to the floor, the other shifts, placing her foot beneath her to lift her ass from the ground. Her knee turns outward, spreading those lovely lips wide, and the glistening pink of her nether lips part obediently for your prying fingers. The combination of the teasing pressure on her clit and the penetration of your fingers in her dripping pussy already had her gasping for air, but nothing prepared her for that added stimulation of the pressure on her ass. She let out a cry of sheer pleasure, her fingers biting into your thigh and her hips nearly lifted you from the floor as she bucked hard against yours hands. "Argh! Fuck! Oh my god, Stacey! That's... oh shit, yes!"

Stacey reveled in the hold on her thigh as she played with that yummy pussy, she couldn't help but chew her lower lip without ever letting it go as her fingers dipped inside with a building slide pushing a little deeper each time until her knuckles met your lips splayed open for her delight. She pulled them out as her fingers danced over your clit still and nudged your thigh to make you watch, dipping her fingers inside her mouth to suckle and lap clean the honey from your hot little slit coating her digits and the sweet taste made her tongue dance like a serpents between her fingers as she pulled them away from her lips and inhaled sharply. Her hand flitted back down between your thighs, sliding those fingers back inside but this time her third finger slowly curled once the others were back inside your tight tunnel and the sudden intrusion of a slender fingertip pushed inside that twitching little pucker. Even with your arm curled around her thigh you could feel the heat emanating from between her thighs as she kept strumming your depths with her hand pulling back and sliding those fingers back inside both tight pink holes at the same time. Her skin was flushed even while she tickled your clit with her other hand, rubbing it up and down opposing the strokes of her fingers sliding back and forth to make your hips lose track on which way to even try to rise to her attentions. Her green eyes watched you closely, her face glowing with anticipation as she teased both little holes after getting a taste of you and making you take her slender fingers every way she could get them inside your tight little body. "Mmm you like that? Maybe I should make you tell me exactly what to do..."

Lisa couldn't keep still, even if she'd wanted to. Her body danced, jerked, twitched, constantly humping and grinding at your fingers. Her wails and moans filled the room, only stopping long enough for her to cry a little pout when she felt your fingers slip from between her legs, but as she lifted her head to watch you suck those fingers into your mouth, her eyes roll back with a groan. "Mmm my god!" That grip on your leg never wavered--she didn't want you moving anywhere, not that you were--but when your fingers pushed back into her and she felt that one snake into her tight little ass, she lost her shit and couldn't refrain from returning the favor any longer. With a barely perceptible twist, she angled herself between your legs, letting her hand drift down the back of your ass to slide up between your thighs. Dragging her nails along your crack and over yours glistening slit, she presses her fingers between your folds, swirling the tip of her index finger around and around your clit. Somehow, between her gasping cries, still flitting her finger over your little nub, she manages to croak out, "God yes, I love that! Please don't stop. Harder! Fuck me harder!"

Stacey went wide eyed with her green orbs staring at the ceiling the instant she felt your fingers slide between her legs, the gasp she let out echoing the room around us both and she shivered as the fire in her lower belly turned molten from your touch. Her pouty lower lip chewed by her teeth as she heeded those words and her hand started to speed up making you take those fingers as deep as they would go with every stride of her hand working quicker to storm your body with sensation. Her nipples were already hard from the sucking you gave them and now with your hand between her thighs the rings in her flesh were held from her tits by sheer virtue of her nipples so stiff they lifted the metal. "Nnnm... Mmmnn... Uuunn...oh fuck..." Was all she could get out between her moans panting hotly down between your legs and her pumping hands, giving your little clit two fingers smacking the pink little button perked from under your hood and she kept rubbing it between little slaps that made your whole body jerk in utter blissful shock. Only the quick dips of her fingers inside your tight little holes, both at one brought you back from the reeling shudder of her fingers smacking that little clit. She was throbbing and her juices leaked onto your fingers so much your palm was soon being flooded with her honey while she fucked your little pussy and tight ass with her hand at the same time. Her lips curled back showing gritted teeth as she tried to focus her breathing, squishing her fingers to the knuckles and even tilting her hand just enough every sliding stroke slid over that spot inside your tight juicy tunnel.

Lisa's every jump and stutter of her body was followed by a squeal each time your hand connected with her clit. The swollen bud was so sensitive that she even as she reveled in the sensation she swore she couldn't take another touch, yet she endured each with such rising desire, she found herself bucking her hips to greet each slap eagerly. Just as those little slaps were drawing her to the point of climax, you stop, and she lets out a frustrated "Nooo!" That cry is cut short, however, and she begins her gasping and moaning anew as your fingers thrust back into her tight little holes. "Arrghhh fuck!" Spreading her own fingers within the depths of your soaked lips, she slips two digits into your canal, twisting them as they enter so that her thumb presses firmly against your clit. With a rapid jerking motion, she wriggles them up and down inside you, banging against your walls, her thumb rubbing briskly over the sweet little clit.. "Mmm god, your pussy is so fucking tight." She lifts her head to cast a naughty glance at you "I bet Daddy loves to fight it, doesn't he?" With that, she jacks her arm faster, pumping into you as hard as you do her.

Stacey whined with a high pitched sound as your thumb stroked over her clit and those fingers trying to slide apart were met with slick resistance of her own tight pussy holding your fingers barely an inch apart but the sensations of you trying sent her hips to wriggling back and forth. She was blushing furiously hard but the mention of Z fucking her actually made her stutter and go rigid when a flood of juices coursed down your hand. She gushed so much her honey trickled past your wrist and her own fingers inside your achingly tight little hole couldn't keep momentum as she exploded all over your hand in a rush. Her big chest heaved and she shook, rocking her hips to make your fingers grind back and forth inside her fluttering walls squeezing around your digits inside her pussy now slippery and hotter than baby oil left in the sun all day. "Oh my god... LisAAAAHHHHhhhhh!" Her eyes closed tightly, riding it out until the quiver in her belly was lessened and she regained control of her hands again with a pinch to your clit as she found her gasping voice again. "Uhmnn...hnnn...Z...Z an I have...never..." She didn't know if it was embarrassment or what, maybe a turn on because with all the girls she had seen him with she never once actually had sex with him. Only Jay ever had the privileged, she stopped talking about it and got control of her hands again. Huffing softly as she blew a warm breath over your clit and rubbed it tightly with her fingers still holding your lips open and dancing her middle fingertip up and down your sweet little clit. stretching both of your holes her pumping fingers got control once more, still wiggling her hips to urge your hand tighter between her shaking thighs still quaking in the after shock of her orgasmic glee.

Lisa found herself--admittedly happily--surprised at your confession, but let it slide, though she did smirk at the blush that crept over your face. The feel of your cunt gripping her fingers almost painfully as you came had her licking her lips and she couldn't resist plucking them from your depths to taste the sweet liquid dripping from their tips. her tongue laved over the digits, then she sucked them in with an audible slurp, her lips smacking together as she drew them from her mouth. Pausing for a moment to focus intently on your fingers in her own cunt, she closes her eyes with a nip of her lip, her chest heaving, breasts rolling as her gasps came faster and faster in rapid succession. Thrusting her fingers back inside your pussy, meeting less resistance now that she had you dripping wet, she buried them up to the knuckle, twisting and turning them as she pumped them into you, her thumb banging repeatedly against your clit. Her ragged breathing turned to gasps, one after another after another until you thought for sure she'd stopped breathing...Her cream burst fourth as her orgasm was ripped from her in a sudden onslaught and she jerked so hard, you had to lean into her even more to hold her down, your fingers never relenting, still abusing her ass and pussy even as they tighten around the digits, barely allowing you to move your hand inside her. "F-f-f-u-u-u-ck!!!" Her fingers inside you stop, start, stop again as she's wracked by waves of pleasure until she finally regains control of her senses, allowing her to continue ramming you hard, her orgasm still rolling through her body like waves on an ocean.

Stacey moans as she felt that pussy tighten around her probing fingers, the flow of juices was just too much to even pass up as she crawled over your body and her lovely legs framed your head with her pink slit barely inches from your mouth and the weight of her breasts pressed right over your hips. She cocked your heel over her head to spread that delicious pussy open as her tongue split those lips and lapped wetly between them. Her fingers still stroked you right through that orgasm and did not let up as she licked and sucked your little clit with escaping slides of her tongue sliding down to pull a taste of your candy sugar onto it with a little moan coursing through her tasting tongue slithering up and down over that hot little honey pot. She pushed her pussy back to your pretty face, perching on her knees to wriggle it side to side until the first slide of her snatch graced your mouth with a rock of her body settling down to put it within tongues reach of your mouth. The mention of Z did do something but not as much as those fingers of yours had, even through your lips you could feel her inner walls writhing, clenching tightly as she rocked her pussy against your mouth, the scent of you so overpowering she couldn't help but to lick out every drop of you she could get her tongue on while her fingers slipped in and out of your clenching little holes.

Lisa, not even recovered from her orgasm, gasped with a jolt as she felt you wrap those lush lips around her clit and she wrapped her arms around your delicate, feminine frame, loving the feel of your silken skin, so warm and soft under her fingertips. Feet dancing, trying to find purchase on the rug, she managed to dig her toes in, letting her buck and sway her ass to fuck your tongue. Tilting her head back, she inhales, drawing the musky scent of you into her nose. Her lips part in a lustful sigh and, her tongue slowly drawing out as you lower yourself to her mouth, she drags it from the very tip of your slit, over the clit that peeks from between those lips, down to your heated entrance. Mashing her face between those folds, her nose pressing firmly against your clit, she thrusts her tongue outward, into your core, lapping at the juices that still trickle from you. She groans at the taste and those little vibrations travel through your pussy, the shallow breaths she exhales caressing your clit as her nose passes back and fourth over it. Never before had she tasted anything so sweet, and she wanted it all at once. Her mouth moved back up, lapping and sucking at your lips, pulling them tight with the suction of her mouth, then laving her tongue up along the your slit once more to draw your clit back into her mouth. Her tongue danced and swirled around it, much like the way she teased the head of Zuriel's cock in her mouth, and at that moment, she was saddened that there was no little slit on your clit for her to tease with her tongue.

Stacey rocked her hips back to glide her slit over that tongue teasing her senses, exhaling hotly right against your lips when that tongue dipped inside her and she tried not to arch so hard she would pull away from the feel of that tongue gliding inside her tight pink walls still aflutter from cumming minutes ago. Her tongue glided down over your slit and slowly parted your lips with it spreading you open as it slipped inside to taste that sweet flavor coating her tongue. without you able to see it a devious glimmer crossed her eyes and she suddenly lifted from your body and turned, dropping herself between your thighs as he tongue stretched out and flicked over your clit before she spoke. "All this mention of someone gives me an idea..." She turned just enough to reach under the pillows and the sight of what she pulled out might have been less shocking if you didn't know her this well already. The flesh colored strap on was pulled from hiding and she slipped it beside your hip to lay there while she slipped back in and lapped her tongue up and down over that clit. Peeking at you from over your belly, "I know Daddy's been mentioned a little already, so I'll have a little more fun and let him find you all blushing." Making her intent clear with the toy resting against your hip she swirled her tongue in a tightening circle over that hot little button, watching your face with a grin etched on her lips even as she suckled and pulled that clit inside her mouth and the sudden slide of her finger dipping inside that tight hold came to your senses again.

Lisa lets out a small "Oh!" as you flip around, her eyes landing on the toy you seemed to have produced like magic. Laughing nervously, she realized you'd had this planned far more in advance than she'd first though and the idea made her pussy twitch yet again. Your tongue lapping at her wet folds like a kitten at milk had her writhing again like she was your little bitch in heat, her fingers grasping at your hair, taking a handhold to keep you between her legs. Chewing on her lip, her green eyes cast down to watch you between her legs, she hangs on your every word, but as soon as you mention Daddy, she gasps and goes rigid, her conditioned body trembling with a tiny orgasm at the though of him. That little climax dragged on and on under the ministrations of your tongue until she couldn't stand waiting any more. Begging you between her gasps, she cries out, "Oh...fuck... Stacey! Please fuck me... give me your cock. I want it inside me...now!"

Stacey smiled as she watched the reaction of your little body going rigid at the mention of him and she knew, she sighed with a little sadness knowing it wasn't her you liked a ton but she would milk this little time she had for all it was worth as she slid up to her knees and let you watch. She slipped her feet into the harness and made sure it was good and tight before she took the fake cock and slipped it into place. Licking her lips as she gripped it and playfully stroked her hand up and down the thick length, letting you see exactly what she was about to use on that little pussy. "Mmm, now you can dream of Daddy while I make you cum one more time baby doll." With her hands leading up your legs she threw them up and locked them with her arms, wriggling her hips until she heard the slick press of that fake cock tip slide against your pussy and with a push she inched it inside. A little bigger than Daddy was she leaned into your body, her breasts starting to bounce as she wormed her hips around and fit most of that rubbery girth inside your wet hole until she started pumping her hips. Biting her lower lip she grinned and looked down at you almost like she was trying to memorize every little thing she could just in case this was her last time with such a delicious little girl..."Mmm is this what you wanted?"

Lisa nipped her bottom lip, watching you stroking the thick rubber cock at your pelvis, her eyes going somewhat wide at the size of it. Thankful she was already so wet, she braced her arms against the floor as you lifted her legs over your shoulders, her head tilted so that she could watch the length of it slip past those slick lips. As the head entered her, she hissed in a breath of air, the girth wider than your fingers that had so recently spread her open, and though she tried to watch you guide it into her little snatch, the feel of it spreading her open wider was more than she could bare and her head fall back with a cry of pure pleasure. Needing something to hold onto, her fingers found your wrists, clasping onto them for purchase. She closed her eyes and did as you instructed, images of Daddy hovering over her with his cock buried deep inside her cunt filling her mind. She cried out, back arching so that her ass lifted form the floor to meet every deep thrust. But then she mentally kicked herself--this isn't Daddy, this was you and she wanted to remember this time with you--so she opened her eyes to take in your face, her hands reaching out to frame it as she watched the look in your eyes. God, it was so erotic, to have that beautiful face above her, your body rocking, breasts swaying against hers even as her cunt was filled with that cock. She mewled in her throat, feeling the length of the strap on banging against her walls, and that little sound in her throat built in volume until she felt her orgasm contract into a tight knot in her gut and explode from within. Her legs pressed down on your shoulders, lifting her straight up against you, pushing the length of the cock deeper inside her, splitting her wide. "Fuck yes, that's what I wanted! Oh god, Stacey, I wanted it so bad! Mmmm fuck..." Her little body pumped, taking it deep as she gripped her arms around your neck, pulling your body down on top of her, riding that sweet climax out, her cum spilling out over that cock to trickle down her ass.

Stacey grinned devilishly as she felt you just let go with another orgasm so suddenly, narrowing her slender brows before her arms unlocked those legs and she let your stocking clad feet fall against her ass with a hard pull of her hips. "Hmm, I think you need one more then my little candy girl." She planted her hands to the furs under our bodies and the slow pull made you realize with your legs unlocked from her hold it gave her better leverage to really pound that tight little pussy. She turned her eyes down to yours with a hungry glimmer in her green orbs and her hips drove in hard, making you take every inch of that fake dick so deeply even Daddy never hit you so far inside! Maybe she let her little sadistic streak creep in, pumping her hips to fuck you right through that cum drizzling release for one more. Biting her bottom lip harder as the latex of the strap on harness crept between her thighs and every hard stroke rubbed her naked wet slit with a squeak of the rubber she wore. Intentionally watching your cute face as she started fucking that hot little tunnel with such a big thick toy. "Don;t worry, I'm sure Daddy will let it shrink back down a little before he cums inside you again." Her whole body rocked, her harnessed hips started smacking loudly against your raised ass while she fed that snatch every inch of that rubber toy until faux balls slapped against your tight little pink ass, sending drops of your juices flying to spatter her skin and the rug beneath us humping on top of it. The metal rings in her taut nipples started to sway with the rhythmic bounce of her tits wobbling in front of your eyes, the simple weight of her clapping against your ass with building momentum taking that sexy cunt for another ride just to hear you squeal.

Holy shit, the dirty talk alone was enough to push her right over the edge, but she had barely come down from her last orgasm and didn't want this to end, she was enjoying it too much. Biting her lip hard, sinking her fingers into your shoulders as she grabbed a hold of them, she fought the gripping desire to cum again. as you shifted her around, her legs fell back to the floor, but the moment you started your momentum, she couldn't resist wrapping her legs around your ass, pushing her stocking-clad heels into the fleshy mounds to encourage you to go harder, faster, deeper, abusing her tiny little cunt so that her cum covered everything between you. The wet sounds of the cock slushing inside her rang in her ears and she looked down between your bodies to watch it disappear over and over between her spread legs. The sight was more than she could take and she pulled you down to her, kissing you deeply, her teeth tugging at the lip ring before she slid her tongue back into your mouth just as she let loose a wail louder than any other she'd made that night. Her walls clamped down hard around that thrusting cock, and though you couldn't feel it, you suddenly found it harder to push into her as her entrance shrank in the throes of her orgasm. "Nnnggghh fucking shit! My god my god! Stacey!"

Stacey made sure to take the cue from those legs pulling her in to stay nice and deep inside that pussy as she met your lips in a hungry kiss, pouting a little that it was over so fast but reveling in the fact she made you cum so hard so quickly. Her lips however were not done as she kissed you, dancing her tongue with yours in a lurid slither that shared the flavor of us both on our tongues still lingering until she pulled away to catch her breath. Still holding that fake cock inside your hot little snatch to the hilt her hands drifted down your body as she settled back to her knees and hitched her hips to tug that toy out with a wet squelch of your walls still clutching at it so firmly. She unclipped the harness and lifted it to her lips, letting you watch her suck it clean of your yummy juices, curling her tongue to get every drop with a wet smack of her lips leaving the strap on with just her saliva coating the thick toy in her hand. "I think the third time is the charm...heh." She rose from the rug and helped you up if you wanted. "I'm gonna go catch a shower..." She bit her lower lip and turned a glance back down to you still sitting there. "Maybe tell Z sometime...that you at least had fun." With that she left you lying there, heading back to the throne room to catch a nap after getting cleaned up.

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