A Romantic Night Out


Zuriel decided to take Vixxen out to a winter ball for a romantic night. For the first time since they'd come together, they got dressed up for a special occasion to enjoy dancing and mingling and meeting new people. But they didn't stay long; their desire grew as they held each other close, and soon had to return home to strip one another of their fancy clothes in order to share their love much more intimately.

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A Romantic Night Out

At the winter ball...

At home...
Zuriel grinned and slid his hands down your sides before leaning in to nibble your ear from behind. "Mmhmm, I know you love it."

Vixxen drew in a soft gasp and smiled brightly, shivering from the soft touch of your lips on her ear. "I love when you do that, as well."

Zuriel smirked and suckled your earlobe, letting his fingers curl against the fabric of your dress before one hand drifted around to your belly, dropping lightly ever downward. "Heh, well there is the matter of what you got on under this dress, you know."

Vixxen's smile turns a little wicked as she leaned back against you, feeling your hands drifting over the soft material of her dress. "Oh, you mean...nothing?"

Zuriel smirked and laced his fingers with yours, stepping away from the water's edge towards the cabin. "Hmm, well let me see in the comforts of our cozy home, shall we?"

Vixxen took your hand and followed you inside, smiling and noting again just how amazingly handsome you looked tonight.

Zuriel smiled and crawled up on the bed, pulling you after him to relax and lay down with his beautiful baby. "Hnn... Now I think we were debating what you were wearing under this." Gripping your dress in a tug, he settled down to relax a moment.

Vixxen slipped onto the bed, settling in beside you, the taffeta of her dress rustling as she slipped in right into your arm. Snuggling in against you, she turned and looked into your eyes and teased, "Oh, there's nothing under there aside from my nylons. I wanted you to have easy access just in case you couldn't control yourself at the dance.' She grinned and placed her hand on your cheek, drawing you to her for a soft, lingering kiss.

Zuriel could not contain his smile, even being kissed hearing your lovely naughty self explain why you wore nothing under such a lovely outfit. His lips still smiled even as he returned the kiss and deepened it with a slither of his tongue gliding between your lips in a tangle of flesh writhing together. Purring into your mouth as he kissed you back, tasting the woman he loved with every slip and slide of his tongue caressing yours, he said, "Naughty minx...just the way I like you."

Vixxen slid down the bed with you, snuggling right into your side, slipping one knee over your thigh. Looking straight into your eyes, she smiled, her own eyes raiding her adoration for you. "God, I just could not love you more. I don't know how you did it, but you have completely and utterly stolen my heart for all time and I wouldn't have it any other way. You are the most amazing person I have ever known. You make me feel more special than anyone ever has before you and I cannot thank you enough for loving me back." Her eyes glistened with the tears that welled in them though she was still smiling, and she leaned down to gently place her lips against yours, starting with a soft, slow, delicate kiss that quickly became hungry, urgent, as though she feared you would simply disappear before she was able to get enough of you, yet she would never get enough.

Zuriel bit his own lip when he saw your eyes glistening, almost like he wasn't going to press his desires any further seeing you like that. Sometimes tears were okay--like when you were gagging on his cock--but when you kissed him deeper and more passionately, he melted and lifted a hand against your ass to pull you to his side more firmly. Dancing his tongue with yours, he nipped your lower lip with teeth catching your lip ring in a teasing pull that slipped from the grasp of his fangs before any damage happened. He reached up and loosened his tie, unbuttoning a button or two from his shirt while he kept you right there against him. "I think it was our time. I never noticed you before because my mind was elsewhere, but now it sees nothing and no one but you...like my heart."

Vixxen sighed a soft groan with her lip trapped between your teeth, the feel of those fangs stirring her arousal fully awake. Though she listened to your words, she also noted you fiddling with your tie. Taking your hand in hers, she placed it back under your head and traced her fingers over the silken material, drawing the knot free and slipping it from around your neck. Vixxen took the length of silk and placed it between her teeth, drawing the material through her lips until it fell free. Dropping it to the side of the bed, she unbuttoned your jacket, slipping her hand inside to caress you through your vest, moving upwards to your chest again working each of those buttons free as well. "I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason when its supposed to happen. We met when we were supposed to, fell in love when it was time. I don't regret the years between our first meeting and our reacquainting. It gave us both time to grow and learn to appreciate what we've found in each other. And I do appreciate you. So very, very much."

Zuriel lifted a brow at you putting his hand back behind his head but the sentiment was not lost on him with your teeth catching his tie. He grinned wide, watching as you tugged it free, and the sight made him chew his lip again just thinking about those soft lips and wicked teeth helping undress him. You wore something much easier for him to take off, so he didn't move much to get your dress down. In fact, he simply just gripped your butt in one big hand, squeezing while he listened to you telling him more about why we met when we did. "Mmm I have to agree. And darlin' you're not the only one who appreciates his love, because every little thing you do for me amazes and excites me. I can't even begin to express how truly lucky I am to have found you again. And all because we both knew Chyna...hehe." He rose just a little, slipping his jacket free from his shoulders to slide his arms out and relaxed back down against the bed with the vision of you right beside him still.

Vixxen chuckled softly as she leaned her head in closer to your chest, "Chyna, the matchmaker. She's so proud of herself." Using her hand on your ribs to support herself, she gripped the first button of your vest in her teeth, pulling it free with a tug and a pop of threads. Vixxen turned her head and spat it across the room with a naughty grin on her lips, then moved in to grasp the next, biting it free as well. She worked her way down, tugging each button free until your vest slipped open and she'd lobbed the last button across the floor with the thrust of her tongue, freeing it from her lips. "I know a tailor. We'll get them fixed later." Her hand slipped down from your ribs to tease over your cock beneath your pants, feeling you already stirring and growing firmer. Leaning in to kiss you, her hand squeezed and rubbed over your length, her tongue slipping into your mouth to tangle with your own.

Zuriel was literally beside himself watching you bite, pop, and spit out his buttons. He almost asked what had gotten into you, but he already knew because he was feeling it as well. And he wasn't about to ruin the spell of his woman getting frisky in her own way, especially when he felt your hand slide down to grope and press around him through his smooth slacks. The length grew tight in your fingers through the fabric of his clothing and that brought him to chew his lower lip again while he chuckled at you telling him we could fix his tux later. "After all the clothes I have just ripped off you...I doubt this will be much of a bother to fix." He just laid back fully then. It seemed that without him even having to help much, his beautiful darlin' was gonna get him naked with nothing but her own wiles guiding those lips and hands to roam his body and make buttons fall away. His eyes went up looking into yours with a grin spreading on his lips.

Vixxen let her hand slide up from your pants over your chest, drawing those red nails to dance and pop over each little button on your shirt until she reached your neck, tracing them gently over your skin and along your jaw line up to your lips. The flat of her finger traced over the soft skin as though she was trying to memorize the feel while watching her own movements just to memorize the look of their beauty. Her hand moved to cup your cheek and she kissed you once more. Then, without breaking that kiss, her hand dropped to your shirt to slip each button free of its hole, her lips mashing against yours, nipping them, sucking them into her mouth, kissing you with all the love she felt for you. Breaking the kiss and tugging your shirt free from your pants, she pushed it open, baring your chest to her, helping you slip your arms free. As you rose slightly, she slipped it out from under you and dropped it to the floor. Vixxen leaned down once more and pressed her velvety soft lips to your chest, leaving a trail of heat in their wake from your breast bone to your belly button. Her hand teased at your cock once more, with her lips dancing precariously close to your confined cock and she turned her eyes up to peek at you from behind her long lashes.

Zuriel inhaled as he kissed your lips in earnest, doing his best to keep up with the wild streak coming out of his woman like that very first night back at Joe's bar. He would never have believed that some day he would have you in his bed doing almost the same to him in his own home as you had that day you'd first met. He looked down into your eyes, watching as each button fell open, the cloth moving from his body until you helped him pull it free leaving him half naked to your eyes getting a look of him up close. But when your lips started kissing from his chest all the way down, his smile spread again, seeing those lovely lashes staring up at him, and the invitation was a little too much. He sat up and peeled the zipper of your dress down, getting it loose before fingers curled and slowly slipped it free of your sexy body, blushing from the contact and  turning very steamy. Licking his lips as your dress slipped passed your heels, he dropped it to the floor before settling back on the bed breathing a little deeper. "Someones enjoying herself more than she's saying...hehe."

Vixxen nipped her lip as she felt your hand slipping her zipper down, wriggling her body as you slipped her dress over her curves to expose the milky naked flesh underneath. She shrugged a little. "I always enjoy myself with you, but sometimes I like to be the aggressive one. That's not always an easy thing to do with you, Mr. Bedlam, so I take advantage of it when I have you at a bit of a disadvantage. And with you lying underneath me, I seem to have the upper hand for the moment." Her nylon-clad leg slid over yours and she drew her knee up and back down again just to feel the strength of your thigh under her own, then she turned her attention back to your dress pants. Vixxen's delicate little fingers deftly slipped the leather belt free of its buckle and she tugged it to lay open on your hips. Slipping further down your body, she kissed your belly again and then moved her lips to the button on your pants. Her mouth hovered just over it--the intent fully clear--though she spoke first. "I do believe I owe you for a few other pieces of ruined clothing..." Her mouth disappeared from your view, but her blue eyes stayed locked on yours and she gripped the button on your pants between her pearly whites. Another firm tug ripped it free, as well, and she lifted her head, turning to the side though she never broke her stare with you, spitting it out somewhere onto the floor with the other buttons. Ensuring you were still watching her, she sank down once more, catching the zipper in her teeth, drawing it down until it pulled free of her grasp, then she simply nuzzled her mouth into your pants, brushing her lips over your cock, caressing her breath around it, though not yet drawing it into the warm, wet cavern.

Zuriel wasn't about to admit he was loving this--especially as that nylon-clad leg drifted over his lap--no matter what he'd said in the past. Sometimes being at a disadvantage had its advantages. He bit his lower lip, not saying how much he loved his woman doing that--there was something so sexy about using your leg to almost clasp his clothed cock as it was straining to get free of his slacks. You just looked so damn edible in nothing but nylons and heels that he was about to go postal to get you. But you cut him short with your body drawing down his, even sliding onto him a little to keep watching his face when you lowered your mouth to the button of his clothing. He could have cared less about his clothes; all that mattered right now was his gorgeous woman biting off his button, sending it flying away to clatter along the floor. He didn't move as you opened his pants, but he rumbled lightly as he saw you grip his zipper in your teeth, and after it was pulled down, heat and his masculine scent greeted your senses. When your lips teased over his barely-clothed shaft, feeling you breathe on it, his hand trembled and slipped down to slide his fingers into your hair. "Nnn damn, baby..."

Vixxen hooked her fingers into the hem of your pants, inching them down over your hips and as you lifted to aid her, drawing them past your butt and down your legs. With some difficulty she slid them over your shoes, but while down there, she slipped each of them free as well, stopping to massage first one foot then the other for a few moments. The socks followed soon after, the clothes all being tossed into a pile on the floor as if she couldn't care less how they looked off of you now that she had you naked and at her disposal. "I must say, I've never seen you look quite so ravishing tonight, but you look even better with nothing on at all..." With you fully disrobed, she slipped her leg over yours again, letting you feel the silky soft nylon caressing your skin. Her knee rose until she reached your naked cock this time, gently drawing the nylon over your shaft, feeling it twitch and jump under her thigh as she leaned in to kiss you once more. Her tongue slid inside, not tentatively this time but aggressively, hungrily, and she whimpered into your mouth, her need rising by degrees with every piece of clothing that you'd lost. Murmuring against you lips, she purred, "I need you, Zuriel. I'm so hungry for you. For your love. For your touch."

Zuriel could have gone to sleep he was so relaxed with you rubbing his feet after helping you get his pants free from his body. He laid back watching you move over him, especially when you slipped back up alongside his body and found an expert use for your leg, teasing his newly-naked cock that was now standing from the attention of your nylons gliding along his flesh. He honestly could place why he loved when your leg shifted, curled, and bent over his dick to trap it behind your nylon clad knee back to the very first sexual encounter he'd ever had. With you caressing him like that he was almost like a high school kid all over again, not daring to move or the spell might break. The press of those hungry lips brought him right out of his reverie though, especially when your tongue danced inside his mouth, and breathless moans passed over your lips purring against his own. He needed you, as well, but trapped in the crook of your leg, it was obvious he really enjoyed that kind of caress. He even rocked his hips just a little to slide his swelling length against your nylons a bit more firmly. But those words... They sparked him with a glimmer shining in his silvered eyes before he lifted from the bed and spread your thighs wide with his hands under your knees. "Time to fill that hunger, my love..."

Vixxen was thoroughly enjoying teasing you with her leg, especially feeling your shaft growing harder against the back of her knee, but when you flipped her over and spread her legs open wide for you to crawl between, her heart leaped in her chest and she wrapped her arms around your shoulders to pull you right down on top of her. Nylon-clad legs slipped around your own, trapping them in the grip of her thighs and she lifted her hips to draw the heat of her slit along the length of your cock until the head dragged over her clit, drawing a heated moan from her lips. Vixxen's nails clawed at your shoulders and she arched beneath you, pressing her pussy so hard against your cock that her slick lips parted around it, caressing it in her folds and coating it with her honey. "God, yes, Zuriel. Take me, please. Slide your cock inside me and fill me. Give me what only you can. I need you so bad I can't stand it anymore." The heels of her shoes dug into your thighs as she pulled her legs against you, as though she could force you into her by the strength of her legs, alone. "Please..."

Zuriel fell atop his gorgeous woman, hearing you nearly begging him--no, hearing you say 'please'--was all he could stand, and his chest dropped and mashed your tits against his masculine frame. A hiss escaped his lips feeling you writhe beneath him, and feeling you slide your slit along the underside of his cock like that made him fucking throb so much that it almost hurt, but in such a good way. You were already slippery, wet, and gooey, and he had hardly done anything except let you undress him. By the time he was on top of your body he was biting your neck, teeth pressing against your skin without breaking the pale flesh because he was aching for badly you. With a sudden gasp he lifted his hips just right and the tip slid past your lips, guiding it in all the way with his body weight dropping over yours so that the breadth of his hips sent your legs wide, leaving those heels to perch precariously on the backs of his thighs. He could do this for eternity--just pull out and enter you again and again for all time--but the desire to hear you moan was too strong to ignore. His hips lifted and pumped one time, again pulling back and stretching your walls around that pulsing girth, driving in deeper with a building tempo rocking his cock back and forth from your honey soaked folds. "Oh, gods..."

Vixxen felt like she'd been without you forever, though it had only been days, and just your proximity, the act of undressing you, of teasing you, of your naked body next to her had her going crazy already. She couldn't recall the last time she needed you quite so badly. Maybe it was the time you'd been physically apart. Maybe it was just the incredibly romantic night that lead to this point, but she couldn't take another moment without you being inside of her or being so intimately connected with you that you were like two beings that had become one. When she finally felt you slip inside of her, it was utter bliss, and she felt like she was floating, like she had liquid bliss coursing through her veins. Her hands on your shoulders gripped you tighter, holding onto you to keep herself pressed as tightly to your body as she could physically be, as though she wanted to meld with you. Though her feet slipped, she kept her heels perched on your thighs in a tight grip, clinging to you in every way possible. Feeling you stretching her open to fit around you perfectly, your cock just held inside her as though you might stay there like that forever was almost more erotic than if you'd been driving it into with your normal ferocity. She started panting, exhilarated by the insanely slow and deliberate withdraw of your shaft, her body almost melting into the bed with the heat you flamed inside of her. "Zuriel..." The words were whispered as though she were afraid to break the spell by speaking, but she couldn't help herself. She had to name the magic of this spell that held her trapped in bliss. The drop of your hips brought a groan from her lips and her fingers raked over your shoulders once more, dragging red lines over your flesh in her urgent need. Already your shaft was slipping so easily within her that it was a wonder she could possibly be this wet, but you drove her so crazy that her juices just flowed from her in abundance. The press of your face to her neck had her head turning just enough that your lips caressed her skin and she felt you biting at her flesh delicately, but the action alone made her moan again and her stomach tumbled wildly, her pussy fluttering around that shaft with tight little grips. "Mmmm more... I need more."

Zuriel didn't miss a single breath from his woman panting his name. The feel of nails raking down his shoulders to leave bright lines in his skin with just enough pain made his hips hitch harder. The deeper drive of that length forced your legs high around his hips when he rose and started pumping your tight slit. The entire length of his cock strummed your depths in juicy sloshes of wet sounds pouring from between your thighs as they were pumped apart. The night had been romantic, yes, but now it was too hot to ignore any longer. He wanted to tell you how all night he would have fucked you right there in the middle of the winter ball, but all he could think about now was your pussy sucking at his shaft each time he bucked back so he could drive it in a little harder. He pushed up to his knees as his spine bent and his lips clasped over the pulse of your heart thrumming in your neck before the scrape of pointed fangs brushed your pale honeysuckle skin, then his tongue laved over the pointed marks left by barely contained fangs seeking something deeper than a nibble. The feel of warm balls slapping your ass started to sound over our groans and purrs of delight, and just because he loved the way you whined, he held back until he heard a gasp escape your lips. Two neat fangs pushed through your flesh, but this was not a hunger that would drain you--no, he only bit your neck deep enough for lazy pumps of your sanguine essence to bubble and flow over his tongue. He could drink a small girl dry in seconds, but his baby was all curvy and sexy. He took his time with the first gulp flowing down his throat, and a second mouthful sent your senses reeling until your brain grew lighter and swam. He swallowed again and all the while his hips kept rolling, pumping tightly to slide his cock deep inside your pussy, then his tongue lapped softly over the marks in your flesh to stave off the blood flow. He lifted his head and kissed you then, staining your lips red with your own blood, letting it trickle in your mouth to coat your tongue as he kissed and sucked at yours inside his mouth, sharing the delightful flavor of your very being. Slowly he lifted his mouth, and the red clinging to the tip of his tongue dribbled to your lips, dotting your chin before he growled and suddenly grabbed your legs to shove them higher. "More..! RRrrrRrrrrr..."

Vixxen's hands fell from your shoulders with her knees pressing against her arms. Those beautiful spiked heels bounced in the air in time with the rhythm of yours thrusts and every bounce was accentuated by a gasp or a whimper from her lips. The slick folds of her pussy enveloped your cock, clinging to it like a second skin, drawing you back in each time you withdrew, surrounding your shaft with liquid heat inside of her. The rough bristle of whiskers against her cheek as you moved against her neck only just proceeded the sinking pierce of fangs in her flesh. Her breath hitched in her throat and her lips hung agape in stunned surprise at the feel of you drawing her essence straight from her veins. Though it was the most erotic sensation, it was one she'd not quite grown used to yet, and it still surprised her as much as it turned her on. She felt each pull, heard each swallow, and her head swam not only from the loss of blood, but also from the deliciously drunk feeling she always got at the thought of you feeding from her. And through it all your hips pumped, never missing a beat, that thick cock pulsing inside of her like a living thing, reaching to the very depths of her core to complete the connection of your intimacy. As you drew back from her neck to kiss her, she looked into your eyes and all that was there was unfathomable love. Your lips pressed to hers and she received you, unflinching, welcoming your offering, tasting herself on your tongue. Vixxen groaned not in disgust, but in absolute pleasure, and she sucked at your tongue in her mouth until you pulled back. Her crimson-stained lips parted and she whispered, "God, I love you." That wicked growl rumbled from your throat and chest and she closed her eyes, her hands clasping your neck, body rocking with the weight of your thrusts as her pussy sloshed around your cock, her moans growing more rapid with each stroke.

Zuriel always seemed so energized after taking your blood and tonight was no exception. Heavy arms locked under your thighs as he leaned in to claim that body for his own and hearing your words only confirmed what he already felt. "I love you..." The nearly human creature you fell in love with was finally above you with those nylon-clad legs and heels held high from the lock of his arms. He was opening that cunt so much that his cock slushed and squished through your tight walls hugging him so vibrantly that he was already starting to shake. The growl rumbling from his chest poured over your face as he started pumping his hips to a more frantic rhythm, and you could feel his heavy balls smacking your spread ass, the smooth sac sliding between your cheeks and popping right over that tight little hole beneath your pussy. Here you were, being fucked after a romantic evening by the man-beast growling over you with the deepening shoves of his cock growing hotter as he started slamming that hole with his entire weight clapping hard against your bare flesh blushing from the heat of it all. Maybe it was the days without any intimacy that drove him onward, but he knew better; nothing in this world was hotter than having his woman spread-legged telling him that she loved him while he bucked that cunt full of his dick, sluicing through wet, juicy lips to stuff that hot little hold harder with the rising swell of meat growing thicker in your pussy. His teeth clenched tighter, grunting as the force of his thrusts rose until he was chasing you between strokes across the bed until your pretty hair lodged against the pillows preventing his thrusts from shoving you through the head board. "Ahhh...Vixx. Fuck!"

Vixxen saw the luminescent glow in your eyes, and if your feeding from her wasn't enough to tell her just how precarious a hold you had on yourself, that glow told her even more so. But the growling rumble that vibrated through her chest from your own pressing into her confirmed it. And still she did not fear you. No, she cherished you for everything that you were and loved you all the more for it. She was spinning on the edge like a top skating along a high wire and the savage slams of your hips against her spread thighs, your pelvis beating in hers like you were trying to fuck her right through the bed, was about to topple her right off that wire. Her thick, lush ass was spread wide with her legs pried open in your arms, and the smack of heavy balls against her asshole was just adding to the stimulation. It was driving her wild and she couldn't hold back any longer. Using her legs over your shoulders, she forced her hips upwards to meet every driving thrust you brought, banging against you as hard as you were pounding into her. Her cries came so quickly they almost seemed to overlap one another, each cry followed by a gasp that was trailed by another sweet cry until she stammered out, "Oh! Oh! Zuriel! I'm going to cum. Ohhh fuck I'm cumming! Don't stop. Please...don't...stop! Arrgghhh!! Fuuuuckkkk!" Vixxen's sloshing wet cunt suddenly gripped your cock inside of her, the muscles clenching and tensing fiercely as her cum gushed over the head and around your shaft. Her whole body tensed and arched under you until she shook with the violent tremors that seized her. "Ahhhhh god! Z!" Her hands clasped your arms and she gaped again as another orgasm slammed through her, your hips slamming into her throughout her climax.

Zuriel could not keep those legs locked any longer. He lifted on his hands and his hips dropped with his knees holding him upright just enough. The freedom of motion allowed him to start pounding that pussy with the ferocity of a man possessed, wanting nothing else than to cum in your cunt as it juiced around his swollen shaft that was throbbing so much this time it was fucking hurting. He ground his teeth together through the pain of it all, snarling as heels caught his ass with your legs pumping on pure impulse through that orgasm he rocked you with. And still that dick stuffed your juicy pussy as deep as it could fucking go. His eyes met yours in a shining glow of silver that stayed glimmering in his eyes as he tore his gaze from your face to watch your boobs flopping in circles from the wild impact rattling your limbs. The rabid thrusts bounced your tits in time with his primal need rushing inside your cunt with every drilling shove he hammered into you. The mattress buckled under the constant assault that growing with intensity as he fucked your snatch. Feeling your feet behind his thighs in those heel,s with your toes lifting every time he slammed it in roughly, just sent him further down the path of desire, and he rocked your cunt until the juices frothed and dribbled into a pooling stain on the mattress. His cock was drooling it was so fucking swollen--a mixture of pain and joy at being that fucking hot--and he was panting like a steam bellows with his breath rushing over your face. Without stopping, without missing a beat, he fucked that slit with everything he had, even gasping as he forced his eyes open and stared down at you with glowing silver eyes to watch your face. A small trickle of red on his bottom lip from feeding on you wobbled from the force of those thrusts bucking inside you feverish and deep and the dribble of crimson spattered your cheek when he spoke, huffing through his words. "Cum! Cum with me dammitrightfuckingnowVixxen!" Words flew together with the first squirt leaving a trail of molten male flooding your pussy. Thick ropes of cum sprayed your insides with heat gluing to your walls and pooling with his pumping dick, still erupting inside his mate, lover, confidant, conspirator all rolled into one. "OHhhhh FU-HUUCKAHHHhhhhh!" Gritting his teeth, he pumped his hips in irregular movements--shallow, deep, to the side. He was everywhere all at once in the middle of fulfilling his lusts with his cum dribbling from the head of his cock buried in your pink slippery cunt.

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