Wrong Street

The beautiful, rich, Barbie princess, Kyleasa, mistakenly stumbles out a bar's back door and onto the wrong street only to be raped by three vile strangers.

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   Wrong Street

Kyleasa stepped through the rusty door of the bar and slammed it with a scowl on her face. Wrinkling her cute little nose in disgust, she looked at the door as though it lead to a third world country. "Ugh! Vile place. I'm going to have a word with that woman at the salon that referred me here. She said it was the hottest new place in town! Up-scale, my ass..." As she was bitching to herself, believing she was alone,
she started walking to where she thought the parking garage was, but once she'd stopped complaining long enough to look at her surroundings Kyleasa realized she was not on the main road. Seeing the dirt and debris and trash scattered everywhere, she grimaced, exclaiming, "Yuck! Where the hell am I? This isn't... Damn! I went out the back door." She'd hoped to quickly exit the nasty alleyway and headed towards what she thought would take her to the main road or at least a side street, but as she approached the end of the alley she found it blocked by a fence. And there lingering in the dark shadows were three strange and very dirty men. She stopped short hoping they'd not noticed her and started taking a quiet step backwards.

Zuriel hardly even looked up from staring into the crackling fire. The three of them seemed eerily quiet and drunk in some fashion or another. But he did hear the sound of a woman's voice. Lifting a dirty brow, he turned his head and saw the stunning blonde in what was definitely not her territory. She looked so highbrow, so uptown, that even getting out of her car in this part of the city was crazy, and yet there she was all dolled up and wide-eyed like a deer in headlights when she realized her mistake...especially walking out here alone.

Nick, on the other hand, snapped his head towards the female immediately, his blue eyes wide and piercing as he hopped like some mad monkey out along the edge of the alleyway around the blonde uppity bitch. The smile on his face lit up with an insane glint in his eyes as he said, "Oh, lookie here! Lady lost in the dregs of the city?" He didn't cut off her escape, but he did get closer for a running sprint if need be to tackle the girl. A lithe wet tongue licked at his lips while fingers clenched restlessly like he was looking at dessert behind glass.

Jaidyn sighed as he let loose a hot stream of urine between the trash cans. Hearing Nickie getting all riled, he turned his head and followed what the crack head was looking at: the blonde Hollywood bimbo right in the dankest of alleys who just happened to blunder right into the lions' den. He shook his hanging cock dry and turned, nodding at Nickie with a snap of his fingers. "Bring her here, kid..."

Kyleasa had hoped to back away unnoticed since they'd all seemed to be lost in their own world at first, but her bitching and muttering when she'd thought she was alone had drawn their attention one by one. The upper class blonde was used to getting her own way--she'd been spoiled rotten all her life--but she was no fool, either. She watched the blonde guy moving uncomfortably closer from the corner of her shaded eyes and there was no doubt he was on something. Kyleasa's eyes flashed to the man at her left--the one urinating on the trash cans (she scrunched her face up in even more disgust) as he spoke to the jittery blonde man. Bring her here?? The rich bitch princess took a startled step back--her heel scraping over the asphalt--and she put one hand up in a gesture of warning. "Don't you touch me, you greasy, filthy pigs! Do you know who I am? How dare you even think of touching me!" With that she turned on her heel to stalk back to the bar and the safety of numbers.

Nick let loose a cackle like a hyena and came running at the woman, both hands pumping out to pitch her into a crumpled heap into the very wall of the building behind her. Nickie snatched away her purse and threw it over to the man still at the crackling barrel fire. Nickie hooked his arms under the blonde's and just picked her up, dragging her heels along the hard asphalt all the way over to the man hanging by the stinking garbage cans that were buzzing with flies. "Here she is, boss man. Give Nickie a taste for good work?"

Jaidyn reached out and grabbed the rich bitch by her chin, flipping Nickie a small baggy that held the boy's goodies for a taste. Jay pulled her in and pushed the blonde whore to her knees, slapping her pretty face so that he had her rapt attention as he leered into her eyes. "Do what we want and you just might live through this..." He intentionally rubbed his still-exposed cock across the girl's cheek, holding her down by her face to keep her pretty little body on those knees as he spoke. "You walked into the wrong alley, rich whore. Now you gotta pay the toll to leave."

Zuriel caught the purse and opened it, tossing out anything that he didn't need. The blonde could only watch as he pulled out her cash and credit cards and stuffed them into his pockets. Once he was done pilfering her valuables, he simply tossed the bag and all the rest of her belongings into the fire that was burning right in front of him. Figuring he might as well join his friends and see what this blonde bitch had to offer, he strolled closer to have a peek, watching Jay manhandle the pretty little bitch with his cock flopping against her cheek. "Save me some," he said "I wanna hear this slut scream. The bar's closing soon so we can be as loud as we want." He stepped up near Nickie to see what Jay intended to do with the poor little rich girl who had unwittingly gone to the wrong side of town.

Kyleasa jumped when Nick came up behind her, turning to swat him with her pink Coach purse, but the stinking boy grabbed it from her hand after the first strike. "Let go of me, you mongrel! I... Hey! Give that back!" The pink leather bag went sailing down the alley and the big guy at the end grabbed it, dumping the contents all over the ground. He pilfered her valuables and tossed the rest in the trash. 'Dumb asshole doesn't even realize the purse, alone, was worth more than what he makes in a month,' she thought to herself. The greasy blonde--Nick, she'd heard the other guy call him--grabbed her arms roughly and dragged her kicking and screaming to the slimeball at the garbage cans.
He'd finished peeing, at least, but--her eyes bugged at the sight--his enormous cock was still hanging out. The Pisser, as she'd dubbed him, grabbed her blonde locks and shoved her to her knees. Ky winced as she yelled, flailing her arms in a meek attempt to beat at his thighs. "Stop it, you caveman! Let me go! I'll have you all arrested and thrown in jail! I have powerful friends!" That hot and (ugh!!) still-wet slab of meat slapped her bitching mouth and she turned away mewling. The man jerked her face back around by her hair and slapped his cock back and fourth across her prettily made up face, knocking her Channel sunglasses from her face to go scraping across the asphalt. "Stop it! Stop it! Let go of me right now!" Despite always getting everything she'd ever demanded, the reality of her situation was starting to set in, and Ky's privileged-princess attitude started to falter as the other two men closed in behind her.

Jaidyn actually scowled listening to the whiny bitch prattle on like she was something other than a fuck hole for the trio of men there. He slapped her cheek once more and grabbed her nose tightly with his strong fingers, pinching so hard that it hurt. "If I feel teeth we'll leave your corpse behind for the really bad addicts to butt-fuck. Now shut the fuck up and open your whore face, god dammit." Jay held the bitch like that until she had to breathe. The clamp on her nose and the hand in her silken, shampooed hair held tightly until she couldn't keep her lips closed any longer, then he simply shoved his dick in her whore mouth. Since she wanted to use it that fucking badly, he was going to let her really use it for a good cause. When he started pulling her blonde head back and forth to fuck her bitching lips he said, "Laws of the jungle, baby. You're nothing but a hot pocket for us to cum in, so shut up and open wide, slut!"

Zuriel couldn't help but grin like he had made a monster, and like a proud father he watched his progeny take charge and stuff the little whore's mouth full. The sight was so hot that he wanted a closer view, so he stepped forward to see his friend's dick plunging inside her bitching mouth. "Nnn... That's it, man. Use that hooker's little mouth. Shut her whining up for us, please." Ky could see him come into view, but there was little else she could do while her mouth was being used like a fuck hole there in the back alley.

Nick took the little baggy Jay had tossed at him and loaded his little metal pipe. Sparking up the rock that the baggy had contained, he toked right there while watching the girl getting her mouth fucked. Nick let out a plume of blue-gray smoke then giggled in his hyena laugh as the little bitch took Jay's dick in her throat. With the way she was held on the ground, forcibly face-fucking his buddy's cock, she couldn't see the drug start to take effect on Nick while he leered behind her. Jittery and breathing heavily, sweating and scratching at his chin, Nickie took off his shirt and stuffed it in his half-sewn back pocket before stepping in to grab her head and shove it harder down that swollen shaft in her lips. "Yeah, bitch, suck it! Heeehahahaha!"

Kyleasa kept her bitching mouth running, thinking her empty threats would get them to leave her alone, but the instant Jay backhanded her she yelped and went silent. Heart racing, her limbs starting to quiver as she shook in fear for her life, Kyleasa closed her eyes and clamped her lips shut to keep his dirty cock from entering her pristine mouth, but the asshole was wise to her. His thick fingers clamped down on her nose, forcing her red lips to fly open in a gasp for air, and the second she did he shoved that fat piece of meat past her tongue and down her throat. The princess tasted sweat and musk and smelled his dirty, manly scent. She wrinkled her nose and wretched, gagging on his shaft, trying to expel him--though she dared not use her teeth after the very real threat he'd made.
She coughed and coughed again as he pumped her lips, then he pulled out to slap her face once more, only to shove his throbbing dick back down her throat. The other dark haired man--The Thief, she called him--cheered his comrade on as he used her face like a fuck-toy, drawing spittle from her mouth to coat her lips. Behind her, the blond boy cackled so maniacally that it sent a chill down her spine. Her hands braced against The Pisser's thighs as though she could ward him off, but he grabbed her head and shoved himself down her throat so forcefully that her knees scraped against the rough gravel. Ky barely noticed, though; she was too focused on the pain in her lips as they stretched wide around his girth and the feel of his pelvis banging against her mouth.

Jaidyn backhanded Nickie to get him off the girl's head. Grabbing tightly with one hand in her hair, he jerked those lips up and down his musky dick, filling the bitching whore's throat in a single shove. With her cheek full of his dick, he smacked her face, letting her get a good taste of him. The schlucking sounds of her lips being forced wide and her poor little throat being stuffed into echoed through the alleyway without so much as a 'thank you, bitch' from him. He looked over to his friends as he fucked the blonde's face like she was nothing but street trash. "Who's next? I got the bitch warmed up some. I think she's ready for more..." With a final hard shove, he pushed the girl's face down his dick and forced her made-up face tight to his pelvis, waiting to hear her choke with her throat full of meat before he pulled out and kicked her to the alley floor. He stepped away and stroked himself at the sight of blonde uppity whore on her back sputtering for air. He gave Z a five, clapping his hand like he was tagging the other man in, and stood back to watch his buddy have a turn.

Zuriel stalked over and grabbed the blonde by the hair, jerking her up onto those pretty shoes, though they were already getting scuffed and marked from her being tossed around like a fuck toy between the men. He didn't waste any time. Throwing her face-down over the trash can, he hiked her dress up over her hips to expose her tight little body to the group of hungry males. Bunching the material in his hands, he jerked his arms apart rending the hot pink fabric into two separate halves that he tossed away amid the rest of the garbage in the alleyway. Zuriel jerked her panties to the side and let her know exactly what the sight of her sucking his buddy's cock had done. Releasing his meat stick after opening his pants, he teased the head against her lips, now exposed from the hold he had on her underwear as he tugged them clear of her blushing cunt. "Damn! Rich sluts do keep it fucking pink!" He bit his lower lip and grunted, shoving his dick inside her hot little pussy. Grabbing her hips to lift the cute little blonde bimbo from the can lid, he forced her to dance on her feet with the rabid shoves lifting her heels from the asphalt. "Nnn...Fuck, she is tight, too, boys!"

Nick whined like a wounded jackal. He was about to pounce on the Hollywood slut before Jay tagged Z in like it was some kind of fetish fuck wrestling match. His fingers clenched and clasped like he wanted to grab her so badly he couldn't stand it, but he knew better. Jay was already beating him to keep him in line, so he hovered back until one or both gave him permission to rush in and have her for dessert. Nickie dropped to his knees and then bounced, jumping up on his feet like he was wired and full of cracked-out energy to use on this little whore. "Y-yeah fuck her! Hurt her with it! Stuff that little bitch!"

Kyleasa coughed and gagged as Jay withdrew from her mouth, the tears rolling from her eyes as a result of the rough face-fuck he'd given her. Completely unlike herself, she spit on the ground at his feet, wanting nothing more than to get the taste of him out of her mouth. Her back arched as she dry-heaved between gasping for air as he stepped away. She was too stunned to move before The Thief stepped in and grabbed her long blonde hair, yanking her to her feet with a cry of shock and pain. Ky danced on her toes before she was slammed face-first into the garbage cans. Flies rose and buzzed angrily around her face and she retched again at the smell, but her attention was whipped around to her back when The Thief yanked her dress up over her ass and tore it from her chest before he drew her panties aside, exposing her pristine pussy to the other two men.
"No! No! Don't you fucking touch me! Don't you daaaaare!" She screeched out the last word as his fat meat stick crammed her cunt full in one stroke. Ky's head whipped back and her hair slashed across his face as she turned her own face skyward and wailed in pain and humiliation. "NOOOO!!!" Sobbing, she felt her virgin walls seared open with that hot poker. Her pert breasts bounced perfectly over the swarming flies as The Crackhead anxiously paced and bounced behind them, laughing like a madman as his eyes locked on the sight of his buddy's cock spreading her blushing pink pussy lips wide open. "Please," she sobbed, "I'll give you anything you want if you just let me go!" Her scraped knees bled and she hissed in pain both from their burning sting and the feel of fat Thief cock spreading her tight walls open for the first time.

Zuriel had not expected to look down and see red staining his dick. The bitch was a virgin? He almost couldn't believe it. He and the boys really lucked out here by finding a poor little slut who'd not even had her first dick until right then in a dirty back alley. He popped her panties apart--now stained with what had remained of her virginity--tossing them over his shoulder to sail back as a cloth in the wind. "Damn, boys...we found a piece of pristine ass. She's a fucking virgin!" That single declaration made him speed up, wracking his hips harder against her tight little ass, making the blonde bitch bounce on her heels from the constant barrage of fat cock strokes and her body reel from the shock of being entered for the first time ever.
He could have sworn rich bitches like this turned into whores the instant they learned how to chase money, but it seemed that luck was with him and the guys today. They were to be the first ones to ream her high class ass open and that made her all the sweeter. He forced his hands down and gripped the little rich slut by the hips, cramming her more than full each time that dick plunged inside her pink little hole, spreading her open with more meat than she was anywhere near ready to endure...and yet here she was at the end of his cock getting railed like nothing more than a fuck toy. The feel of thick, heavy balls slapped her little clit and the weight of him ramming inside lifted her up on those toes, but then his thightly-holding hands drove her right back down to the pavement to keep her at his cock's mercy. Laughing at her offer to bargain her way out of this, he said, "Shit, whore... We already got what we want!"

Jaidyn seemed to finish his friend's thought, even if she wasn't hearing much but the sound of her own moans from being stuffed full of dick. "Yeah, we got you. Why would we let you walk free now, little pussy?" Grinning, he stroked himself behind his friend that was fucking the hot little blonde, watching Z hit her with enough force to send her tits bouncing and nipples wobbling from the hard thrusts of his buddy's dick. "Easy, dude. You'll stretch her out too much for anyone else." He really wasn't worried. A virgin bitch like this would be tight enough for weeks if they could move her after they fucked her stupid. Dumb slut just needed to be used walking into an alley like this. She should have known better. But if she lived through the three of them, it will be a lesson she would never forget.

Nick whined even more like a dog as he waited. Keeping his eyes glued on the pair fucking by the garbage cans, he unzipped his pants and just pulled them off, standing naked in his shoes in the alley like only a crack head could manage while he stepped in closer to get a better look. Z glanced at him through the wild shoves filling the hot bimbo and Nickie clenched and clamped his hands again with his anticipation building. "I want some. Can I have some, please?" He looked to Jay who had his eyes on Z and the girl. Nickie wasn't getting any help there, so he tried just begging to fuck the girl.

Kyleasa cried and sobbed in pain and utter shame. The building trickle of her body's reaction to the stimulation dribbled down her inner thighs as that fat pole kept spreading her open wider. Thick, heavy balls smacked against her parted lips with every grunted thrust he slammed against her bouncing ass. Kyleasa had never been so humiliated in her life. She screeched and jerked, wrenching her arms in his grip as though she could fight to get away, but his meaty hands clamped down hard and she only succeeded in nearly pulling her shoulders from their sockets. "You animals! Let me go! I demand you let me..." His hips hitched extra hard as she bitched and she screamed in pain as her last word flew from her wide-open mouth, "GOOOO!!!" Her high-heeled shoes tap danced on the pavement as he nearly bowled her over with each pump that filled her depths, the sound of her now-wet pussy starting to slosh around his shaft. She heard The Crackhead whining just behind her, close enough for her to smell his stench, and her heart galloped at the thought of him getting his hands on her, too. "Oh god, please don't let him touch me. No!!"

Zuriel growled and grunted as he heard that cunt squish and slosh around his fat rod with every parting thrust it made through her walls. She was getting juicy like a good little whore, after all...even if it was forced. He hardly listened to her complaining and whining about Nickie getting his hands on her while he gave a glance back towards his blonde friend who was just waiting to get a piece of her. But Z wasn't done just yet; the pace grew faster and Ky started to feel his shaft throbbing within her walls each time that hefty cock rammed home to her very core.
The length of it was pulsing, growing thicker as it plowed through any defenses she had no matter how hard she bitched and complained. With a forceful grunt, he jerked her down onto those knees once more. His cock twitched inside her tight, newly-opened pussy before he huffed and then she felt the gooey heat of his jizz start squirting inside her tight little snatch. "Nngaaahh..! Sh-shit!" His weight shifted, pushing inside harder from the pin he had over her body, locking her in place right through his orgasm as it gushed inside her until she felt the last few twitches and drips of his seed leaking into her tunnel. Pulling out with a slick pop of her pussy lips closing after his fat dick drew free, he stepped back and nodded at Nickie. Since she wanted him to not touch her so badly, why not let the crack head loose on the uppity whore? "Go get some, boy." he said.

Nick yipped as he jumped from his spot and crashed right into the blonde bimbo on the ground, then the fidgety boy pulled her out from the cans just enough so that he could clamber over her body. Caked dirt and god knows what else was smeared over her skin as the crackhead mounted her. She felt him prodding at her freshly-fucked cunt as he rose over her body, but she soon found out that her pussy was not his target. His tip lifted higher then he dropped that dick right inside her unused asshole. Nickie grit his teeth through the spread of that tight ring opening at the insistent push of his shaft spearing her hot little ass open. Like some insane crab, he lifted over her body and leaned down to plant his hands on the ground over her shoulders.
The bend gave him perfect access to slide it in her hot little hole and start fucking it savagely. Her pucker was already greased up by his buddy's cum glazing her skin; now it was being forced open by the crackhead's gritty dick driving inside her tight little ass. His pole went in marred and smeared, but came out cleaner looking with each thrust--the grime from Nickie just rubbed off on her while he started fucking her dirt-box right in front of his buddies. They looked on with their cocks out and lewd smiles on their face at seeing their partner finally getting his dick wet, too. There was no remorse from him; only the hungry need of the crack head fucking her ass with tighter shoves of his dick strumming her tender rosebud, opening her other hole wide in plain view of his friends while they watched him plug the rich bitch's tight little ass. "Hnnn... Dangit! I love fucking the donut!"

Jaidyn had to admit that the crackhead was at least nimble. Watching him plug the bitch's ass in a position like that was hot enough to keep him jacking off. Licking his lips at the sight of her pussy leaking his buddy's cum, and now with Nickie on top of her spreading her open in a totally new way, he thought to himself that this little rich whore was not going to be a virgin anything after they were through with her. "Get it, Nickie. Fuck that hooker right! Yeah, baby...ram it in!" He goaded the boy, watching with a little disbelief as Nickie started pounding her ass like a jackhammer in front of them both. "Damn, son. Lookit him go!"

Kyleasa heard The Thief grunting and panting as he huffed behind her, his hips picking up pace as he slammed that fat cock deeper into her walls. Whining, she cried out as his thrusts became painful enough to drag her to the ground. Her already skinned knees screamed in agony as they ground into the pavement once more. She braced her hands to support both her weight and his as he growled out, muttering curses to the back of her head. Ky felt his already too-big cock swell even larger--stretching her walls wide--and then a blast of hot cum shot inside her, filling her pussy until it dribbled from her swollen, blushing lips. "Oh, god...no!!!!" She sobbed again, he tears rolling down her eyes as he pulled out with a pop! leaving her still-snug pussy glistening wetly in the night air.
The Thief spoke and her heart stammered as he called the next man in. On shaky arms she tried to rise, but The Crackhead moved so fucking fast that she was bowled over, planting her face to the ground. Cackling wildly, the blonde guy hitched her hips and aimed his cock right at her ass. She felt the press of its head against her pucker, and she jerked under his weight, but she couldn't dislodge him. "NO! NO! NOOOOO! Not my ass! Oh god please no!!!" As though her cries were begging him to do it, the boy rammed that dirty cock straight into her ass and she jerked again, screaming out in absolute pain this time. "Oh my god!!!!" His nasty, dirty hands wrapped around her to position her in place, caking her naked body with his grime. Then he leaned over her, rubbing his filth all over her ass and back, making her nearly as dirty as he was as he pumped into her incredibly tight ass.

Nick was already so worked up and flying on rock that the girl's tight hole was almost too much, but that didn't stop him from stuffing her ass wide and suddenly breaking into what could only be described as crackhead speed. His insane hyena laugh cackled over her head while he held her down and open with nothing stopping her ass from being reamed. His thrusts went deep enough for Nickie to strum her tender hole with the maddening shoves, his dick seemingly turning into a wild machine pistoning in her hot little hole. Nickie ran his hands over her body, smearing her with caked dirt and whatever else was on his skin, sharing his filth with the golden cream puff now-turned into a back alley whore for his buddies. The feel of his smooth shaft rutting through her tight ring of muscles grew hot and thick from the rapid friction--his cock moving up and fucking down fast enough that she swore he could have started a fire in her asshole. The head of that prick grew hotter and fatter with each plunge ratcheting her tight ass to the base and she felt his dirty balls clapping her cunt from behind before his entire dick lurched in a hard lift. The first blast seared inside her stretched ass, but after he jerked free the rest coated her ass and legs and spattered up her back, like the crackhead somehow had even more cum stored up inside than had his thief friend. Nickie turned his dick down and slid it back inside her ass after dumping his load all over her, then he lifted his head to look at his friends for what was to come next.

Jaidyn had been on the sidelines long enough. He stepped in and kicked Nickie off the bitch before he grabbed her by the hair and just dragged her abused body down the alleyway. The men had been using her long enough that the bar had finally closed down, so no help was coming for her any time soon; the three of them could enjoy her as long as she could hold out or until they ran out of steam. Jay hauled the ruined whore to the mattress in the alleyway, throwing her on top of it as he lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it down. "Now for some real fun, bitch. Can you handle more than one of us at a time?" Jay nodded at Z and turned to the girl, dropping to his knees as he grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs to the sky, the head of his dick poised right at her glistening lips.

Zuriel smirked at seeing Nickie get kicked off the bitch. Shaking his head, he followed Jay dragging the girl down the alley way so that they could have some more of her. The bar was closed now and no one else was around to see them using the poor little rich whore like a bunch of cavemen finding a woman in the wild. He strolled up and let Jay have some more fun with her before stepping in. After all, he and Nickie had already cum inside her once, but Jay had just gotten to use her mouth a little while. "Go ahead, dude. Fuck her some. I'll jump in soon." She was nothing to them; just a fun distraction--a pretty whore toy for them to use no matter what she said. Her complaints had stopped long enough for them to get some fun out of her, but she was not free to run back to momma just yet. "Do it, dude. Stuff her little whore cunt."

Kyleasa was gagging between her wracking sobs at feeling the disgusting crackhead's filthy hands mauling her body. His cock was so hard that it was tearing her poor ass open and he moved with the speed of a jackhammer, pumping that cock in and out of her tight ring with his sticky, dirty balls slapping her exposed clit. Her slit was so wet from The Thief's cum and her own juices flowing that The Crackhead's balls slap-smack-slurped across her lips leaving the sounds to echo down the alleyway. Ky moaned in misery, her face pressed against the gravel so that it was digging into her cheek. When her eyes opened, all she could see were the shoes of the other two men standing by and watching. The blond guy above her started chuffing and puffing hotly, and his fingers dug into her ass cheeks as his hips slammed against her backside. His cock jerked and another hot, wet gush of cum spilled inside her freshly-used orifice. When he pulled out and sprayed even more over her back, the clench of her ass forced his cum back out of her bowels to dribble down her slit and she sobbed in humility. She'd thought--with great relief--he was finally done, but then he crammed it back in and her head jerked from the ground with a shocked cry. The Thief kicked The Crackhead off of her and she just sat there sobbing on the ground, but The Pisser snatched her hair and dragged her stumbling down the alley to a dirty mattress and tossed her down to crawl over her now-filthy body. Ky's legs kicked at him but she was too weak to dislodge him. "No! No! Stay away from me! You've done enough already! Let me go!" His meaty hands grabbed her long legs and spread them wide with his cock's head pressing at her folds. "Ohhhh god, please... No more! No more!"

Nick had finally gotten a taste but then he was kicked away from the girl right after he'd cum. He wasn't mad--he just wanted another shot at this bitch's crack. She was so fine, even dirt and scummy jizz on her skin made her look sexy. Even her pretty make up was now down her cheeks in smudges and smears from the crying she did at being banged in the asshole by him while he used her little butt right there on the alley floor. But Jay dragged her away, leaving him panting and licking his lips as he followed the smell of pussy all the way to the mattress. By now Z was instructing Jay on what to do, leaving Nickie to stand by and watch their friend fuck the pretty blonde cunt like a rag doll on the dirty mattress. "Yeah, fuck her! FUCK HERRRrrr..!" Like an aroused chimpanzee, Nickie yelled for his friend to use the little rich cunt, humping the air at the edge of the mattress like he was unable to help himself.

Zuriel grinned and just let Jay have his way with the little bitch for now. He was content to see his friend stuffing that pussy again with her scraped, bloody knees flying all over the place while she tried to get the man from between them. But she wasn't going anywhere tonight; not with Jay using her tight little cunt for his own perverse needs while he and Nickie watched them go at it. She was a sweet little thing, but she was undoubtedly regretting coming to this end of town looking for some fun tonight.

Jaidyn didn't need any help while he spread the blonde whore's legs and bounced his dick right against her lips. They were covered in cum, but he didn't give a rat's ass. He just shoved his cock inside the squirming girl and growled as he hitched her hands up and slammed his own down over them to keep her from hitting him with her fists at the very least. "Stop crying, whore. You're wet as fuck and wanting us all to top you off!" Gritting his teeth, Jay lifted his hips to start pounding the hot, dirty blonde. Her screams for mercy were only making him hotter by the minute, so he didn't really try to shut her up. The sound of her begging him to stop was sweeter than the noises she'd made when his dick was stuffed tight inside her pussy. Now, as she was fucked again on the dirty mattress he had laid her out on, he lifted his free hand and cupped the girl's chin to force her to look at him while he ravaged her. "Look at me, bitch. Yeah...like that. Let Jay see your whore tears. Yes, you love having your little cunt reamed open by three dirty men, don't you, slut?"

Kyleasa turned her head and closed her eyes as he leaned in and slid his cock into her swollen pussy. It squished wetly from the cum his buddy had already dumped inside of her, but she was still so tight that the girth of his shaft stretched her painfully back open again. Her eyes flew open when he started hitching his hips to drop heavy slams back down inside of her like he was trying to fuck her through the mattress. The beast of a man pinned her arms above her head, but her legs kicked and flew in the air as he jostled her tiny frame, the cum on her pussy and pelvis sticking in lines between their bodies every time he reared up to slam back down into her again. A tight grip on her jaw turned her to face his golden eyes staring at her, and though she closed them to block the sight of her attacker, his growled words could not be ignored. Her sky blue eyes opened and she looked at him leering down at her dirty, smudged face. Ky could see the other men standing above her head, watching her getting raped on the dirty mattress, and the drugged out blond seemed to be itching to get another shot at her. Her bottom lip trembled and another tear leaked from the corner of her eye before her chest hitched and full-on tears streamed once again.

Nick was more than itching to get another piece of her. He scratched his chest and chin, his neck raked by dirty fingernails as Jay fucked the pretty, dirty whore like nothing but a gutter slut. The drugs in his system--not to mention the sight of his friend fucking the little rich bitch like she was being used as a cum dumpster--had him hard still. Man, they were so freaking lucky that she'd stumbled out of the bar and not a single soul came after her. It was too perfect! And now her gorgeous pussy was being shattered by Jay as he fucked her into fits of sobbing tears. Nick dropped to the mattress beside her, leaning in while Jay plowed her pussy to lick her crying tears as they dripped down her face. "Ohh... She tastes so sweeeeetaaahhh... Like a cherry juice box. Those tears...so yummy!" He was babbling, but the intent was there: more humiliation heaped on the poor girl as she was used. Nick rose to his feet and clenched his hands, wringing his fingers from one hand to the next nervously like he half expected the girl to just evaporate. "My turn again?" He turned a look at Z, waiting to see if he was going to get another shot at her.

Zuriel was not done either, it seemed. He didn't even give Nickie a response. Shoving the crackhead out of his way, he joined Jay down on the mattress and between the two of them, Ky was nothing more than a fuck toy being mauled over onto her side. Both of his hands gripped the blonde's hair and lifted her pretty head to shove her mouth full of his thick cock. As he used her whore mouth for his own delights, Jay bent to keep up with him in using the poor slut any way that they liked. He dropped fully on his knees as he maneuvered the girl's head into position and just slid his fat meat right inside her whining mouth even as it was still begging for them to leave her alone. He relished in making her voice whine higher and then cut off abruptly from the feel of fat dick stroking down over her tongue and right into the clench of her throat flexing around that invading tip as it drove in. "Hnnn... Dammit, man. Fuck her harder, bro!"

Jaidyn felt Z come in and tug the girl away from him, so he just followed, crawling along his side to scoot up behind the mewling bitch in heat before spreading her legs and teasing his head over her abused wet lips again. It took a few tries, but he found her pink, ravaged hole and rocked his hips to fit back inside that drooling pussy, slurking wetly as the lips clasped around his shaft. Jay smacked her thigh and yelled, "Hold your whore legs open, dammit!" Growling behind her, he leaned to the side to watch his buddy Z fuck her little slut mouth like she was nothing but a fun time. These two men seemed to like each other more; they didn't openly share with Nick...or maybe they just wanted her a little more to themselves. No matter the case, they fucked her together from both ends at once, holding her petite little body captive between their dicks as they drove them in hard.

Kyleasa felt the mattress give way when Crackhead knelt down beside her head. Her eyes flit away from Jay's staring gaze to watch him as if she could prevent him from touching her by her sight alone, but Jay's hand yanked her head back towards his face and the blond boy leaned in so closely that she could smell his rank breath as he licked the tears streaming down her cheeks. Ky jerked under Jay, but she couldn't move her head away from the tight grip holding her in place, so she closed her eyes and shuddered so hard that Jay felt it like a small earthquake. The tremble make her muscles clench and her pussy fluttered around his driving cock, making him groan hotly. Then The Thief stepped up onto the mattress and shoved the kid away.
Jay climbed off and Zuriel spun her around, twisting Ky onto her side and forcing her face to his cock. Her cry of protest was her undoing: he shoved himself in past her lips as Jay sidled up behind her dirty, cum-covered ass. Two hands braced behind her head to force her unwilling mouth down The Thief's fat cock as another hand grasped her ankle and roughly yanked her leg back in a bow, lewdly spreading her open for his searching cock. It slithered and slid in her sticky, slippery wet folds until the head dipped in and found her entrance. As Z's cock plunged into her throat, Jay's dick thrust into her cunt, skewering her between them. Ky screamed bloody murder at the complete and utter violation of being fucked from both ends at the same time, but the sound was almost completely muffled around The Thief's meaty shaft. He loved it, though, because it sent a wave of tickling vibrations straight to his balls even as he rocked to pump her lips. The blonde princess desperately sucked in gasps of air through her nostrils, snorting and chuffing the breaths back out around his shaft, puffing out her cheeks as she fought for air.

Nick hopped nervously from one foot to the next, almost as if he was debating getting into the mix with his friends as they fucked the little blonde tart, but he wasn't getting in between them without an invitation. He still winced from the broken finger Jay had given him the last time he tried to weasel his way in for some pussy. Agitated and horny, Nickie had to wait by the mattress for one or both of his friends to be done--his hard dick hanging between spindly legs as he fought the urge to just jump onto the pile of bodies to find a warm, wet hole to fuck.

Jaidyn growled behind the little blonde bimbo and he idly wondered if she truly regretted coming down here to find the place she had been looking for. No doubt she was just at the right place in the wrong time, but that didn't stop him from bucking into her cunt with deep shoves of thick beef rutting her walls open. She was nothing but a dirty, cum-glazed whore right now, and he had every intent on getting the nut that his friends had already gotten. He was just taking longer than they had, enjoying the moment. He was stone cold sober, fucking her little snatch with those hard slams battering against her ass so vibrantly that they shoved her face down his buddy's dick without any effort from Zuriel at all. The blonde princess slobbered his shaft without his having to do anything more than watch the whore get exactly what she deserved.

Zuriel used that hot little mouth for all it was worth, smearing her lipstick and makeup with the way he fucked her face, using the hard pull of his hands on her head to mash her nose down against his pelvis, making her choke on fat cock. Z tilted her head back to look in her tear-rimmed eyes, grinning maliciously down at her as his pumping shaft began to grow thicker, pulsing hotly between her lips with him humping her face like mad. Between them both, her holes were sopping wet. Jay's fucking her pussy made constant slushing sounds from her wet folds squishing around his cock as it drilled her relentlessly deep, and Zuriel hitched his hips harder to fuck her whore face and make her drool uncontrollably. The speed of his thrusts grew and he panted harder until his cockhead let a stream of precum fly from his tip to splatter hotly on her tongue before that dick swished down her throat to the hilt "Nnngh.. Fuck! Ffffff-uuuucckkkaaaahhhh!" With a hiss between clenched teeth and wet pop from her lips, he pulled his dick from her gagging mouth, already leaving a thick glob of cum on her tongue before his cock twitched and glazed a slash of cum across her nose, then another, squirting a white 'X' of jizz over her pretty used-and-abused face.

Kyleasa started whimpering and whining with Jay's thick pole slamming into her slushing wet cunt and Zuriel's stuffing her mouth so full that it was sliding down the back of her throat. Ashamed and appalled by her body's reaction, but completely unable to stop it, Ky felt the stirrings of an orgasm tingling in her loins. Bawling at the humiliation of being aroused at the hands of these thugs, the princess sobbed again, her spit pooling in her mouth, the liquid bubbling at her lips as Z fucked her face harder and faster. Her perfect, round breasts bounced and wobbled at the rapid pace Jay battered her ass with and she half whined-half moaned at the feel of it.
The sound came out garbled and broken around Zuriel's cock like she was simultaneously talking and sucking a Popsicle while riding a wooden roller-coaster. Kyleasa's hand grasped at The Thief's thigh, trying to hold back his deep thrusts into her mouth, but he held her head tight as he started panting, forcing himself all the way down her throat until he growled out and his cock jerked between her lips. A fat, hot glop of cum splashed her tongue then he pulled from her lips, spraying her disheveled face with streams of sticky white cum. Kyleasa cried out and flinched to pull away, but his grip kept her in place as he painted her smeared face with his seed. "Ahh god, no!!" Her pussy clenched as she cried out, gripping Jay's never-ending pumping cock in her pussy, and she groaned as she opened her eyes and looked up at Zuriel with his cum dripping from her once-beautiful features.

Zuriel got up from the mewling, cum-soaked whore and stepped away with his cock still hanging out. Making his way back over to the trash cans where he'd stashed the rest of the booze, he unceremoniously dropped on his ass against the cans and limply lifted his head, watching the turmoil unfold on the mattress from his end of the alleyway. Before long his eyes closed and he started snoring, his cock still out, his mouth drooling as he yawned wide. He was spent, so he left the girl to his mean-spirited friend and the overactive crackhead.

Jaidyn took control of her body once more, flipping her over onto her back so he could finally get off. He snapped his fingers at Nickie and--not waiting one second for the crackhead to respond--he stuffed that cock to the base inside the cum-covered and scummed-up girl, clasping his hands hard at her thighs to lift her ass from the dirty mattress. "Oh, no, bitch. You're not done yet. We still have to make you walk bowlegged!" Jay fucked her with wild abandon even before Nickie got down and did as he was told, forcibly holding her down for his friend to use properly. Her pussy clenching around his dick as it rammed through her muscles shivered, the length of him growing hotter and thicker with every passing stroke that he drove to the bitch's core while he held her ass inches above the mattress.
"Hnnn... Damn! Little girl's gonna cum! Look at that! Mommy Dearest's little whore gets to cum like a gutter slut!" There was no pacing himself this time. He started fucking her ragged right there with Nickie giving him a hand in keeping the little bitch right where he wanted her. Stirring that cunt recklessly deep and hard, he made her little nipples dance from the impact of his thrusts, wobbling her tits crazily from the hard drills of that meat stretching her wide. "Ahhh god... H-here...it..." The others had cum once already, and Z was out for the count, it seemed, but that didn't mean Jay was not still going to get his. He pumped away, yelling out as his orgasm hit him, "...COMES! AhhhhhhHHhhh!" Line after line of gooey seed pumped into her ruined cunt, flooding her so completely that she felt the backwash of his orgasm leaking from her lips. He shuddered, bucked, and stuffed her so full of his cock that their mingled juices leaked from her abused pussy onto the dirty mattress beneath her raised ass.

Nick nearly fell on top of her with glee cackling from his lips, the insane laughter hitting her ears as Nickie gripped her arms and covered her cum-glazed mouth with his hand. "That's it, bitch. Getting Jay's dick now, ain'tcha, slut?" Nickie held her down to be used, helping his friend get his deserved orgasm by aiding him in fucking her tight little snatch. If she bothered to look up at the dirty crackhead, she would see his dick hovering right by her cum-soaked face while the clasp of his hands kept her from moving while Jay started to peak. Nickie grinned wickedly and smacked her cheek, even pinching her nose closed as he held her down and leaned in to taunt her some more. "When he pulls out, your donut is mine again, whore!"

Kyleasa nearly collapsed onto the filthy mattress when The Thief let her go to move back to the end of the alley, but The Pisser pulled out of her throbbing, abused pussy and flipped her to her back. She groaned--a mixture of dread that this was not yet over and disappointment as her impending orgasm started to abate when he left her empty. She wasn't empty for long, though. Jay grabbed her legs and--like making a wish with a chicken bone--pried them open again, dragging her dirty, cum-smeared ass across the mattress to butt right up against his crotch. The Pisser called over the anxious crackhead and he scampered onto the mat, pinning her arms down and smothering her mouth with his hand so that her cries would be muffled once more. With impressive skill, Jay hitched his hips once and found his mark, dipping right back into her slushing hole. Ky screamed into the dirty hand of the boy as her back bowed, thrusting her tits into the air.
And as if that sound of terror she'd made were a gun shot to start a race, Jay went to action, pumping her full of his extremely hard cock once again. Her nether lips sucked and smacked at his fat rod like the ones on her face had when this nightmare had all started, but the feel of that rod stirring her insides had her orgasm boiling once more. Kyleasa clenched her eyes as she fought to stop it, but her chest rose and fell with each gasping pant she took as it build to a crescendo. Jay mocked her and The Crackhead clamped off her nose while still covering her mouth. She was unable to breathe, unable to move. Her heart stammered as she panicked and in the midst of that panic, her orgasm slammed through her body like a steaming locomotive. Kyleasa jerked and thrashed as that ring of muscles clamped down hard around Jay's cock, her grunts and wails coming out muffled with her lips and nostrils fluttering against Nick's dirty hand. As she came her juices flooded Jay's cock and he reared back and slammed into her harder than ever, roaring as his own climax surged and filled her cunt with his steaming hot cum.

Jaidyn pulled out and walked away, leaving the poor girl alone with Nickie on the mattress while he walked off and lit a smoke to relax after cumming. He turned from his spot by the fire barrel, giving Nickie his chance to get at her one more time before they all left. Right now, though, Nickie was getting in one more shot, so he smoked and waited by Z for his friend to finish with the whore and for the other one to wake up after boozing all night and fucking a hot rich bitch into a cum-soaked mess.

Nick, on the other hand, was not done, and when Jay pulled out to leave her alone with him, Nickie grinned and flipped her right over in a rush. The dirty blond crawled over her and poked his dick right between her cheeks, but then his hands lifted over her head to push her down to the dirty fabric beneath. "Mmm... Glazed donut. One of the best!" Nickie jammed his cock inside her tight ass, the hold of her head keeping her down under him just because he didn't need her to move for what he was gonna use her for. The feel of his thick shaft spread her hole wide all over again, and with both of his friends' loads making her slick, there was nothing but a squish and slurp of her hot little asshole opening up for his driving tip heading into her bowels. Nickie was a true crackhead. The way he shoved it in and started humping her asshole like he hadn't cum once tonight rammed through her tight ring of muscle as they still tried to keep him out, but the insistent press and weight ratcheted inside no matter what she wanted. "Nnnn...such a tight little bitch!"

Kyleasa did collapse to the mattress then when Jay pulled out of her cunt, leaving her dripping with two loads of cum and her own juices still flowing from her orgasm. She was exhausted and thought that to be the end, but the crackhead clambered in behind her with a maniacal cackle and forced her face into the dirty mattress. Ky wailed, just wanting this nightmare to end, unable to take anymore abuse, but Nick poked at her slippery, stretched-out asshole and plunged his dick straight in. She jerked, but his hands held her down and the screech came out just as muffled as the ones before them had. Her hands slapped against the bed as he started railing her sore ass, the hole just as wet and slushing as her cunt from his earlier load of cum still sloshing inside. Her feet kicked, tamping out her rage on the mattress, but nothing she did would dislodge him and her ass smack-smack-smacked under the weight of his drug-crazed fucking.

Nick hitched his hips and followed her kicking legs. She was trying to get free, but with her cum-filled and fucked into vile submission there was little she could do to get him to leave her alone. Nickie lifted one knee and braced himself to the side, the angle giving him tons of room to ream her asshole wide open and stuff it deep, but the crack rock he smoked also gave him the gift of blinding speed. Ky and her poor ass were battered wide without pause from the rabid druggie using her abused body for just one more
load for her to take. Scummy skin rubbed hers raw, leaving her flesh smudged, sprinkled, and smeared with all manner of foul stickiness that she would have to carry with her until she could get into a bath. The rich whore was used as nothing but a fuck toy with Nickie pounding her ass like someone pulled the trigger on a machine gun. The rapid tap, slap, and pop of his hips sent shockwaves through the girl. The blond panting louder and faster as his dick started to swell and grow tighter in her little glazed hole one final time.
Nickie huffed as his dick started to shiver like it was going into spasms. Dirty fingers crushed her hands to the mattress when his thick meat began spurting hotly inside her ass to flood her again. Nickie was blessed with the unlimited cum shot, slurging her ass full of hot cream sloshing around until he pulled out with sticky strings of cum clinging to the tip of his cock, trailing back down to her stretched-out, gaping asshole. Bouncing to his feet he gave a sharp slap to her filthy ass cheek and cackled like a hyena again before bounding down the alley back to his friends, leaving her to lie there on the dirty mattress in a stain of dirt and cum. "Nnyyahhhahaha! Fucked 'er good, guys! Hell yeah, we did!"

Kyleasa had no fight left in her. She laid there and took it, not even moving anymore, just silently sobbing and praying for it all to end. The thick stretch of his cock in her ass burned from the friction of his insanely fast pace and her body tensed in defense, the ring of muscles in her ass gripping his cock tightly, setting him off once more. She felt the fat pulse of his member swelling and pumping yet another load deep into her bowels and she groaned, feeling faint and sick and distraught.
Completely used, utterly violated, and humiliated beyond her wildest imaginings, Kyleasa lay sprawled on the mattress as the dirty crackhead scuttled back down the alleyway, leaving her in misery with her make-up smeared, her face and body covered in cum and dirt and god knows what else, and her bitchy spirit broken.

Many thanks to my friend, Kyleasa, for letting us borrow her avatar for this role play. I hope we used her to your satisfaction!

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