Challenge Photos #1-4

Zuriel likes to see how close I can get to replicating pics he likes. These are the first four challenge photos he's given me and their replicas. They're not exact (SL has its limitations and I'm no creator!), but I get them as close as I can. Part of the reason he likes to challenge me is because I'm a perfectionist and I obsess on details. This is his way of getting me to learn to "let go" and be content with imperfections in my work.

The set can be found on my Flickr page at: Challenge Photos

Below are the first four photos I've attempted to replicate:

Darina Miswalker - Cowgirl



Vixxen Rainbow - Chained



Lisa Languish - Sporty



 Susi (vixxen.pink) - Socks


Many thanks to Kacey Pomegranate and X-clusives Animations for Susi's Socks pose! They have a huge variety of high-quality poses and animations in their store for excellent prices.

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