Jay Denies Darina Orgasm

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Jay Denies Darina Orgasm

Jaidyn smirked and sat back, riding you a little tighter on his lap. "My, my. Seems the kid is getting a reputation among the ladies, huh? He's being requested now."

Darina tried to hide her smile (she was innocent of Nick, after all), but she couldn't stop the slight blush that tinted her cheeks as though she had a guilty conscience for having had naughty thoughts about him, herself. "Yes, he's becoming quite popular in Edenfell. Seems the land has been good for his confidence." Not to mention his physique, but she kept that thought to herself.

Jaidyn lifted a brow as he watched your face, the blush telling him all he needed to know. A tug of your top freed one nipple as he said, "I can see sometimes you still need a little reminding of who you belong to..." He clamped tighter with his fingers firmly locked on your teat, pulling on it just enough so that he could tap the tip of it with his ring finger. "Now, let's try that again with less 'I wanna bang Nick' smells coming from you."

Darina's face contorted in a grimace, but she clenched her teeth together to choke back the cry that stuck in her throat. Her nipple popped between the clasp of your fingers and she squirmed in your lap, blushing harder at having been caught for her thoughts when she'd sworn she'd been discreet. "I... I don't know that you're talking about, Jay. I..." A twist to her nipple brought a hiss of air between her pearly whites and she whined in her throat. "I have no interest in the boy. You're the only one I lo-...need." Big brown eyes started into your golden ones beseeching you, praying you believed her.

 Jaidyn sighed and loosened his hold, pulling both tits out so he could curl his hands around them. The bounce that came lifted your breast, but the force was enough that an inch of space formed beneath until your hefty tit slapped lightly in his cupped palm. "I guess I could forgive you this once. I could even be devious and just let it happen. Let you get it out just so I can come in right behind him and fuck your ass so we could leave you filled like a cum-dumpster." Jay ticked his tongue off the corner of his lips, staring back into those brown eyes with his golden orbs locked plainly for you to see. "I own you, you know. Hell, I could even show the boy a kindness and at the same time remind you of who it was that claimed your wandering ass."

"Wandering..? My wandering ass? I left Zuriel to be with you, as you may recall. The alpha. The head honcho around here. To be with you. Even after all you had ever done was humiliate and berate and abuse me. If that's not lo-" She damn near said it again and the look on her face was almost one of fear that you'd catch her blunder, but she recovered so quickly she dared hope you hadn't noticed. "...devotion, I don't know what is. I never said I wanted Nick. You can't blame a girl for finding him attractive. He's young, handsome, sweet as can be. Yeah, I've looked. He doesn't get me wet the way you, do though. When you're not home, its you I think about when I'm playing with my pussy."

Jaidyn nodded as he grabbed your tit tightly again, kneading and squeezing your it in his big hand despite the argument. "If you loved me you wouldn't be getting moist thinking about the handy man. But that's okay. I already have an idea on how to handle this." Taut fingers pinched again while he rubbed and pressed his palm from underneath to torment his "love" some more. "Besides, it will be fun to come in behind the handyman and make you squeal. Maybe then he can learn how to take you properly." This was turning into a game and he was brimming with ideas. Biting his lower lip, his fingers plucked and pushed, circled and squeezed your tit all the while speaking of giving you to the blonde youth just like your body was revealing you wanted it. "Yes, I think Nick will get a turn..." He chuckled and as you started to protest, Jay cut the words off by lifting his hand and shoving two fingers in your mouth to hold your tongue down. "And you will be a good, juicy bitch for the boy. Do I make myself clear?" Maybe he felt a little regret, but honestly the ideas were turning him on while he sat there with your beautiful ass perched on his lap and your tits out.

Darina was getting uncomfortable with the discussion...even more so with you torturing her nipple at the same time. She started squirming hard, almost as if she was unconsciously trying to slip free of your lap. She whimpered behind pressed-together lips, but then she froze still when you commented on her loving you. 'Oh shit...' she thought to herself as her eyes grew wide. But when you went on as if it were nothing--as if you'd known all along--her racing heart calmed a bit. 'But, if he knows...' She let the thought die off, not liking the implication that you knew and still didn't return the emotion. Besides, deep down she knew you loved her, too, even if she'd never hear the words come from you. Her mind returned to you teasing her about Nick--taunting her, really--talking about her as though you wanted to use her as some sort of sexual bait, as if this was a game to you suddenly. "Jay, what the hell are you talking about? You sound as though you want me to fuck him. Since when are you the sharing kind? You..." Her words were cut off with two fingers jammed into her mouth and she grunted wide-eyed as her tongue was pressed down against her bottom jaw. "Ggrrllk!"

Jaidyn smirked and shook his head. "You misunderstand me. I'm not sharing you, 'my love'..." He actually said it in an indirect way, but he also didn't slip his fingers free to make sure you kept your whore mouth shut until he was finished. "You're mine. I'll burn the entire fucking world down to keep it that way. But if my bitch gets moist because of some farm boy faggot... Well, then its time for Jay to step in." He lifted his free hand and just tore the tank top from your body, throwing the ruined clothing aside like trash before he went on. "The concept is really simple: Nick gets a piece of you and you get a memory. But not only that: you will have experienced him..." Jay actually grinned at this part, looking directly into his love's soft brown eyes. "That way, when I come behind him and break you open, my pussy will remember why she left the alpha in the first place." Slowly he slid his fingers out from your soft lips, letting his wet fingertips soothe and circle your previously pinched nipple. "Now the beauty who is deemed to be used may argue her case."

Darina didn't even dare comment on it. Not that she could with your fingers depressing her tongue, but her heart actually stopped for a beat--maybe two--as it dawned on her that you called her your 'love.' When her heart finally remembered to beat again, her head spun from the rush of blood and she just gawked at you. Spit starting to trickle from her lips because she was unable to even swallow as you finished telling her about your twisted plans. She gurgled some sort of squealed noise when she felt her top ripped away in a tear of fabric, but then she went silent again until you slipped your fingers free to spread her own drool over her throbbing red, aching nipple. The touch was so hot, so erotic, that even though you'd given her permission to speak now all she managed at first was a groan. "MMnnn..." Her eyes drifted closed as the nerves in her nipple sent little tingles through her breast and traveled straight down to the apex between her legs. Finally finding her senses again, she opened her eyes and damn near melted when she saw you staring back at her with those hypnotic golden orbs. "I... What argument could I possibly have? You're offering to let me fuck some hot, young stud with the only consequence being that you'll fuck me afterwards even harder." Darina paused, her chest rising and falling steadily as your fingers still teased at her nipples. "Besides, I do as you say, Jay. If that is what you want me to do, then I will do it." Between your dominating the scenario and her freely admitting her submission to your will, Darina found her cunt suddenly aching--like her clit was being pinched and twisted as hard as her nipple had been--and she squirmed again in your lap, but not to escape this time. Oh, no. She was squirming with a burning need building between her legs.

Jaidyn shrugged before he sucked that red bud into his mouth, pulling it tight between his lips as his other hand drifted down and hooked into the back of your shorts to draw them down. He lifted your ass from his lap long enough to get them pushed past your hips and sat that bare bottom on his lap tightly enough that you could feel his cock prodding at your thighs from below. Jay pulled his lips free with an audible pop and looked back into those brown eyes, "Consider it a gift. But if you feel the need for additional
consequence, we could always just say that you have to blow me for thirty days straight before I allow you cum, too." Naked and bare-assed as you were, he flipped you over, throwing that yummy body across his knees with a hand gripping you by the hair to force your head down and your gorgeous ass up. "But I never said it was wholly without consequence, baby..." With no warning, his hand slapped down, sparking your ass cheek with pain that lit it up after being spanked. His hand rubbing the sting in, drawing out the tingle as long as possible before he rapped harder on your unburned buttock. "To whom do you belong?"

Darina's fingers curled at her side as her head dropped back with a groan, feeling your hot lips clasp around her already-throbbing nipple with a tug pulling it tightly into your mouth. Her eyes lids lifted heavily as she looked down, lifting her hips to let you slid her shorts off and settling her ass back into your lap to lift her legs so you could draw them free of her body. Darina's ass writhed in your lap, feeling your scorching cock teasing her thighs so wickedly close to her aching pussy. Little moans escaped her throat and slightly parted lips as carnal thoughts entered her mind, but instead of giving her that cock, she discovered you had other ideas in mind. With the strength that never ceased to amaze and frighten
her, you flipped her over in your lap, and suddenly her ass was in the air and she was looking at the floor. "Jay... What..?" Strong fingers clasped her hair and she was shoved down, making her yelp as she nearly toppled over. The action forced her to straighten her legs in order to catch her balance, thereby thrusting her ass into the air, and she suddenly understood. "Oh, no... No! Please, Jay!" Darina jerked to stand, but your hand held fast, and she collapsed right back down into your lap only to be rewarded for her actions by a sudden hard slap against her tanned cheek. "Eeaah!" She cried out, jerking again so hard that your legs jostled beneath her. Her breaths came deep and hard as though she were bracing herself for another while your hand slowly stroked over the wide, red palm print left in her skin. Trembling, she spoke just barely louder than a whisper. "I belong to you, Jaidyn. I am yours and yours alone." Despite her pain, despite her fear--or was it really because of it?--Darina's pussy started pulsating...throbbing...pumping hard so that her juices started dribbling along the line of her slit exposed between her thighs.

Jaidyn already knew you were aroused when he stroked two fingers down between your thighs. He could even smell it--and this time it wasn't because of thoughts of Nick. Fingers slicked over those pink lips, grinding down first before they reversed and suddenly plunged inside to the knuckles. Jay held you right there and stuffed his fingers deep in a downward shove, shucking them as deep as they could go inside those pink walls. He wasn't looking to get you off, though, so he only fingered that cunt for a minute
at most until his hand jerked free and five slaps to those wriggling cheeks rained down on your body like he was trying to leave more than a mark. He was making sure those cheeks glowed red from the smacks ringing out to your ears, sending shocks through every nerve before he let his hand drift down to stroke those red ass cheeks openly. "Hnnn... See? My good bitch just needed a little reminder, don't you think?" The lesson was not over yet, though, so his hand dipped back down and those fingers shucked deep and tight once more so that he could pump his digits in and out of that hot, wet snatch. When his fingers jerked free, the spanks from his hand came again, and the coating of her honey left wet spots on her blushed, red flesh, but then the very air seemed to tingle against her skin as her own juices dried between the spanks. "Nnmm, yeah... I'm gonna save this pussy for Nick. But don't worry baby. You'll still get Jay's cum for being his deviant little whore."

Having your fingers tracing down her glistening wet slit was almost as much of a shock as that first slap had been. Darina jumped in your lap, but this time with a whimper and a groan instead of a yelp. Her ass lifted, trying to grind herself against your fingers even as they pushed past her lips to invade her trembling cunt. She gasped then, her eyes going wide with a shudder passing through her body as she nearly climaxed just from the invasion. "Nnnggg..." Foolishly, she thought the punishment was over already and that it was time for pleasure. Those thick fingers slid from her snatch and another series of hard cracks against her ass sent the cheek wobbling, leaving her crying out again in a stark reminder of your command of the situation. By the time you stopped again she was softly sobbing, squirming hard in your lap so that her belly was rubbing over your cock in circles. "No more... Please, Jay, no more!" Fingers plunged back inside and you found her even wetter than she'd been only moments ago. Her mouth kept crying 'no,' but her body was begging for more, leaking honey down her slit to pool at the cleft of her pink lips only to be scooped up and then spread by your fingers across her ass with the next rain of clapping blows. Every swat had her jumping and crying out--"Nya! Ahh! Eyahh!"--with her spiked heels kicking in the air as she fought to get away from your hand before the next blow landed. "Nooo!"

Jaidyn rubbed those red cheeks with his slippery hand, spreading those juices over blushing hot flesh, then the cooling air dried those juices once more. It was almost a bit too much of a burn flowing through your flesh, but it spoke of the heat he had used to spank that ass in the first place. Now with his bitch writhing on his lap, Jay shoved his fingers back inside, pressing down on purpose to find your g-spot before his fingers started stroking right over it inside that juicy cunt. "Come on... Tell Jay you're sorry for being a wandering whore and that you want to make him happy." His hand hitched tighter and he bit his bottom lip as he fingered that slit with two digits spreading through the clamp of
pink muscles.He wrapped his fingers' advance into tight, slick clamps, feeling you flutter around them as he continued to pump right over that spot behind your clit like you were little more than a plaything. "The sooner you say it, the sooner you get your pittance...and reward." Jay grinned wickedly, lifting one hand under your chin to hold that squirming body in check as he fucked your tight little pussy with just two fingers, stretching your tight hold open in driving pushes that slid his fingertips straight down over that swelling spot inside. "Don't you dare cum yet..." He couldn't hide the devil in him for long, commanding you to not explode while his fingers drove in tighter, deeper, and faster. He denied with his words, but he gave with his body, fucking that cute mound with his hand delving in and his outer fingers framing your cute little cunt. "Say it like my good girl..."

Darina crawled forward on your lap like she was trying to escape the prying fingers in her snatch, but your huge hand came up under her chin to stop her advance, lifting her in a heart-stopping arch of her neck. Her eyes went frightfully wide and she whimpered in her throat so hard that you could feel the vibrations through your fingers pressed against it, Her body heaved with every panicked breath she took, lifting her breasts from your thigh with each inhale. Something akin to a sonic boom exploded inside of her, with that often sought but rarely found bundle of nerves just inside her entrance being
ground zero. It was so sudden and so intense that Darina didn't even make a sound when you found it. Her entire body froze as the pleasure first seemed to leak and then flood her system like a breaking dam. Her eyes grew wide...wider...and her mouth gaped as your fingers pressed and her body threatened to go off without warning. Everything screamed at her to let go and feel the ultimate euphoria, not even heeding your demands that she beg for forgiveness. But one thing stopped her cold: your even firmer demand that she not dare cum yet. Her body and mind screamed at her, fighting for release, but she bit down hard on her lip to draw pain enough that she could resist the irresistible--hard enough, in fact, that she left a welt of blood that stained her lips a crimson red. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for being a wandering whore, Jay!" Her feet kicked the floor and scratched against the wood as she tried again to get away from the torment. "Ah god, please! I am so fucking sorry just please, please, please let me cum!"

Jaidyn growled as he rose on his feet, dropping you from his lap until he leaned down to pick you up and drag you onto those knees. Jay didn't even bother with letting you cum; he just wrapped one hand in your long hair and pushed his fat cock into your panting mouth, sinking those lips all the way to his base with a huff escaping his lips. "Gnnn... No. I'm just getting that pussy ready for stud Nick. After all, you need to be good and tense when he slides it in." Jay laid a hand on your shoulder, keeping hold of the back of your head as he started fucking your pretty whore mouth, driving his dick between those lips to make
sure you buried your nose against his pelvis. Jay held you down for a while to make you panic a bit at having your breath cut off from so much dick crammed down your throat until he backed off and withdrew, giving you a chance to snatch a quick breath. His arms were shaky as he held onto his prize and pumped your pretty mouth like you were nothing but a slut for him to berate and abuse. "Now, let's get you that cum, bitch." Both hands grabbed the sides of your head and the vibrant shoves stuffed your mouth full until his heavy balls slapped your chin at the end of every throat-bulging stroke he powered down between your lips. Jay watched with a look on his face of pure devilish delight at the way he'd gotten you so close to orgasm only to be denied and then left you with nothing but his dick jammed in your mouth fucking your pretty face.

Darina hit the floor with a thud that clacked her teeth together. She was so shocked--ripped from her euphoria--that she whipped her head up to look at him dumbfounded, her mouth hanging open stupidly. "What the hell..?" Darina was all for a tease, but to be completely denied when she was so fucking close that she was injuring herself to just stop her climax that her face flushed with anger. "You ba-" Strong fingers wrapped in her hair at both sides of her head and jammed her face forward fast enough to cut the rest of that sentence off with a mouth full of fat cock. The only sounds that followed were the garbled complaints and the wet slurping of spit that spilled from her lips. "Mrphfl...sluurrp!...grblgrg!" Then she coughed and gagged, the head of your cock already dipping down to invade her tight throat
before her lips even had the chance to part wide enough to take that shaft. Her bleeding lip cracked more, leaving pink lines of spit and blood along your shaft and her back dipped and rolled in waves each time she gagged on your length. Darina soon stopped fighting, realizing she either comply or choke to death, as each time you shoved her head down and rocked your hips forward she found herself fighting for air until you let up again. So she sucked. She sucked like the good little whore you wanted her to be, swallowing your cock with slurps and smacks and the suction of a Hoover on full power. Those big, heavy balls flopped against her chin with every downward stroked into her gaping maw and your strong, musky scent wafted to her nose, arousing her senses. Before she knew it, Darina had one hand on her breast and another rubbing her clit as though your wolven musk drugged her like an aphrodisiac. Those pretty red lips clamped down tightly around your girth and she moaned, sending tickling little vibrations straight down to your balls. "Mmmmfff..."

Jaidyn was obviously mean-spirited--filling your whining mouth full of cock--so that the next time you opened your mouth, you might think twice about revealing your little crush on the farmboy. In fact, he intended on making sure you didn't speak of him ever again except in passing. Jay fucked your pretty face harder so that your drool coated his shaft and leaked to his balls as they slapped your chin so tightly that it left wet, musk-scented saliva trickling from your skin. "Oh... You had something to say?
Let me answer you like this..." Jay shifted his hands back behind your head and bucked his hips to slide that dick inside your mouth and partway down your gullet. He held you down and kept those lips still, clutching the base of his cock as he exhaled hotly. "Hnnn... See? Look at you with your mouth full of dick. My dick. Not Nick's." Despite the punishment he was giving, he had given you permission to have guilt free fun with Nick. He would choose it on his own terms, of course, but he would let you have you little farm boy soon enough...after he was done with her. Jamming fat meat down those pretty lips, Jay watched as he fucked your little face. His entire shaft would slip free with just the head remaining behind those pursed lips, then his hips would flow back to fill that mouth with his cock, sliding it in to make your moans whine higher at the end as his cock stroked over your vocal chords, driving straight down to choke you again.

That big cock slid right down her throat and though she tried to back away, your firm hand pressed hard against the back of her head and Darina gagged so hard that tears sprung in her eyes. "Gaack!" The wet convulsions of her throat choked out from her wide-open mouth with her tongue flailing and pressing upwards along the underside of your shaft. Her body retaliated and locked up so that her fingers slid from her pussy to brace her hand against your thigh, fighting to push you away and dislodge your thick shaft from her gagging, spasming throat. "Rack! Kack! Cuhh!" Wet gags that were cut off and choked
sputtered around your dick and Darina's head pressed against your hand to look up at you with her large green eyes wet and tearing and her red, spit-smeared lips stretched wide around that meat stick just below them. Her fingers curled in your thigh as though she could claw for air until your mercifully withdrew with a smirk and started face-fucking her again. The whole thing scared the ever-loving shit out of her, thinking she was going to choke to death for certain this time, but you always put an end to it just in time and when the fear abated, she found herself even more turned on than she'd already been. The steady thrusts of your hips resumed--her wet lips chuckling and slurcking around your shaft--and as though it had a will of its own, her hand resumed the sliding, rubbing, dipping in her folds, fucking herself with her fingers in sync with your cock in her mouth. Soon she was moaning--breathing short, rapid breaths through her nose--as her orgasm regain momentum in her loins and she set to sucking you harder as her own arousal climb to its peak.

Jaidyn didn't know what was hotter: making you gag on his dick or seeing the tears in those green eyes spilling over to trickle down your cheeks. He suddenly pulled out of your mouth and let his throbbing girth hang there spit-coated in front of his bitch's face. "Nnnmmh... No, you don't." He kicked your hand away from that pussy to stop your peak from rising any further, wanting to keep his slut right there on edge with no hope of cumming unless he allowed it to happen. "Nick is the only one who gets to make you cum before I come in and destroy that cunt." He pulled you to your dainty heeled feet,
turning you around abruptly before he reached out and sat down, pulling you up with him so you felt the wet, hot, thick head of his dick pressing against the underside of your thighs, skating it right over your blushing slit as he spoke and gripped your legs from underneath. "No... You don't get to cum tonight. Nick gets to make you explode when its time." Jay angled his hips just right, lifting the head of his cock upwards until the tip prodded right against your tight little pucker. "I couldn't resist fucking my baby just once tonight, though." He exhaled and let your weight fall from his hands, the lack of support splitting your asshole open as his tip shoved in and your own body weight added to the first push. He let go, giving you time to collect yourself before he leaned back and left his shaft buried in your tight ass. "Now get up and bounce on it, whore."

As soon your fat shaft popped from between her lips, Darina sucked in a breath of air, but still her head turned and bobbed as she followed your cock head with her mouth, trying to get her prize back. She recoiled, though, when your foot connected with the hand between her legs and she turned her tear-stained face up to you with a sulking pout. When you told her that Nick was the only one allowed to make her cum next, she blushed crimson, but her eyes spoke volumes as she realized you was serious about not letting her cum at all tonight. Darina's bottom lip stuck out in a pout and she turned almost sullenly as you drew her up, but when you pulled her down into your lap, she realized that you meant to fuck her next...without letting her cum! "No, Jay! No! That's not fair! I..." She felt the head of your cock press against her ass hole and before she could lodge her complaint, your hands released the
support you'd been giving her ass and she dropped down, impaling herself on your pole. Her cheeks met your thighs and her body arched with mouth letting out a cry that seemed to come from her toes. "AHHH!!" It was excruciating. It was exquisite. It nearly made her cum just from having your thick shaft splitting her ass open and filling her back door with hot cock. Darina bit her lip and whimpered, trying oh-so fucking hard not to cum that she shook in your lap. Fat balls pressed in hard against her slit and she drooled juices all over them so that when you started rocking and bouncing her in your lap, they stuck and pulled away with lines of honey clinging to the skin. When she spoke her voice trembled with need, with desperation, with misery, "Jay...p-please...don't d-do this to me. I can't... Uhhhh fuck. I can't take it any more!" The snug grip of her ass tightened around your girth and she groaned both pleasurably and miserably as her body danced in your lap with her large breast bobbing and whirling on her chest in tempo with your humping thrusts.

Jaidyn didn't give you any more than his dick in your ass, letting you fall fully onto his fat cock, splitting your open as he widened his legs and let you fall fully between them. Jay reached up and caught hold of his girl's chin, making sure that you heard him clearly before he started moving slightly. "No. Tonight you don't get to cum. You'll cum tomorrow when Nick is plowing your little cunt." He was serious as hell, dropping his hand to meet the other in a lift under your tits, pulling his sexy bitch up onto his
dick fully so that your bounding cunt had plenty of room to dribble and drool on his balls. Jay tossed his head back, lifting his hands under those breasts in a pinch of his fingertips, clasping your nipples while simultaneously bouncing that ass on his lap. His breathing picked up, drawing deeper and panting harshly behind his bouncing girl as he slammed her ass down on his lap, then right at the moment Jay slapped his hands on your hips, the swell of that dick grew until it exploded in a rush of hot cream steaming inside your tender little hole. "Uhhhaaaa!"

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